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Kyocera Cyclops K325 / K312


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Waste of Money


Oct 22, 2008 by jacm_92

Ok, i bought this phone for metropcs thinking that it would be a durable phone since it's the same company as the strobe, which was practically indestructible. When i got the phone, i loved it don't get me wrong. it was the perfect size to fit in my hand, it has a SUPER-LOUD loudspeaker. it supports many audio types, just not large files. the screen was as bright as day with little glare even in direct sunlight. The camera was ok. the button orientation was actually pretty good for texting, although sometimes i preferred not using t9.
the main reason i don't like the phone, is because it has a very cheap screen.
three days after i got the phone i ended up playing some football,while the phone was in my pocket. i figured "oh, no biggie it's a strong phone", so i was playing, and then i got tackled. as soon as i hit the ground, i heard a big crack sound. so when i got up, my phone's screen had cracked down the middle the ink had bled out from the crack, distorting almost all the screen. and for some reason most of the ink was yellow, which only left me the bottom left corner of the screen to look at. the other problem once the screen cracked, was that i couldn't even see my screen in daylight even if it wasn't direct. i always had to go somewhere dark just to read my texts, which always ended up being cut in half since i couldn't read them.

Loud loudspeaker(A lot louder than the razor)
clear ring-tones
great feel/size
solid(except for screen)
easy to read outside display.
easy menu access.
many others


i had a basic bar phone nokia 1112, and all the times i played football or dropped it, it never broke or scratched.

Bottom line:
Don't get this phone unless you have $60 to throw away on a replacement screen.
camera's ok

if it wasn't for the screen issue, i'd give this phone a 4.0

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Not Worth the Hassle!


Mar 22, 2008 by meudeusseuben

. I bought this phone with Virgin Mobile and I must say I liked the design of this cell phone. I got GREAT coverage (Aurora, IL) and usually had 3-4 bars out of 4 bars. I could send TXT and PIC messages without any bars at all! (NOTE: This is my first cell phone.) In a school almost completely surrounded by steel and iron beams, cinder-blocks, and concrete floors, nobody got coverage...except for me and my other friends that had Virgin. Well, at first IM and Email refused to work. I thought, "Ok. They said it could take up to 4 hours to get everything up and running. That's reasonable." Well, the next day, about 15 hours later, both applications refused to launch. I was paying for service that I wasn't getting (I bought the 1000 messages, IM's, Emails, and PIX-per-month pack). I was getting angry. I called Virgin Mobile's customer support agency and I was hung-up on 4 times!!!!! Ridiculous!! When I finally got through, they told me to do the same thing over and over and over again and it never worked. I returned it to Best Buy and got the same model again. It all happened again. I was so frustrated that I went back again and bought the Wild Card for $50 more. Much Better. I do NOT EVER recommend the Cyclops. Also, the hinge on the Cyclops was moving side-to-side within the first hour that I owned it. Besides the IM issues, there were other issues. While making a TXT, the cursor would jump to some random place. And you know how to get to, say the "s", you have to press the #7 four times? Well, sometimes, in the process of doing so, instead of skipping the P, Q, and the R and putting an S, it would put 2 P's or a P and a Q. This happened with every key!! SO INCREDIBLY IRRITATING!!!!!

~Great design.
~External Screen.
~Good camera w/ flash.
~Large internal screen.
~Great coverage and reception.
~Big keypad. Great for dialing by feel.

~MANY software glitches.
~65k internal screen on a camera phone.
~Poorly made.
~Finger-print prone.
~Not worth it!!!

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Mar 13, 2008 by punkrockzoie

i believe this is the best virgin mobile phone out there. at first, i was a little wary about price (i paid $60 in september '07, and i believe now it's reduced to $28). VM has the perfect plans for me. might i add, i only pay $10 a month for texting and i get 75 minutes for free from sugarmama. but anyways, the cyclops is a decent phone.
-sturdy phone, no scratches whatsoever. so dont worry if you're not the most graceful person. i've dropped mine all the time.
-nice outer screen (shows time, date, message notifications, caller ID)
-decent camera. & holds many many pictures (100+) with no extra memory card needed.
-silent mode, vibrate, ringtone, and vibrate with ringtone options.
-sends/recieves texts no problem. red light flashes when you have a message. i find that convenient.

-texting is kinda wack. the cursor jumps around every time im texting and the letters go elsewhere. i've had 2 cyclops phones and they both did the same. gets annoying but im used to it...
-sometimes the VM XL and My Account button dont work. i dont know why.
-you get reception only about 60% of the time. all my friends get reception when i dont. the razr phones definitely do, hence why im switching.
-no video :(
-sometimes phone doesnt ring/vibrate when people call. and then if someone leaves you a message, it says new voicemail but there's no trace of any phone call from them.
-some days (at least once a month), when i recieve texts, it doesnt vibrate as it should (though its on vibrate mode). that gets annoying too.
-phone cant be on silent/vibrate mode while charging. phone is either off, or on with full sound full blast. that was a problem for me.

so overall, its a decent phone for virgin mobile. but im soo glad im switching to alltel and getting a razr

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awesome little camera phone


Mar 3, 2008 by cnightwolf

i decided to go with vmobile a little more than a year and a half ago, after a run in with a contract carrier. i've been through quite a few phones in this time including a slider sonic, marbl, and a flasher.

so far, this phone has been the best option for me, aside from the slider sonic (rip)

-awesome reception (sprints coverage is pretty decent in my area)
-clear sound quality
-decent megapixel camera with photo editing
-standard phone tools (organizer, calc, stopwatch, etc.)
-supports real music tones
-awesome color scheme and keypad backlight

-led flash (which doubles as flashlight)
-sometimes while texting, the cursor is sent to a random place in the text - i've experienced this problem with kyocera phones in the past, especially those running this os
-random icons used for menu options (unchangable)

i've had the phone for a little over 2 months now, and i think it absolutely kicks arse. i have actually run into some problems with the display turning white and freezing up on me, which i understand happens to phones sometimes. i'll most likely contact kyocera for repairs/replacement unless vmobile offers a warranty exchange program.

but aside from that minor problem, the phone's been awesome to me. it's small and the color scheme/layout of the camera and red keypad backlight give meaning to the name cyclops. i get compliments on how neat the phone looks, and a few on how the phone looks like a toy (which makes me love it that much more).

all in all, i think this is one of the better phoens vmobile has put out. an awesome choice for anybody that likes to snap larger emospace-size pics and dislikes contracts.

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Great Prepaid Camera Phone


Jan 31, 2008 by yb_normal08

Great inexpensive prepaid phone. For $38 at Target, it's a no brainer for a megapixel camera loaded with great features more expensive phones have. The red backlighting is neat and the large buttons make texting easy. Pros: Low price,Web browsing,IM,Picture Messaging capability, easy texting,megapixel camera,decent battery life. Cons: Mediocre camera,slippery feel,no pc sync capability,horrible stock screensavers, fewer bars than my cheap $10 K-10 VM phone. However, VM service is pretty good and you can earn free minutes.

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Great little dependable phone


Jan 28, 2008 by cliff5550

I've had the k312 for about two months now and have nothing bad to say about it. There are better cameras I suppose but I bought this for phone quality and have not been disappointed. My US Cellular connection is always strong; no dropped calls; and people I call have no problem hearing. The k312 has a nice loud earpiece and is quite loud on speakerphone. Battery life is great, too. Of course I'm one of those people who charge their phone every night. Never been a fan of grey phones so I bought a gloss black snap-on faceplate off Ebay for about 6 bucks. Looks great. If you want a strong and dependable little phone, the K312 is what you need.

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Apr 29, 2007 by Inasad

well it looks good and has good sound quality this is my second virgin mobile phone an upgrade from the oystr (go read some reviws youl know why) but this phone is far from perfect i found the screen scratches rather easily and the flap covering the headset jack broke off quickly.Overall its a great handset and reliable PS:the reception is great where i live and i live in MI.

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