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Very good rating


Dec 23, 2009 by narn3049

Excellent and I wish I could give more then a 5.0

Well the story begins when I had the VM Royale. The phone looked all beat up and I had ended up getting this. It worked fine, loading typing speed was a little laggy, but once i continyed with the phone like kept using and typing it was fine and fun.

The only con is that the flip felt a little loose like it might snap off.

P.S. IDK if this matters but i lost my charger and had the phone die, and i switched back to the royale. Now i am the happy owner of a JAX

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Terrible battery life and far too slow


Dec 30, 2008 by patterson

Battery life is terrible and the phone is excruciatingly slow.

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It's a Basic Cell


Aug 4, 2008 by xlatem

+I somehow got this phone for just under $13 at Walmart..

I was really broke and would have loved to get a different VM cell, but needed the phone that day...

-Anyhow, yes the phone menu system is slow and the physical structure of the phone just feels cheap, but for the price, can't complain.

+It has great call quality which is only what I need since I now have a land line.

-The screen resolution is what it is.. 16bit. The colors look a bit faded and washed out.. again $13 phone.. I'm glad it's color

+The ringtones seem loud enough for my needs

+This is a great phone if you need one right away and don't wish to have a camera, video recorder, MP3 player or basically carry a mini computer with you in your pocket...

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May 12, 2008 by mhoover5

ok so i read the reviews on here and thought, it can't be that bad. surely not as bad as they say. BUT IT IS!!! it takes up to 5 seconds just to pull up contacts!!! very slow, the screen is also BAD it wont change contrast for me it just stays the same, maybe its just mine. but its so slow for internet too it takes about a minute on AVERAGE to pull up a page some are shorter but some are longer. once you get the page loaded you then have to attempt to scroll through the page which if you have images on is pretty much immpossible unless you have like 30 minutes to spare when checking your email. the speaker is terrible too i downloaded a ringtone which is a waste bacause it can't be set as a txt message tone and it has no bass at all it made a hip hop song song like country it was so bad

pros: cheap (doesn't mean its a good value though because its not)

cons: speaker, speed, functionality, web browsing, screen,

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Mar 12, 2008 by motoguy75

This phone was not meant for most mobile users. As a retail sales rep., I find that this phone is targeted more for the very basic of phone users.

-rugged exterior
-durable (most K132's I sell are to costruction workers and they swear this phone can handle being in cunstrution atmosphere)

-SLOW this phone is slow in every aspect

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Jan 11, 2008 by jhresch

This is the single worst cell phone I have ever seen. Ever. Period. There is not a single worse cell phone product that has ever existed.

The screen is vibrant and colorful


I am not exaggerating: This phone doesn't do a single thing well. Not one.

Too Slow to Text:
composing a text message on this phone is so incredibly frustrating due to the phenomenally slow speed of the thing, that it is nearly impossible. It doesn't help that the interface for text messaging on it is total and utter crap too.

Slow as hell:
Being too slow to actually work properly is the primary feature of this phone.

Almost No Compatibility:
There are NO GAMES. AND, regardless of what the carrier says, it is WHOLLY incompatible with probably ALL cellphone application platforms. (I tried many)

Infinitesimal Battery Life:
Regardless of what the carrier says:
The battery lasts about 20 hours for standby, 1 hour for talking.
The specs sheet from Kyocera is FALSE.
I don't know how it pulls off such a spectacularly terrible battery life, but it does. Somehow.

Dropped Calls/Failed Connections:
The slowness and unreliability of this phone will never cease to disappoint you: As it WILL drop about 4 out of 10 calls simply because the phone IS NOT FAST ENOUGH to handle it's most basic function.

Mobile Web Hardly Works:
The mobile web application will start up, and that's as far as it gets. The phone is just too freaking slow to even run any mobile web apps anyway, it's a miracle it even opens the application. Possibly even more of a miracle that it is even *compatible* with an application.

This phone is not worth even a cent.
The price tag of $119 is practically robbery.


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Marbl Not So Bad


Dec 13, 2007 by littlefloater

I am happy with this (cheap) phone.

All I want to do is have a phone to place calls in emergencies/unusual situations. (Less than 30 minute a month.) I don't need a camera, web browsing, messaging, etc.

For less than $7 a month I get a workable phone and all the time I need (30 minutes a month), including free voicemail. You can't beat that if you are looking for a phone for minimal use at a minimal price. There is no better deal.

I live in San Francisco, where the wireless network is pretty saturated. I have had no problems with this phone's battery (unlike everyone else). It will stay on for days in "standby" and I have never dropped a call because of a low or dead battery.

Granted, if you want a "fancy" phone to wow your friends and take pictures and web surf, and if you want to talk on it for hours every day, I would consider upgrading from this phone.

But if your goal is to get a cheap and competent phone that you will rarely use on a cheap plan, you can't beat Virgin's Marbl. It's competent, reliable, and inexpensive.

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Need a reliable cheap phone? Keep looking


Sep 18, 2007 by Camelot One

The phone has a nice size, but that is about as far as the good goes. Batter life is horrible for a modern cell phone. Audio quality isn't bad, but far from great. I found that almost 1/3 of my calls dropped, even though I was in the same area, doing the same things I have always done while on a cell, and without any trouble. All of which I could have overlooked, given the $19.99 price I paid for it. But....and this is a huge but, the phone constantly locked up. Sometimes when it rang, making it impossible to answer the call, and other times when the phone was idle. (and thus it would never ring when a call came in) This made it a completely useless phone.

Pros: Small size
Cons: Lock up for no reason, dropped calls, poor battery life

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Good, but slow.


Sep 10, 2007 by Sylar

Basically a slim Oystr. A "little" faster that the Oyster. Main difference is Hearing Aid compatability.

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a-ok, basic phone


Sep 2, 2007 by iluvcell

Definitely NOT recommended for multimedia/data junkies.

loud speakerphone
small n light

Thats all.

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