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Love The Ocean


Jun 5, 2007 by bv23

I have had the ocean for 2 weeks now, and I think this phone has to be one of my best phones that I have ever had. Ive had the treo 650/700, ppc 6800, blackberry pearl and this phone tops them all. The UI is very user friendly, the camera is beautiful, the web is fast but one of the best features on this phone is the search web. The keyboard is nice, you will have problems texting in the dark. Keyboard is a little small but eazy to adapt to. One of the things that I find that I do alot is when on the web and using the directional pad I hit the end key and it disconnects me from the web. The speakers are loud, music is very eazy to transfer, videos look good and the screen is gorgeous. If you are looking to get this phone for a myspace it is a great app. Ive had my wife play with the myspace and she likes it alot(better then the old version). I get great signal. The 3G works everywhere I go (so far). The inbox on this phone is really good all in one, from sending pic to e-mail and IM's to text.





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The coolest Phone i've ever owned


Jun 9, 2007 by Tailz2k7

You know there is only (2) cons about the phone but it is still worth a 5 in my book.
Those cons are
1.) Limited web experience, technology is gearing towards larger web oriented devices this should of went the same direction.
2.) a little heavy

1.) The coolest phone i've ever had and i've had quiet a few including sliders and razors. (Slider Remix, Helio Drift & Rzr)
2.) Text messaging is the new phone call for me. It's like using a mini keyboard. When i'm out I can text or Messenger all my friends. I love it.
3.)Dual sliding is just plain cool.
4.)Get to use this amazing phone for a year and then upgrade with 150.00 the next version for next year.
5.) Clarity of calls are amazing

If your are interested in Helio... this is the device for you but I recommend only signing up for 500 minute plan as the text features will consume you!

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A 5 star resort? no but its as good as one


Jan 4, 2008 by Chef Brd-Jason

The Pantech Helio Ocean
Spectacular device, well recommened great phone and service, but it has only a few defects that are minor and fixable.
-Great speakers
-great sound qality
-brilliant 3mp camera w/ flash and mirror
-smooth sliding
-nice and creative duo sliding, first phone to do this.
-kills the duo
-fast 3g internet
-beautifull design
-nice video capturing
-fast screen change when sliding to keypad
-nice hard buttoned qwerty key pad
+more positives

- the internet does seem to slowdown after a while, just delete the cache and it will be back to normal.
-the numeric pad could have been design better, crammed and not the best from pantech.
-very large for a phone nearly the same size of a sidekick.
-you can only use frames for pictures in lower resolution.
-lowest all in plan is $65 a month with only 500mins.

Rated a overal 5 out of 5 for its minor flaws and great service amoung its great features, looking forward to see the oceans update. Very popular phone, age approximation 8 and up, this phone was specifically designed this way to catch the attention of the youth and at its new price of $145 it will be successfull.

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Pretty nice little phone


Jul 21, 2009 by Wafflebob

It ought to be really, I got it when they were pretty new and it was $300 WITH a 2 year contract.

1 Relatively tough and durable.
2. Qwerty keyboard is nice and works great.
3. Tons of options and extras.
4. Built in camera and video works pretty well, for a phone.
5. Music playback is nice. Lots of people complain that you cant do anything else, but I dont see why that as an issue, although it would be nice to be able to swap between functions quickly

1. Locks up on a fairly regular basis and requires restart. Sometimes you have to pull the battery out. Other times the thing would restart without warning
2. Low battery life. The thing wouldn't go more than 36 hours on standby, would give about an hour of talk time and would go 4-6 hours with intermittant texting. To make matters worse the warning the thing gave you to warn you of low battery was frustrating. What happened to a flashing battery symbol? The thing would light up and interrupt you with a message and vibrate or play a tone. Why not conserve some of that power instead of wasting it on letting you know every 5 seconds.
3. Poor antenna. In urban areas I'm sure it's not too much of an issue, but I lived in the suburbs and had to find juuuuust the right place in order to get a signal. Even then sometimes it would just suddenly disconnect calls. It seemed like I either had 4 bars or none.

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worst phone ever


Jul 20, 2009 by seengreenierdays

i went with helio almost two years(contract up in Nov. yay)and I've had 5, yes 5 of these phones
they are not durable and you cant really protect them cuz they don't have a protective case for them.

some of the features of this phone are cool, like the web browsing and YouTube. but this isn't a work phone
i still cant figure out how to do everything
and the message folders suck took me months to find the sent box

and when i answer the phone, and the person starts talking, the speaker makes a weird and loud hissing sound for about a sec(it's done this on all my oceans)

helio is a great idea, they just need to get their shit together, not impressed with them at all.

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Jul 25, 2008 by DeimosX60

I got to play around with my roomate's new Ocean, and once I got ahold of it, it was kinda hard to give it back. lol.

-The dual slider configuration is fun for text junkies.
-Very good internal memory
-Excellent sound and display quality.

other than it's bulky size, I really didn't find anything bad about this device. If you're a helio owner, and looking to upgrade, I'd highly advise getting one.

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It's exciting ... Well at first it is


Jul 20, 2008 by lilbadkevin

When I first got this phone I loved everything about it. I did allot of research and it appeared there was nothing out there that was better than this phone. Everyone thought it was the coolest phone ever, I even got 3 people to switch. Those 3 people now hate me! After a week with the phone you start to notice the bugs. And trust me, they are not fun. You can't text moto razr phones (because if they reply it shows ur own number as the sender). The phone restarts, shuts down, it has a mind of its own. Now keep in mind, my phone is not "defective" because the other 3 people are having the same exact problem. Another thing that sucks is that when you are listening to music, you can do NOTHING else except surf. Thats cool, but you need to make a phone call, or get a number, or send a text, or get gps, you now have to change menus, stop the song, find your way out of the player with several clicks. It's annoying. I called Helio and their customer service is pretty bad. Once in a while you will get someone that really knows their job, but most of the time they are completely uneducated. This phone needs help seriously! I'm leaving and selling my phone on ebay. I hate it!

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very nice


Jul 9, 2008 by Akashrahi

I personally love with phone of has everything! 3G , MMS, Google Maps, ETC. The user interface is very nice and the camera takes very nice pictures. The email is great! The slide up keyboArd is cool but the buttons sort of sink in.
the slide out keyboard is sort of exactly like the rumor. In that case the Helios ocean Is 4/5 but I would definetly recomend this phone with Helios $99.99. Month for unlimited price!

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Don't drop it


Jun 5, 2008 by bajanmom

I have had my Ocean for about 4 months.. It really is a nice phone.. I love all the tech stuff it does.. The durability of the phone is less than to be desired.. Ok when I first got it it had "software" problems that Helio had to replace it like 4 times.. Now I dropped my phone and it slid up and out at the same time, Broke off a low impact fall it must have been the angle it hit.. Ok fine paid the insurance got another one.. This one the phone microphone keep coming in and out.. Well I called tech and they said sounds like water damage.. My reply my phone has never been in water. They informed that being in humid conditions can cause water damage in the Ocean.. OK It's humid where I live so I can't help that.. I guess the Signal will keep making money off me.

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Great phone


May 13, 2008 by dhand

Pros: Connects me, in every way to my internet world
Love the hard dialing pad along with the slide out keyboard

Cons: Cant set mp3s that I place on it as a ring tone
speaker phone isn't very loud

Had it for 2 weeks, and LOVING it

Had the T-Mobile Wing before, WHEW what an improvement

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