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Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607


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Dec 4, 2006 by Emporio

I live in the NY area & have been very disappointed w/the phone that make it here to the US as appose to Europe that have nothing but the best in technology. But this phone I must say is the best all-around phone. Smart, fun & Entertaining.. I've had the phone for about 4wks.
PROs: 3G Phone, Windows Mobile, Bluetooth, 1.3 Mega-pixel Camera, Double Battery

CONs: Battery run pretty fast during use (thank goodness for the extra battery - standby time is good) Settings are not very user friendly, Had to call for support more than 3 times. Support for the phone isn't great due to the phone being new during my purchase.

Overall I'm still very happy with my purchase and learn something new everyday

Great phone - comming from a picky user


Dec 2, 2006 by yosemitetim

I'm very picky when it comes to phones and was pleasantly surprised by the blackjack.

Besides what has already been mentioned...

1. Works as a high speed modem (through cingular at least) for your PC.
2. Everything works very well - as expected

1. Hard to dial numbers when on a call. (Like when you need to enter your credit card number)
2. Proprietary connectors make it hard to charge, less flexible, requires special headset, and prevents a docking station.
3. No charging over USB

Overall a great phone at a great price.

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Blackjack / Homerun


Nov 28, 2006 by bnz300

I purchased the Blackjack on the first day available,November 16th, and have been enjoying it ever since. For me it's the perfect combination of business and pleasure. I have been waiting for a PDA type of phone with the qwerty keyboard and a good camera. 3G was the kicker, almost as fast as broadband,information is at my fingertips and with e-mail and text as well.
As for the phone's capabilities,RF is amazing, switching from 3G to the edge is flawless and I have yet to have a call dropped.

Pros: 1: the screen is fantastic, clear and well lit
2:Camera is great, with editing software built in. The zoom and brightness features are quite welcome
3:RF is fantastic as I said before.
4:3G, you have to try it to experience how quick it really is. Web pages load in seconds

Cons: 1:The battery life could be better, they do give you two with the phone, and now I know why. I have yet to drain one in a day but you had best keep the extra handy.

Nothing else right now, it would have been good marketing to have the case for the phone available, and the car charger as well, it could certainly come in handy.
The size and form factor are perfect to conveniently keep your phone, contacts, addresses and camera in one pocket.

Almost perfect.


Nov 27, 2006 by peanutblue

I've used two different PDA style phones (the 8125 and Treo 650) and I've been patiently waiting for something with 3G internet access speeds. We finally got it, and it rocks.


1. Multi-tasking is excellent; you can leave the web to make a call, check your calender, whatever, and hit the back button to go back to the web page right where you left off (or to scroll through recently opened programs)

2. 3G speed. 'Nuff said.

3. The web browser works almost flawlessly, even showing animated ads.

4. All the goodies, i.e. XM Radio, micro-SD slot, ability to use it as a flash drive with the USB cable

5. Beautiful screen

6. Matte finish doesn't show fingerprints


1. Main con: some of the controls, menus, etc., seem counter-intuitive. I'm a reasonably tech-savvy guy (who works for Cingular and has used dozens of phones), but some menu options are hard to find. I still haven't figured out how to copy all my contacts from my SIM to the phone, or even to copy one contact for that matter. I should be able to figure out this stuff on my own.

2. Cingular Video gets put on a mini-screen with wide borders, instead of using the full screen like it does on, say, the LG CU500.

3. Proprietary cables. Ugh. I wish I could use a regular USB cable and headset jack, so I could stream that XM radio into my car stereo.

Overall, though, this phone is definitely the best PDA Cingular offers for the price. It doesn't have Wi-Fi or a touchscreen, sure, but that would make the price skyrocket. You want those things (both of which I think are overrated) go with the 8525--for another two hundred bucks.

Black Jack is a Winning Hand


Nov 27, 2006 by GSD-K9

I have and still own the following Phones

Razor V3
Black Berry 730c
Cingular 8125
Treo 650
HP Ipaq 6925
LG cu500
and many more

I must admit that this Black Jack has it all. I have had this phone for a few days and the only con I've found is the keys are kinda close for a guy with big hands. Other than that, Samsung hit a homerun with this one.

Great Product


Nov 26, 2006 by vallenrealty

I have used them all...

Cingular BB 8700
Cingular E62
Verizon Treo 700w
T-Mobile BB Pearl

The BB 8700 is by far the most solid piece of equipment so far, but is limited by size, screen clarity, and applications.
With the Blackjack offering great size, phone quality, and features i made the switch 3G service is just being rolled out Blackjack can only get better.

P.S. Switch from 3G to EDGE service for now and battery life will be extended by about 40%.

amazing phone


Nov 19, 2006 by FungFlex

I really have to admit, all of the talk I had heard about this phones battery issues and now as the proud owner I have to say I really am not experiencing them that badly.

I killed the battery on my 8125 the same way I kill this one, and with the extra tricks like not using direct push and instead polling every 15 minutes for mail and turning the beam off the battery will last a full day.

I have to admit the only downside to this phone at all is the buttons are a tad cramped, not the keyboard itself which I find very usable its the keys around the d-pad that are rough

As a whole though this phone is amazing and I am very deeply addicted to it, no more phones this year for me

(which is saying a decent amount as this is number 18)

Two flaws hurt an otherwise great phone


Nov 18, 2006 by Bristol

Rather than just repeat what others have written, there is one negative that is hard to explain: the lack of any voice recognition software. All the other comparable new phones have it (Q, Pearl, etc.) IBM Voice Command is not compatible with the Blackjack's OS - I tried. To me this was a deal killer as much as I pine for a 3G smartphone because it's too hard to navigate a large contact list without it when on the go.

Also, the use of a proprietary connector is infuriating and expensive (since I keep chargers all around). They give you a second battery, but the battery holder is hokey and requires the one charger you have.

It's too bad because otherwise this is a very impressive device with a great form factor. If you can tolerate the above two flaws, there is a lot to like about the Blackjack.

Blackjack -HotorNot?


Nov 18, 2006 by byronavory

I had my own objections to the Blackjack. The phone reminded me too much of the Q.
I had a customer buy one and return the phone the same day. We found and obvious con. His 2GB Sandisk MicroSD Card was too thick for the phone, and got stuck inside.
We noticed after prying the disk out of the phone. We offered him another phone, but he was already in love. He kept the phone and told me all about it.
Like him, I found numerous things that I love about the phone.. It almost puts my IPAQ 6515 to shame!
This phone is lightning fast. I was very surprised at the speed. A new service I found on the phone is a real 3G Marvel. XM RADIO! Crisp clear sound, and better yet, works in buildings where Satellites can't reach but cell signal can. With a memory card and Windows Media Player this is truly a Media Marvel!
I would absolutely love this phone if it were a PDA Pocket PC with a larger touch screen. I would Sacrifice key space to make it happen. It does have it's pro's and cons though!

-3g Phone
-Sharp & Clear display
-User Friendly Menus
-Slim and comfortable in pockets
-Backup battery and independent charger.
-The keypad layout is odd but makes dialing a breeze when you get used to it. If you do hit one of the none numeric keys the phone ignores them and accepts the number you are dialing.
-Tethering to a laptop is a Breeze. No more manual setup. No more wasteful 3rd party apps. Install the driver and plug it in. You now have a Lan Connection. (Similar to hooking up a DSL USB Line)

-2GB San Disk gets stuck in the phone.
-Samsung's USB port not a mini USB connector. No converter for the headphones port so you can not hook it up normal headphones or where I would love it most, my car! (Someone needs to make a High Quality Bluetooth Audio Attachment for car stereos.)
-Poor Bluetooth support. Limited access via laptop and not real support for other phones. I could not send a file from my IPAQ to it for example.

My Review


Nov 18, 2006 by cingularfreak12

I've always been a two phone guy. I've been carrying a Blackberry 8700 for about 6 months, but since I'm a Samsung freak I decided to dump the crackberry and go for the new sleek device! I actually think I might go to one device now!!!

size (unbelievably comfortable!!!)
call quality
windows mobile
email ease
cingular video
works fine w/ media maxx
extra battery (needed)

battery life (bad, but not if you have a car charger)
buttons at the top are a bit scrunched, but you get used to it fast

I honestly love this phone! It is so small and durable that I may just get rid of my Sync, which I love, and use this as my only device!! Can't go wrong if you're looking for something that's a phone and email first!!!!

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