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Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607


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I Thought it was a great phone


Dec 30, 2007 by plummdigg

Be aware yes it is a phone with two batteries I found it very convenient to have two though. The phone is a great small P.C. phone. I personally have only used the small battery and have my extended life battery saved for the last year of my contract; I maybe have to charge my phone once a day or every other day nothing more; which is not that bad. Its not that hard to plug a phone in every night to assure that you can do everything you want on it the next day.

I love this phone personally! I think it is a great addition to Samsung's line up.

Example of poor planning or a rushed design!


Jun 1, 2007 by DFWTX

I have used Palm and Windows based PDA phones for over 10 years. I only state this to express; "this is not my first rodeo on a smart phone". My expectations for this phone where not to compare this unit to a stylus based, touch screen device. I only desire what today is a minimum for a professional that does not need a camera, MP3 or speed texting capability. This phone has fallen short of it's marketed capabilities much less my simple desires:

1. Bluetooth sounds like trash even with the coveted jawbone device.
2. Signal strength is weaker than comparable Cingular phones in my office.
3. Calendar is not easy to navigate in week view.
4. POP3 email is cumbersome and intermittent. (I lost 15 emails)
5. Time and Date sync with Cingular towers jumps ahead by 7 months an hangs until reset.(Other Cingular PDA phones don't have this issue)
6. Two weeks of ownership and I have had to pull and replace battery to reset the phone about 8 times.
7. 4 = number of hours on the phone with tech support to "help" "fix" these and other issues.

I wish users could bill the providers for our time wasted on their ill conceived designs!

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Blackjack :]


Jan 15, 2007 by rjohnson

My family went out to buy 4 Blackjacks a week ago.
This phone is GREAT! It's probably the BEST phone I've ever had so far. [ I've had a NOKIA, a RAZR, and this Blackjack.]

Over all, I think it's perfect. There's one thing I'd like to mention though.

The USB connector comes off/opens up easily. It doesn't stay in its place.

But otherwise, this phone is the GREATEST!

Great phone if you keep it plugged in


Nov 18, 2006 by bitchdogg

- Size
- Screen
- Call sound quality

- Battery life is horrible. I can’t make it through a day without swapping to the backup.

- “Push email” - It requires you to run software on your personal PC to push personal email. That's Cingular not the phone.

Overall I like this phone, but I think it is unusable to do the battery life and I am going to return it.

Fun Phone...


Jan 24, 2008 by Rogers615

This phone is the most amazing phone. Yes it does have its ups and downs but over all it is an amazing phone.

* Fun to text on
* Easy to use
* Great for school
* Great pictures
* Great sound quality

* Needs WiFi
* Downloading pictures takes to long
* Keys are a little to small

This is a great phone for kids in High School. I am a Sophomore and i love my phone i use it for my assignments and it is great to write reports on the go. I think it is a great buisness phone. I have my opinion and you have yours.

Have a Nice Day

At least it can make a call...


Dec 11, 2006 by buqii

My treo650's screen broke and i am sending it in to be replaced so i bought this phone as a temporary replacement until my new 650 comes in the mail later this week. I was told when I got the blackjack that the bugs from windows mobile 3 had been fixed (i had the cingular 5600 for a while before my palm and hated it.) This phone, in my opinion, is horrible and is only good for making a phone call; as long as you wont be on for more than an hour in a day.

form factor - small and fits well in my pocket and in my hand
call quality - loud speaker and crystal clear call quality

battery life - dies before the day is up with less use than on my palm (which would last 2 full days without needing a charge)
keypad - i type on the keypad faster than it can put the letters on the screen causing me to often miss letters in texts and emails
navigation keys - too close to the end and send buttons and i constantly close a program by accident
os - windows mobile lags; it takes time to open and close applications and if more than one program is open at once may even lag just scrolling through the menus
speaker phone - the speaker is loud but very unclear and almost painful to hear when using speaker phone or playing xm or mp3s

This phone has done one good thing: made me realize how much i love my palm - I'm tempted to return it and get a different temp phone even though i get my palm back in 3 days!

Awesome phone


Sep 17, 2008 by b2casey24

i have had 3 of these i keep coming back i got this phone as my first smart phone batter sucks but hey its got 2. i switched to the iphone for 2 months and came back then i switched to the tilt then came back i switched to the razr2 and then went back so i keep this phone and dont sell it like i had 2 times. i love it i just got the new iphone 2 months ago and dont know if i will go back but i recomend this phone to anyone and everyone i really want the bj2 but am much to lazy. some ppl say it gets slow but it has a task manager that you can turn programs off and it goes way faster and if it still is slow delete the text in the inbox i had over 6k i deleted them and the phone was perfect!!!

Don't Buy it!


Mar 16, 2008 by ronmanrlw

The blackjack seem like a good phone at first but it's really a piece of junk...most wireless earpiece won’t work consistently and that includes Motorola’s and the Jawbone...it cuts off for no reason...they will lie to you at the store and tell you, you can upload your outlook mail as your prime mail source but you can’t get on it unless you know the web-site…no alerts either….they will also tell you that you can have g-talk but not on this phone…just two others that hardly anyone uses anymore. The Tech support is not existent…you call with a problem and ½ the time they can’t help and they absolutely couldn’t careless that you are not satisfied with their product…if you made the mistake of buying this please do yourself a favor, if it hasn’t been 30 days yet take it back because they are obligated to give you a refund if it’s been over 30 days I am very sorry because it won’t get any better…mark it up as a very expensive lesson learned. Oh and by the way memory is way to small, camera to sensitive almost impossible to get a focused picture

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease
The Ronman

amazingly awsome!!!


Feb 26, 2008 by dof2

This is the phone that set me free. here's the rundown:
good enough keyboard for messaging and email
sound quality was pretty good
good reception
dedicated off/on button on top
real sexy-looking
comes with 2 batteries
really sharp screen
wm5 (can update to wm6)
and the best part is its got a jog wheel on the side

short battery life
packed keyboard
sucky camera

Wonderful Phone!!!!


Jan 7, 2008 by SystemR

VTAP is awesome on this phone and it allows you to watch streaming video off of the internet (YouTube ect.). All you need to do is go to www.vtap.com in your phones internet browswer and select Windows Mobile 5 and download. You too can watch any video of anything you would possibly want to look up. I also downloaded Google Maps, so now I have Google Earth on my phone and can find directions to/from anywhere I want. All I need is an address. I also downloaded Opera Mini for websites that will not open in the regular internet explorer browser. After reading a lot of the reviews on this phone, it seems that people do not realize what you can download to this phone to make it perfect. I can check my bank account on the phone, along with pay my credit card bills. It's the best phone out there. Don't waste your money on the IPhone because this phone can do MORE if you download the right software. The battery life goes down quickly, but what do you expect streaming video from the internet. Because they give you 2 batterys, the battery life never is a problem for me. BUY THIS PHONE!!! I havn't used the Blackjack 2 yet, but maybe sometime down the road I will buy it. The Blackjack is also insurable so if it breaks you can get another one for only $50. There are endless reasons as to why you would want to buy this phone. Best money I ever spent!!

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