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best phone ever


Jun 24, 2007 by phone guy 44

this phone is the best phone ever. It has evrything you could want. I am actual writing this review on my wing.
texting is easy and fast
camer is sharp
edge is best and fastest internet
etc....awsome phone
absolutely nothing

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Much Improved MDA


May 22, 2007 by sgraves4

The T-Mobile Wing is the first windows phone that I like. I have used a co workers who received his at a corporate HTC training and liked it right off the bat.

-Home screen Task Management Icon
This solves the constant windows issue of running applications without knowing it.
-Soft touch feel
The phone feels great in your hand.
Great resolution and pictures come out perfectly clear on a computer screen
I LOVE THIS. This is an easy and fast way to find everything from banks to Ethiopian restaurants as well as directions.
Very well placed and spaced with LED indicators when CAPS and ALT are pressed.

-Battery life
-It's Windows, so occasionally freezes or lags but if you power cycle the phone every morning, it will be considerably smoother throughout the day.

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Jun 16, 2007 by Lil True.

this phone has done me wonders. the way it can use the internet is awesome. i have this phone with a prepaid account

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Good phone, not much improvement


May 23, 2007 by mohammadiqbal

I bought an unlockd version of this phone about 4 months ago on ebay, for about $600 USD, it was totally not worth the price I paid. Don't get me wrong its a wonderful phone, but the only improvements I see from the phone is the auto-side keyboard, better material used than on the MDA(plastic), and Windows Mobile 6. Thats IT!! It was(for me) and will be overpriced fore t-mobile. The one big problem I had with this phone was getting the picture messaging to work, IT NEVER WORKED!!!!!!!! Even after I mannually entered the gateways, and the WAP verison, and etc. I was in contact with T-Mobile for like 3 weeks! On top of all that, the processor is a 201 mhz! are you kidding me? even for the Windows Mobile 5 edition which I had, was slow now the WM6 edition its going to be slower!! In my professional opinion, buy the phone if under $200 bucks but anything over, it won't be worth it, because the MDA is the same. Oh and you can even upgrade your MDA to WM6 for free on the t-mobile website. www.tmobile.com/wmupgrade
Alright my friends I hope I helped, please think twice before buying.

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May 13, 2008 by dhand

I consider myself an average user on a phone. I do not abuse it (dropping, etc.)

Pros:the phone didn't pull out a knife and try to kill me
Cons: Slow response when switching out sliding keyboard
Buttons broke, so I had to use the soft keys
Touchscreen response to fingertips sucks
First time I dropped it, the battery fell right out
External speaker quite working after a month. Took to T-Mobile, they said that its just a crappy solder within the phone. They replaced it, and then 2 months later had the same problem with the replacement phone.

I have the Helio Ocean and it is 124987624965789346789563567834658 times better than this P-O-S, doesn't have the office applications on it, but still well worth the replacement

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for a smartphone it does the job


Apr 8, 2008 by chyeahmania

okay..... so all n all i like this phone for all the abilities it is able to do. i can txt, talk, go an check my e-mail all @ d same time. compared to most querty keyboards, it is large enough wer u can see the letters yet small enough so u dont fell like u actually typin on an actuall computer keyboard. the only real problem i have with this phone is that mine would freeze up or power up really slowly cuz it run by windows but, hay! wat can you say.... u hav a walkin cpu n ur hands.
PROS: 2.0 mega pix camera
full qwrty keyboard
email axcs
touch screen
slider type
voice controll comand
edge internet
voice record(2 record own ringtones)
word documents
word excell
CONS: windows mobile (slow)

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Overall A Great Phone!!!!


Mar 8, 2008 by Jr8BudGirl24

I had just purchased the wing phone about a week or so ago and I'm still trying to get used to it and learn every little feature there is on this phone, But so far i am very pleased with the wing!!!

-Smaller in size.
-Rubber texture.
-Internet is faster.
-Windows mobile 6.
-Can see the full layout of an email.
-Can do more with MSN messenger.
-Has MyFaves.
-Rubber protectors to cover the memory card and charging port.
-Keyboard buttons are bigger in size compared to the MDA.
-Can download ringtones and games
-Gets great reception.
-2.0 Megapixel camera is awesome.

-They have the keyboard reversed so ur having to be left handed instead of right handed compared to the MDA.
-If u had the MDA prior to the wing then u know u cant xfer ur memory card over from the MDA to the wing bc the memory card slot in the wing is made for the smaller memory cards.
-The backlight doesn't turn completely off after not using the phone for awhile so it drains the battery.
-Doesn't have the headset port like the MDA has.
-Not bright enough when in the sunlight.

The wing is definetely a great phone and even though the MDA has certain things that the wing doesnt i can definetly say the wing is better than the MDA//
So if ur planning on buying a pda phone anytime soon i would definetely recommend the wing!!!

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Yeah, NO


Dec 11, 2007 by fat_nerd

My girlfriend had been talking to me for a number of weeks about how she absolutely NEEDED a PDA for work. So we checked out everything at T-Mobile and decided that since the Wing had just come out and was an upgrade from what I personally wanted (the MDA), I thought that it'd be an easy decision. WRONG. SUPER FREAKING WRONG.

Now don't get me wrong, I love HTC, I just wish that they cared one iota about T-Mobile enough to give them a PDA that doesn't completely suck and is incredibly behind the times. Enter the Wing.

This phone is slow. I MEAN SLOW. The processor is the exact same as the MDA, but has added features to clog up the criminally low memory that this phone offers. It's a good start, but when the TyTN II and the Wing were both in pre-production, I was really pulling for the TyTN II to go to T-Mobile. Argh....

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i love this phone


Sep 29, 2007 by applebottom2989

i love this phone

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The Wing didn't fly high enough for me.


Sep 28, 2007 by chocolateman85006

This phone was fun to use, and a pain, all at the same time.

Where it soared:
Windows Mobile {be it 2003, version 5 or 6, I just love Windows Mobile Phones}.
Pretty slim for a Pocket PC [i.e. Professional (damn political correctness!)]
Amazing 2mp camera/video.

Where it floored:
Like the Dash, it suffered the same ANNYOING fate: when you set an alarm or appoinment, be prepared to ring many times. Now, the last time I checked, snooze is supposed to mean snooze.
T-Mobile's reception in the East Valley [i.e. Mesa, Arizona] didn't let me get out the full potential of calls, internet and e-mail.
If it dies, prepare for information to be lost (which is not the case with my 700wx with Sprint that I just switched to.)
26.6 MB internally? Man, please!

HTC is better than this, and it's a shame that every other company's version has more memory. If T-Mobile can learn from Sprint & Qwest's versions, they'd be hard to beat.

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