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mobile tech is coming along nicely


May 25, 2007 by Honor

I've previously owned a V300, a Sidekick II, & a Sidekick III... So my MDA experience is a bit limited compared to some.

I picked up the Wing because it has the features I enjoyed in my Sidekick, as well as the ones I was missing: video, MMS, etc, & one I needed for work; data capability to my laptop.

PROS: * The screen is very crisp and sharp. Beautiful.

* Battery life seems to go on forever.

* MMS is easy as pie, even without RTFM. You select the messages interface, choose "New MMS" under "menu", and the template will walk you through the whole thing.

* The interface, logically, is very "windows-like", which is especially beneficial for someone who's new to MDA's, but has been a web professional for ages.

* Touchscreen & stylus! I came to love this interface with my Tablet PC. Also, handwriting recognition rocks.

* It may be a smaller girl-fingers thing, but I have zero problem with the keyboard soft-keys (see video).

* The device is very comfortable in my hands. It 'fits' well, and feels good.

CONS: * It didn't come with a lanyard/leash. It's an expensive enough phone, I think they could space me off a 20 cent cord, you know?

* The sheet of clear plastic, to protect the screen, is near impossible to get on without bubbles... But I don't know how they could fix that.

* The comma is under the "alt" set on the hardware keyboard. I use the comma almost as much as the period. I realize most people don't care for proper grammar and punctuation in email and SMS, but that's no reason to penalize those who do.

* Worse, the < and > characters are off the keyboard altogether, under a character/symbol set expansion along with such fav's as all thouse umlauts, the combined "oe", and so on. I mean... -Internet-?? We -do- tend to use those bracket symbols just a bit.

All in all, I've got nothing bad to say about this phone, so far. It looks like it'll happily do everything I got it to do, and much more... And it'll look good doing it, which is nice.

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By far the best thing T-mobile has come up with


Jul 22, 2007 by WIngman44

WOW....great phone. i purchased the phone not too long ago and i'm already so used to it. at first i must admit i was a little iffy, but now i love it.

Great Size
nice color
good feeling
fast internet
windows mobile 6
easy to use
that bubble game
ridiculously long battery life
fair price
great camera
loud speakers
windows media player
AIM is fast(watch out sidekicks)
and much more.....

CONS:some people dont own a wing

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The WIng Flies


May 26, 2007 by Capt Howdy18

So this is actually my second attempt at the "smart phone PDA world". A week ago I bought the Dash and it was just a bit more advanced then I knew what to do with. I could not figure out how to set up anything. After a couple of visits to the Tmobile store and several calls to tech support, I decided The Dash was not the phone for me. Being as that The Wing had just came out 3 days prior, I decided it was worth trying out in exchange for the Dash. And WOW!!!!!!!!
The Wing is very intuitive! I had everything set up within minutes! (keep in mind we were working on over a week with the dash and no luck!) So it is definitely new PDA user friendly.

-Windows 6 makes all the difference!
-The Touch screen option is convenient!
-all messaging is a breeze
-slide out keyboard allows the keys to be larger to avoid mistypes
-2+ mega pixel camera
-icon for showing open applications
Very easy to figure out...I, as a beginner, can figure it out just by playing around with it!

the worst con I have found in 24 hours is the carrying case is kinda small for the phone....but that is not a complaint as much as it is me saying I cant find a con worth mentioning!

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Great Phone


Jun 8, 2007 by wakerat57

Well i have yet to see someone that doesnt like this phone as myself. I know that this phone by far is the bomb, it does so much and its alot better than th mda. Also if ur like me and u cant decide on a phone here is the choice that you need to make its a great phone and its built great i love it.

Make sure if u are a pda user u get this phone its the best. Also just a note the black berry pearl is the suckiest phone ever and i hate it dont get it this is the phone for you.

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Jun 19, 2008 by reonte123



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Jun 19, 2008 by dean123

If you say you don't like this phone i don't know whats wrong with you. Ive had this phone for two weeks and I'm still interested in it, it is way better than the sidekick LX and you can download nice themes like the POINT UI application and it makes the phone that much better highly recomended

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Close, No Cigar


Aug 23, 2007 by realdealer

I bought the phone about two months ago. I didn't own any PDA style phone before that but I learned pretty quick on how to work it. The phone is packed with a lot of features but is missing some of the more obvious things.

- Windows Mobile 6
- touch screen very responsive
- excellent keyboard
- 2MP camera not too bad
- comfortable rubber feel
- Wi-Fi works well
- Organizer features are very user friendly
- Handwriting recognition pretty good
- Reception great in Chicago and Detroit
- Download Google Maps (awesome)

- Shared Memory is only 27 MB
- Bluetooth is slow
- Freezes a lot
- Symbian and Palm are better operating systems
- Processor extremely slow (201 mhz compared to Sprint Mogul 400 Mhz)
- Freezes all the time
- No Headphone Jacks, had to buy a converter
- Screen gets Dirty Fast
- Screen is not very bright in sunlight
- Speakers are really low

Overall, its a good phone. Its better to go with the Sprint 6800 Mogul or a Blackberry 8300. Its got a lot of great stuff but the stuff that its missing is stuff I actually give a damn about. its worth a shot to get.

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best phone ever


Jun 2, 2007 by phoneman33


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Run from this phone. Run quickly.


Dec 27, 2008 by wintermoorerose

I have had this phone for almost a year and I want to run it over with my car. Twice.

*It is not a timebomb.

*paint pealed off the softkeys within a month
*touch screen has a mind of its own, and it hates you.
*Edge Gprs and Wifi really slow
*little to no phone memory
*Camera is a joke
*battery life is awful, lasts less than a day on average, and thats with the backlight off and the entire screen off 80% of the time.
*Windows office applications freeze if you have to scroll down more than a page.
*The back of the phone and the body of the phone are more on again off again than a junior high couple.
*battery just pretends to be locked in. really, it dreams of skydiving.

I could go on but really RUN AWAY FROM THIS PHONE!!

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Great Phone, but too much for me!


Dec 5, 2008 by joechains

This phone was amazing, but way too much for me! The keyboard was great, cuz I am a big guy... but hard to text with one hand. The screen was great, pretty loud for both talking and music. Screen was amazing but sucked if you like your mp3 player to jam out from your pocket cuz the buttons do what they want! Great web too, but I just dont need all that junk!

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