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Have to have it but I can't stand it sometimes.


Dec 26, 2007 by toysub

Lets get the good out of the way. It's a jack of all trades phone. It has many features that I like and it seems to be holding up longer than I expected it to. I've had it for about 6 months or so and would classify my use as moderate. Soft rubber feel is nice so it doesn't slip out of my hand easily. Keyboard is nice although the two small inset function keys are easily hit during text and email writing resulting in many half written messages being sent. That alone is VERY frustrating. Battery life is very good. USB charging is nice.
Now the bad...
The speaker phone is pretty much terrible. If you turn up the volume on it anything past minimum, it distorts and is almost inaudible. Not sure if I should blame the phone itself or Windows 6 but this is pretty much the most buggy and lockup sensitive device I've ever owned. Worse than Windows 95 and 98 combined! I have to reboot it constantly. Sometimes it locks up when receiving a call and I can't answer it... it just rings and I can do nothing about it. It's gruelingly slooooow. I can't stress how slow it is. Come on! If I were the developer and used this for 1 week, I'd axe it and say no way... it's unusable. Drives me bonkers. Also, I'm not a tech idiot. I know how to optimize this phone. I keep the programs closed and it's still slow. The memory is also very small. Also it gradually uses up the system memory and never frees it even when you exit everything forcing you to reboot the phone to get it back. I've even tried utilities to free the memory and overclock it and they only help slightly. The overclocking thing makes it bearable. If it weren't for that, I'd get something else. I know they were anxious to get Windows 6 out but please wait until you have a decent product next time. I'd rather wait a few months than be forced to use a half-$@#%* phone. Maybe they'll read this and make some improvements. BTW... good battery life is great but if the phone is locked up... who cares?

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Could have been better, but still nice...


Dec 20, 2007 by PDXMatt

I have been using my T-Mobile Wing for a couple months now, and I am very pleased with it. Yes, there are problems (slow connectivity being the main one), but that has to do with T-Mobile's service, not the phone itself. Once you get rid of all the myFaves crap from the homescreen, it works much better, and I see no need to run several programmes at once. Paired up with a Bluetooth headset, I rarely have to touch the phone itself for actual phone calls, but when I do, it's easy to use. I got it mainly to replace having both a PDA and a phone to carry. It does everything I need it to and then some. You do need to remember to lock the screen and be careful about how you carry the Bluetooth headset to avoid making unintended calls, but overall it meets all my needs and I expect to use it for awhile longer.

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Solid WM6 Phone


Nov 7, 2007 by Jline05

Let me start out by saying that I have owned PDA's but never a PDA+Phone.

This thing is my brain. I dont know how I ever lived without it. I definitely couldnt do my job as well without it.

The form factor is a little thick, but it doesnt bother me that much. If you like the small, slim phones, this is probably not the phone for you. I would recommend visiting a T-Mobile store to check it out yourself.

The screen is bright enough to see in the sunlight, if it is on the brightest setting.

Sound quality is good, the speakerphone is below average. You can really only use it when you are listening to messages etc.

The camera is average. My KRZR K1 camera was much better than this one and supposedly it has the same resolution.

To be honest with you, I didnt like this phone much at all until I started learning registry hacks and putting different ROMs on it. If you do buy this phone, xda-developers.com has a ton of information on how to make the phone better. The software that I have on my phone is a blend of the new HTC Touch Dual, the HTC Kaiser and of course, the HTC Herald. This software is also more stable than the T-Mobile software was.

Keyboard is phenomenal. Slide is holding up very well. It has a huge range of customization that will keep you playing for hours.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who doesnt mind the form factor.

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All Around Great Phone


Oct 3, 2007 by phoneguru

After using the MDA for almost a year the wing is a breath of fresh air. Having used PDA style phones since the SIdekickII I have found most to be some what clunky. The wing is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The phone is durable as I have dropped it several times over the past 2 months.

Pros. WM6 2MP camera email set up for all my email. Sturdy build. Easy to sync information. Edge works well WIFI works wonderfully.

Cons.27mb memory The mda had more you must get a SD card for the memeory to hold any thing. No 3g. Screen smudges easy. Must power cycle phone once a day. Battery life is poor.

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Sep 14, 2007 by MichaKay

I have had this phone for about four months now. At first I was very disappointed for I had to do a master reset the second day I had the phone. There was a constant error when I tried to access the camera function (displaying that the phone had unsubstantial memory to activate the camera), which was frustrating for the phone had no data on it at all. After the reset was done the phone worked great…and is continuing to do so.

Very easy to navigate
Decent battery life (mine is on a charger twice a day)
Speakerphone is loud
Good camera
Music player capabilities are great (the media player origination)
Functional keypad, very spaced out and easy to use

Constant freezing
Error messages with the camera
I dropped the phone once and it looks like it got ran over by a car.
Have to reset the phone at least one time a day.
I have a hard time hearing without speakerphone active.
If you’re a girl who wears make up the screen smudges very easily

Considering I entered this handset after a Blackberry, I was very impressed with the Internet speeds for Blackberry’s RIM tends to be one of the top Internets for PDA phones. I am overall extremely impressed with this phone.

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Definitely worth it


Sep 12, 2007 by TrueRenegade

i got this phone about a month ago, and was previously using the HTC Dash, and The BB Pearl

great phone, for the busy college student.

calendar keeps my appointments
mp3 player
mp3 ring tones
voice command gives alerts and via BT
touch screen
emails come down to my phone
the programs you can use to enhance the phone (there is a program to make this phone do everything just like the i-phone)
decent battery life (I'm used to charging mine every night)
bubble breaker
customizable menus
great camera
holds BT connection even over 30ft.
word mobile
the speaker is loud but not as loud as the dash
ability to type words to search for contacts from the home screen, no need to know the number being called

lags, but is fixed with an over clocking program
low memory
low storage space, but i have a memory card
no streaming video (fixed with a program)
has to be reset everyday- day 1/2

if you can get over a few flaws in the phone, it's great!

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Wicked Wing!


Sep 1, 2007 by mrpearson253

It's not actually wicked, but I did want a "W" word for the alliteration factor. :) This phone for me has very few flaws, and overall is one of the best phones I've ever owned. I think I've probably had the gamut from the old Motorola v600 to the RAZR to the MDA (for less than a week!) to the Blackberry 8700 and now on to this. I was most comfortable with the Blackberry, so this admittedly took some getting used to. But the learning curve is pretty quick, so it didn't take me long. I was a little leery of a phone without a keyboard, so this slide out option works nicely for me. I haven't had any troubles with the smart keys yet, even with my big sausage fingers! Some folks say the keyboard is set up for a lefty, and I'd say they were right...being left handed myself it works out nicely. The screen is gorgeous full color, and it orients pretty quickly when the slider is opened or closed. I like the ability to add MP3 ringtones too. With my Mac and song editing software, my favorite songs are now ringtones! :) I just couldn't get used to the MDA so I ended up returning it, but the thought never even occurred to me with this phone!

Pros: Soft grip, full keyboard, great color screen, WM6, Bluetooth, 2MP camera, WiFi, Being able to check multiple email accounts along with the SMS and MMS, Sync with my Mac (go Missing Sync!), Spot for MicroSD card add-on (I've got 2GB, enough for lots of pictures and/or music!), good battery life (although not as good as what I've been hearing from other Wing owners).

Cons: Righty's won't appreciate the keyboard layout :)

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HMMMM what can i say


Jul 16, 2007 by bball0106

well at 1st i was scared to get this phone, see the other tmobile pdas suck as the dash and the sda were very very bad, so i walked in thinkin the worst but overall its been a great phone, i love the touch screen and its not as sensitive as many other touch screen pdas, also i love the speed of the Internet, and the call quality no disturbance. great battery life on it, ill be on the windows and Internet and still have battery all day long,

the only bad things are that it does freeze and thats due to windows on the phone and the memory is a concern but if u have at least a 128mb card you'll be fine...

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T-Mobile Wing


Jul 9, 2007 by junno328

I purchased this phone about a week ago through Customer Service. Upgraded from a Samsung Trace....what a difference.

The Wing has so many features that im suprised it doesn't wipe your A$$!

The voice command is excellent for dialing and is very paticular in home, work, etc.

The windows mobile 6 i am still getting used to and trying to figure this out.

The Direct Push for email is my only problem. It works on the first shot and then doesnt work after it, still trouble shooting to see if its the phone or the network.

The Media player for the MP3 is fantastic A+

Havent used the windows programs yet, so can not comment (excel, or word)

If you have questions about the phone that I did not review, feel free to contact me at anytime


E-mail Push (Direct Push)

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Awesome Phone!! Recommended!!


Aug 30, 2007 by grappling30

This is an awesome phone! I have had so many different phones over the years! This is by far the best so far! I had the MDA previously. It was nice but Internet-wise much slower and as well the unit was cheaply constructed. The Wings


-Excellent Reception
-Excellent Call Quality
-Voice command is awesome. I like to bother my wife with it by asking when my next appointment is even though it always says I have none! Having a phone speak to you I believe to be remarkable.
-Body of phone has a great feel to it rubberized and solid as can be
-Spring Loaded slider big plus over MDA which would sometimes try to open on its own.
-Windows Mobile 6 much nicer and more streamlined.
-Windows Live is A++++ The Best!!
-Camera blows MDA camera out of the water.
-And on and on...



-Memory of only I believe it is 27MB is horrible although if you get a 2GB Micro SD card (Highly Recommended!!) you should be fine.
-Program memory is horrendous somehow out of 43.87MB it always seems to use at least 35 or more at any given time. Occasionally you will get an error saying to terminate one or more programs because there is not enough program memory available to continue running things. Although this is rare a simple fix is to comply and do a soft reset. Very easy no info lost and then program memory increases dramatically. I believe some one else said to power cycle every morning, great idea.
-No flash on camera although night mode works very well if there is enough ambient lighting in your location.
-No 3G/highspeed connection ability @ least not yet.

Other than a few cons this is an absolutely awesome device. Being the skeptic on everything that I usually am, and with my fairly extensive knowledge of phones I would honestly 100% recommend this unit to anyone looking for a Windows Mobile 6 PPC phone.

Hope you enjoyed my review..

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