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T-Mobile Wing Outstanding


Jan 5, 2009 by PhilSoGood

This was wonderful to me for a year. Beauty of this phone was is was like really having a mini computer with me at all times. The ability to manage my multiple e-mail accounts was wonderful. The only problem I had with this phone was that it froze up frequently & that it can only use a 2gig SD mini memory card. The other thing that I had a problem with was the lack device memory that was available for the phone and it's ability to to play videos from the net. Other than that the phone was great.

1 Limited Device memory
2 Phone froze up to frequently
3 Limited Internet video ability
4 2gig SD mini memory is the it's max
5 Pictures aren't as good as you would like

1 Easy to manage multiple e-mail accounts if needed
2 Internet experience is just like a PC (minus the video ability :-(()
3 User friendly
4 My favorite Syncs with Micro soft Outlook to manage your contacts & calender events (Every phone should have this feature).

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great phone


Sep 14, 2008 by paleteroman5567

i have had this phone for a while and it has been phenomenal.

pros: nice touchscreen, great push email service, camera is average, windows media player is really loud, exceptional call and battery quality, qwerty keyboard for easy typing, office mobile

cons: very little memory but if you add a memory card and clear you internet files every once in a while, your memory should last a while. slow processor which you dont notice unless you have numerous of apps open, and slow internet over EDGE but with opera mini, internet is pretty fast

call quality is exceptional with t-mobile down here in SD Ca

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Best PDA/Smartphone/regularphone ever!!!


Apr 29, 2008 by My wing flys

At first I was very skeptical about this phone. I read that it was very slow.That is not true. I t has a nice touch screen and an amazing key board. I had a little experience with a palm treo 780 from a friend but that phone is trash comparied to this. I got it very cheap too. I only paid $50 for a 1 year contract from t-mobile with a special promotional code you can get off ebay. The wifi is very nice. I put a touch-it rom on it and now it looks even better with a HTC today homescreen, cube animation for the touch, and touch-flo just like the iphone. Best phone ever!!

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Jun 29, 2007 by STASJUICE

I must say, I am very impressed with this phone. It was a great upgrade form the MDA I had.


Internet speed is faster. When the WIFI is on its as if you plugged the DSL wire right to the phone (yes its that good).

The screen is clear as ever.

The key pad is a lot better then the one on the MDA as far as how big the buttons are.

The camera is a lot better then the MDA's.

The outer casing is the best thing they could have thought of. Its rubber like casing helps people like me from dropping our phones.

The voice command is awesome. You no longer have to program everyones name you want to call. Everything is done for you. All you have to do is hold the button & ask the phone to do what ever you want it to do. From calling someone in your phone book to asking the phone for the time & date, to telling the phone to open up programs,... this phone is the greatest.

Its slimmer & lighter then the MDA.


I don't like the fact that it slides to the left now instead of the right. It almost makes you become left handed (if you're used to texting with the MDA you know what I mean).

I cant believe they left out the money sign on the key pad.

All in all I really cant find anything I don't like about the phone; then again I am still figuring out how to use its new features. I love this phone and all its features & I would buy it again if I had to.

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Awesome PDA


Jun 1, 2007 by hippysmurf420

This is an awesome phone. I response to the review @ the bottom of the page, I sort of agree but disagree. If you jump the gun and buy an upsupported phone, you will have issues. Of course it will take your MMS 3 weeks of calling to get it fixed, Tmobile had not even launched their device @ that time, plus what people do not realize is that unsupported phones (phones not sold by your carrier, even if it's the same model) also may have been modified by the company you did buy it from. All the Tmobile customers i have talked to are happy with their Wings. I ordered mine. Go for it!

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Just Got My Wing. Love It !!


Jun 2, 2007 by speedy12


Easy To Use

Full array of features for personal & business. Too many great features to list.

Great camera features such as burst mode !


When camera is in Auto adjust mode pictures tend to have a yellow tint. This is not a big deal as you can easily remedy this by selecting the appropriate mode for your lighting conditions.

Voice recognition for digit dialing is good but voice recognition for name recognition is terrible. Blackberry Pearl has much better voice recognition!

Voice response from the wing sounds robotic and not as natural as the Blackberry Pearl.

Having listed the cons, this is a Great Phone & PDA! I absolutely would recommend buying it ! This puppy is going to make your like better by making it so easy to take notes, pictures, videos, business applications such as word & excel, events, hand writing recognition and so much more.

If the items in my con listed were fixed I would give it 5! Go Get One, You will love it and won't be able to put it down ):

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Pleased Wing owner.


Jun 30, 2007 by RiceBonito

I bought this phone a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty impressed. I previously owned the SideKickII, which was more of a wanna-be p.d.a. than a real one.


The phone has a soft touch rubber feel to it. This is very comforting, and the grip is nice so it's hard to let it slip out of your hand. I could rub it for hours.

The 2 megapixel camera is very clean and sharp. Some people complain that it has a "yellowish" tint to it. This can easily be fixed by simply clicking the light setting icon.

Windows 6 is a great upgrade from the previous windows 5. It's smoother running and is a bit more organized.

The battery life is superb. I can use this thing all day long; MP3, internet, talk/text anything. This batter must be married to the energizer bunny.

Windows live search is very cool. It works like mapquest, you just type the zip code, city, state, country, and/or address. Then it will display 4 icons, MAP, TRAFFIC, DIRECTIONS, and CATERGORIES. I use the traffic finder all the time, because I live in a major city. The map is the same, just with no traffic icons. Directions is just like mapquest. Catergories is the best, because it will search for ANYTHING, sushi, movies, events, festivals, fairs, coffee, anything. It will tell the address, distance, and the phone number.

The speaker is very loud. I can place this phone on my coffee table and listen to music anywhere in the apartment.

The size is great and the weight is light.


It's windows, so it's gonna freeze. This can be avoided by simply restarting the phone at least once a day. Also, at the top right corner there is a "program processes" icon. Click that and close any open applications.

While using another application, sometimes the phone will freeze when you get a phone call, and you cant see who is calling you.

It scratches very easily.

Thumbs up, it's a very terrific phone.

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Wing What???


Aug 14, 2007 by newjerseybrotha

I will start by saying that I recommend this phone to people over any other Windows Mobile phone out there, even the Touch.

The wing is small in size, has a nice keyboard, and several other features that amazed me when I first begin to use it. I will touch on the things that I think most of us would agree on.

Softkeys - should have been placed in the same spot as the MDA. I will be in the middle of a text or email, and realize that it has already been sent. (Bad move)

Software - HTC has already begun an update because the memory does not free up without a soft reset most of the time. ie, you will not be able to use the camera or the media player until you do so.

Processor - The is the same as the MDA, why couldn't HTC just put the 400mhz in there? Sad....

Keyboard - If you notice, the MDAs keyboard came out as though it was for a right handed person, and that now they have reversed it. I preferred the other way...but thats just me.

The Wing is by far the best phone out right now for business, or just in general the hottest Windows Mobile device out. T-Mobile needs to step up their game and get high speed data tranfers for mobile, they are behind. The Mogul at sprint is basically the same phone, but has high speed data tranfer rates. But we all know, sprint sucks in every way.

Bottom line - Go get this phone, because it is so much bang for you buck. Also, if you can...activate through a 3rd party, you will get a much better price. I paid $49.99 + shipping $19 for my wing, and no one can beat that price. The catch is, you have to go through their company for all changes on your account for the first 4 months. That can not be beat...Enjoy your wing.

J.W. (Drop me a line if you want to get one at that price, and I will give you the information and contacts you need.)

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I Love it!!!


Jun 21, 2007 by Phoneking13

I love this device. This is my first Windows Mobile device (the only other PDA I own is the Treo 600) and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. I was going to get the MDA but am glad I waited for this device.

2MP camera...takes amazing pics coming from a phone

Stereo Bluetooth, and works like a charm

WiFi....Great when I'm out and need to check email and surf the net.

Phone holds up like a charm

A cool factor is when you get a call it'll actually speak out the name.

Battery life is exceptionally well for a smart phone.

WM6 works like a charm, which is rare in Windows form period

The only cons I have with the phone are the selection keys on top of the E and R, and the I and O buttons, which are commonly used

Voice recognition works medicore at best

Screen gets dirty real fast.

Overall I think this is one of the best phones in T-Mobile's line up (another one I thought is best is the Samsung Trace). I would Highly recommend this phone.

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This is the Phone of the Year


Jun 19, 2007 by Exizide

I had this phone for about a month and never had thought about returning it. Before I got this I had treo 755, don't get me wrong that was a nice phone but it didn't cut it with my MDA, so I returned it less than ten days. I had second thoughts about getting the wing because I didn't want another phone with a slow processor, but boy was I wrong. This thing is fast, never a freeze up or a dropped call, I get service where sprint can't deliver. The camera is a ten out of ten. The little led lights for caps and Alt comes in handy. The web I recorded a mean of 20kb per sec that's good for a pocket PC. The Window Mobile 6 is nice, to be able to look at an email in its full format is great. Just to make a long review short, this is by far the best phone I ever had.

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