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Great phone, but


May 6, 2007 by Irwin

I had the phone for about 5 days. I got used to the swivel pretty quickly and the screen is great but the deal breaker for me was that the voice caller ID was like a whisper. The techs tried another 9400 and it was the same way.

Great reception
Very nice screen
Able to keep the display on with no back light so I could see the clock all of the time.
Perfect size.
Slot for the card on the side.
Nice animation.

Voice caller ID is too low.

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Absolutely recommend it


May 2, 2007 by flint4ster

I highly recommend this phone to anyone and especially to all the TV junkies out there!!

Tv is super clear
Call quality is superb
beautiful landscape display
light and sturdy
super cool look
swivel up and down
comfortable keypad
VZ navigator is loud

1.3 camera...this phone truly has it all so if you want to get picky you could wish it had a 2.0 camera...

Thanks LG!!

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really cool phone!!!


Apr 27, 2007 by bigack

this phone is crossed between the lg vx8500 and the lg vx9900, the only grip i have is the camera could have been a little better, the reception is awesome!! texting is easy and quick!! screen is crystal clear, nothing really bad except no tv in my city :( but one really cool phone!!!

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Just got yesterday.


Apr 25, 2007 by ryokojay

Just got this phone yesterday with a huge difference from the brick i used to own. And so far i love it. I don't have many complaints at all.

-The styling of the phone is great and easy to swivel open too.
-It is small compared to my last phone and i don't even notice it in my pocket.
-MP3 player
-Camera/Video camera(up to an hour)
-Easily navigate through the menus.
-Bluetooth(which sounds great/and opened up a bit from past OBEX secure phones)
-automatic key lock when closed
-Beautiful screen. brilliant colors.
-Long battery life. (i had to charge my old battery every day from day one.)
-Speakerphone, which sounds great!
-Easy to text and make phone calls
-Great reception

(which some are just dumb but might matter to someone)
-Not many graphics or ring tones. And no games preloaded.
-open screen that without protector can be easily damaged.
-camera not the best would of liked 2 mp(but i have seen worse quality)
-still OBEX secure
-limited theme options(two)
-Price of V-cast and TV, although i don't plan to use anyways

Overview:I love this phone. I have worked in the cell phone business for a while now and this is one of my favorites to release so far. Great reception, sound quality, and display. I don't really see any major downfalls with it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a phone that looks different and feels great.

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Hot LG TV phone!


Apr 23, 2007 by technoaa

I got this phone a week ago and I really enjoy watching TV. The phone looks great. I love the Slim & Stylish Swing Bar Design. Calls are clear and the sound quality is excellent. If I had to pick a con it would be the 1.3 camera. Wish it was 2.0 but overall, this phone is absolutely wonderful and the TV feature is well worth it for me.

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Gotta love it


Apr 11, 2007 by bbored130

First let me start by saying that I am in the cell industry so I do know a little bit about what I am talking about.

This phone is one of the nicest VZW has put out so far. For those that didn't know, VZW wanted to launch this phone as it's "Vcast TV" handset but do to some software issues, they waited a month after the service was released with the Samsung version.

Now, I have both handsets and I must say, the LG twist screen was something unique and it reminds me of a wide screen TV. I get a lot of inquiries when I pull the phone out and twist the screen. People are intrigued by it.

So far the phone has worked very well. Talk time is very decent especially with the extended battery. I have been able to use it for 3 days so far without charging it. I will however, test the phone to see how long it can go before the battery dies, (this will be done later in another review). The screen is crystal clear. Reception is impeccable and I live in a hard to reach service area where the "Envy" did not work very well. However, so far coverage is excellent. The music player is clear and very loud when using a headset. The TV is better than a novelty seeing how you get 8 channels of the shows most of us watch. VZW has reserved 20 channels so in the future there will be some more awesome channels available. (rumor has it that perhaps a movie channel or 2) The price is very reasonable.... 5 channels, $13.00 , All 8 current channels, $15.00 or full Vcast and Vcast TV is only $25.00.

The phone doesn't feel heavy or oversized. Just slightly larger than the chocolate but no more problems with the touch sensor...

Just a few issues though... the camera is lacking and figure that LG would have put in a better resolution. Bluetooth does not support stereo which is kinda strange... perhaps in the future a software patch will be available such as they did with the chocolate to fix the "speaker" phone issue. The plastic holster is a good idea, except it is a pain to get it out.

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Apr 10, 2007 by vinnyn

I bought this phone a week ago and i am very satisfied with it.The screen clarity is great the picture is very clear also the tv is great.I have had no problems the menu is user friendly and the phone is lots of fun and has many options in its menu so if you go buy this phone its worth every dollar

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Flippin awesome...... LG remains king.


Jun 13, 2007 by nophonee

I have had this phone for a couple months now and am very happy overall with its performance. The new form factor introduced by LG is intuitive and very sleek.
In comparison to other devices I have owned the LG 8600, and the Motorola E815, but prefer the 9400 over both.

Let's get to what you really wanna read....


Incredible QVGA screen size and resolution

Sleek form factor

Solid overall feel including screen spring

Phone is well weighted and texting is painless

Great battery life

Great phone reception strength

Excellent call quality

Mobile TV service is flawless in signal area

Attractive menu system (read cons)

Cons: (i'm being really picky here)

LG menu system could be a little faster and more profile options (2 choices offered)

Keypad is a little cramped but very usable (much better than the chocolates by comparison)

Have had problems with speakerphone giving feedback (probably just a software fix)

Overall I am a very happy camper with this phone in my pack. I can't say enough good things about LG. Other than the chocolate i would recommend buying any of their phones (8300, 8600, 8700, env) as between my brother and I we have used and been overly satisfied with them all.

In short, get this phone, you'll be flippin satisfied.

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Apr 2, 2007 by Pashta

1)Dedicated headset jack, instead of a combination charging port/headset jack thing.

2)Speakerphone! Yay!

3)Better weight distribution, specifically when compared to the 8500. This makes text messaging with one hand MUCH easier.

4)Gorgeous screen. Probably due to the fact that it is made for MobileTV, but I do not care about that. Its amazingly brilliant and BIG.

5)Great sound quality, again probably because of the MobileTV thing, and again I do not care. My MP3's and calls sound better, so goody for me!

6)no touch sensitive kepads. I know some people enjoy that, but I did not in the end, and I am much happier having a button that I can feel engaging, rather than tapping my fingertip multiple times to get the phone to respond.

7)Speakerphone. I did not realize how much I would miss it until it was gone, and I am glad to have it back.

8)Size. Some people think its too large, but I like a more substantial phone in my hand. I like a phone that feels a big more real, and less like a tinker toy. This phone is bigger, yes, and weightier, definitely, but I can't say that it bothers me one bit. In fact, and obviously, I see this as a benefit.


1) short-ish battery life. The phone is a week old, and the battery only lasts a couple days. I don't really care though, as I am never very far away from a charger. Its certainly not a reason for me to return the phone. More of a minor annoyance to me than a con, but thats a personal opinion only.

This phone is a treat to use, a delight to look at. The camera I think is great, it has the ability to record one hour of streaming video on the camcorder, MP3's sound good, voice calls sound good, and everything is as it should be. I highly recommend this phone to anyone wanting something fully loaded, and a little larger than the rest.

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Wow.. Just Wow.


Jun 12, 2007 by prominence

I've had this phone for a couple days now, and I was hesitant to switch from my Motorola E815 because of the great reception and volume.

However, I am not disappointed at all. I wanted something that i didn't have to open to view text messages, and this phone is PERFECT! So beautiful, wonderful speakerphone, wonderful buttons, auto-lock in your pocket. Software is bug-free. Reception is great, if not better than Motorola's E815 which is known for it's reception...

As long as you have a person in your contacts, you don't have to open the phone to dial out and make a call. And if you do, it's not a big issue-- the flip is smooth and natural. Some clam shells feel like they'll break when you flip them open, but this phone has perfect calibration.

I'm pretty happy with this phone, it's so much easier and faster to text message than with a clam shell style and probably the fastest you will be able to text on a non-QWERTY phone. It's sleek, slender, and in style. It turns heads when you use it and flip it.

The twirl is great and sturdy. My only concern was that the screen would scratch easily, and I fixed that by simply adding a screen cover that was originally for a palm pilot screen and cut to fit the LG screen size.

For only $100 with a $50-mail-in-rebate, this phone was definitely worth it for another two years with the great service Verizon offers!

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