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Aug 4, 2008 by daylisha

I recently purchased my NOKIA 5300 through T-MOBILE a few months ago. i do love the features, such as; MP3, great photo and video quality and the massive selection of contact details to add, i basically love everything about the phone except the volume is really low even when it is set to it's full capacity. it sounds very loud on speaker phone but when you are using the private option it is very hard to hear the other party and vice versa if it is windy or even slightly noisy. there is also no GPS on my phone.. which i need. i do a lot of driving and i get lost often, even my cheap prepaid BOOST MOBILE phone had GPS capability.over all the phone is good i would recommend the phone to others, i just wish the speaker was louder.

Mexican Phone


Nov 30, 2007 by fafa

hi!.. i just want to submit my review...

This phone.. the Nokia 5300 i buy the "Black Version".. that is awesome... the sound, the screen, all the options is already full customizable, no cons.. that´s the best phone i´ll ever have...

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Nokia 5300 Great Music Phone!!!


Mar 15, 2007 by Razorray15

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic from T-Mobile.

The Size of the Phone is small not big in anyway. It's a bit thick but we think of a phone as being thick when we compare it to that Razr. It's not thick in fact it's the same thickness as my Moto PEBL when closed.

The Slider is sturdy with a push up, up it go's same as going down.

The Screen is amazing. Large enough to view Pics and Video's quite well. The Keypad has a Blue Back-light which is nice and easy to see at night.

Putting Music, Images, Video's is really easy just drag and drop on your PC and update the Library on the phone and your set.

The Speaker quality is great loud and clear. Video quality is good I'm able to download and play music video's that sound great and look great as well.

The Camera lets you take photo's/ video's while holding the phone like a Digital Camera. Pictures come out good.

1. Size
2. Screen
3. Music Player
4. Easy to Text Keypad
5. Camera 1.3 MP
6. Video's
7. 1 GB Memory Card (240 Songs)

1. Plastic covering. Sturdy but I mean it's Plastic.

Overall, the Nokia 5300 is a great phone that has a lot of features. T-Mobile did a great job on adding all the necessary accessories like ( 1 GB Memory Card, Headphones, USB Cord). You can enjoy music right away straight out of the box.

i love this phone!


Mar 19, 2007 by tmssalesrep

i love nokia so much not a fan of samsung or moto at all, my nokia rep showed me the 5300 like two weeks a go and i told myself i had to have this phone.

the mp3 player is hot comes with a gig of memory which is about 700 songs roughly (i have a 512 mb mp3 player that holds 3oo songs and 1000mb = 1gb)

speaker on it is loud its one of my key selling points with this phone is showing people how loud it is.

camera is really decent 1.3 mp

it has a better t9 than any phone i have used so far.

My faves compatible!!!

dont drop it it seems really week although one of my co workers dropped the damn thing twice lol

other than that umm you cant really access the internet (you can get t zones but yeah thats not really internet)


great phone for my purposes i like it way more than the sk3 pearl and dash (all t mobile phones) just because of the mp3 player, having a laptop i have no need for a phone with internet access.

I still love Nokia


Feb 27, 2007 by jarethsgrrl

I love this phone! Compared to the other MP3 phones T-Mobile carries this one tops them all. Nokia PC Suite makes life easy with the ability to use this phone to it's fullest abilities.

Easy interface
Nokia PC Suite
Bundled 1GB memory card
AMAZING Camera!!! (You hold the phone like a real camera to take pictures)
Bluetooth and infared for sending files
Priced just right (anyone remember the t809 and how much that phone cost?!)
Quick and easy music sharing
Great sound quality
External MP3 controls (play/pause, forward & back on the side of the slider)
Good battery life

Voice dialing/activation software

That's really the only con I can come up with. After having phones like the PEBL and the Pearl with their voice dialing software this phone falls way short in that respect. When you listen to the voice tags they sound like the speech software in the original Apple computers. IE T-MO-BILE instead of T-Mobile. If you don't listen to the way the voice tag sounds and imitate it perfectly the phone will either not find what your looking for or find something completely opposite of what you wanted. Nokia wanted to have it so if you were going into work all you had to do was hold down the right softkey and say Silent when prompted to put the phone in silent mode or say Mom Cell when prompted to call your mom's cell phone. When I tried calling my Mom's cell the first day I had it the phone either couldn't find what I was saying or it came up with friend's names that were no where close to Mom Cell. If Nokia could fix this one thing then the phone would be perfect.

Just as I Hoped For


Apr 1, 2007 by miel

Absolute wonder to use. I Purchased this phone outright from Tmobile and have had it unlocked for Cingulars network. This phone blows my verizon vx-8600 out of the water.

+U.I. is so easily understood.
+Reception, it's a Nokia good reception is standard.
+Speed: Menus, downloads, screen changes are all very fast.
+Looks and Form: Different from a clamshell which is a good thing.
+Anything else about the phone I forgot is most likely a pro as well.

Cons: Tmobile picked it up and not Cingular so I had to get it unlocked but that isn't the phones fault.



Aug 27, 2007 by rhstenor

ok, so obviously this phone kicks ass. But I had to add the the pile of goodness.

* Its a music phone, duh. It plays music, along with every other phone, BUT this phone has dedicated keys. (Awesome) a headphone jack, and the rubber coating makes it all even better.
* Dedicated camera key, and it actually works like a digital camera, (always a +.) The colume keys are the "zoom" keys, and of course the camera key is the camera key. The camera has great clarity if you use it in well lighting. Otherwise, use the night mode if you're taking still pictures. Lots of effects to use with the camera as well, (**Favorite is Solarize**). Contrast can be adjusted and the usual.
* UI is so damn customizable and EASY to use. Which is a usual standard. Unless its a S60, but S60's are still fairly easy to use.
* Favorite feature is the pictures slideshow as a background!
* The accessories are great, they include: the headphone port converting jack (2.5mm to 3.5mm [standard headphone size:3.5]) 1gb memory card, I don't know a phone that includes that for free. The USB transfer cable. The headset/headphones. They're OK, they will get the job done, I do recommend a 5-10 dollar pair from Wal*Mart or wherever you go. The Charger, which will be included in the xX[b]Cons[/b]Xx
* T9 is great, as always. And more IM clients are supported too.
* Bluetooth is fast, and I mean FAST.
* Size of the phone is so much smaller than the pictures online. Which is awesome, it's almost the size of an mp3 player.
* The loudspeaker/speakphone clarity is amazing. So playback of any song will be great when listening to it, or when the phone rings.


* First off, the charger. It seems to charge soooooooo slow that it's rediculous. It's not a bad thing I guess if you charge your phone every night. But if you forget, and you have 15 minutes to charge your phone, you may be getting low battery alerts towards dusk of the day. This may also be part of the battery's fault, but I doubt it.

Great Phone With Lots Of Features


Mar 21, 2007 by h_aguilar84

After 2 weeks with this phone, I really like the design and ease of use of this phone. If you want a feature packed phone without getting a PDA, this phone is for you.

Camera is excellent! I compared it to the Moto RIZR and its 2.0 MP camera and the 5300 still blows it away!!! You can use in in landscape mode, giving you the feeling of using a digital camera.

Speakerphone is loud and clear.

Music player is easy to use and with the one touch buttons to scroll thru your mp3, makes it even better.

Comes with everything you need to set up your music (1 GB micro SD card, USB cables, 3.5 mm headset adapter)

The ability to set your mp3s as a ringtone (and apparantly as your callback tone, but I haven't test this yet)

The only real con I can find is that T-Mobile locked the OS so you can't use 3rd party software like Gmail and Opera Mini.
If you want this phone and don't care for myFaves, get an unlocked version.

Bottom line, great phone at a great price!!!

Awesome Phone


Feb 25, 2007 by Mr.Chris-

I cose this phone as an upgrade to my nokia 6101 and it was the best descision ive ever made!!! This phone has amazing functions and a good quality camera.


Bluetooth wireless technology

Mp3 player

fm radio

great speaker for mp3 playing

comes with headphones and adapter

upgradable memory

user interface

ability to easily manage songs and pictures from your computer via bluetooth or the INCLUDED data cable. (data cable for phones usually cost about $50.

sleek sliding design



Overall a great phone and i suggest if you are in the market, pick one of theese bad boys up!

Pretty good phone


Mar 5, 2007 by usual

I like this phone. Call quality is pretty good, volume could be a tiny bit higher but it could just be me. Ring tone volume is pretty good. I haven't used the headphones yet so i can't speak to the quality of this device as an mp3 player.
The Nokia GUI/OS is very nice. It comes with USB cable, headphones, 1GB MicroSD. The housing (body) of this device is cheap feeling. I am scared to drop it.


Good call quality and volume. I like the new Nokia call clarity option. Not sure what it does but it is an option now.

Price seems fair.

RF seems good and typical of Nokia.

Loaded with features and comes with everything you need right out of the box.

Speaker phone is pretty decent and loud.

The Nokia GUI/OS is fantastic.

Comfortable to use and hold.


Cheap feeling. I am scared to drop this device. The housing is very "cheesey".

T-Mobile locked down the Nokia OS to restrict 3rd party java apps from accessing the internet like Gmail app.

slider could be a little stiffer.

Phone is a little thick but thats no big deal.

No option i could see to rotate images you take. That sucks. You can crop but not rotate.

I use my cell for an alarm clock and it seems that there is only one alarm option. I like it when a phone has the option to set multiple alarms.

I would recommend this phone to pretty much anyone but it will be more popular with younger people. Good bang for the buck.

In my opinion this is the best phone t-mobile has to offer at the moment and will continue to be even as t-mobile releases the RIZR Z3 and KRZR this month.

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