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best phone I ever had for doing what it supposed to do right


Oct 6, 2007 by iwasthetas

if you want a phone that does what its supposed to do and does it right this is a good choice.
call quality and volume via earpiece, speakerphone and bluetooth:excellent on all 3 bluetooth range and clarity are beyond 10 meters, speakerphoe works well at 6+'ad I keep earpiece on med at most
lots of bells and whistles: excellent again. stereo bluetooth that works right, 60 meg internal memory, ESPN MVP now, ability to add 4 gig card, live tv , vcast vids that can be listened to via bluetooth along with all the other neat features.
battery life is above acceptable.dont need a battery to last all month but live and work in a low reception area. standard last 3 days, extended all week. I use my phone a lot for music, calls, texts, vids etc. its only idle after bed time
texting took a few days to acclimate but is now easy and can be done without looking. I use contacts or just dial # and press options instead of the gazzillion step method vzws ui entails or when responding if the phone is closed & locked it stays up till I press end or respond to text.
camera takes very natural and sharp pics.
screen is HUGE for a cellphone, making dialing and text reading easier on older eyes and is as sharp and clear as any out there.
the music player works right and sounds better than any of my previous phone players and NO touch sensitive buttons. I hate them, they never last long before messing up.
I like the LG theme vs the vzw theme and the lag time is not as long as on most pre flash phones
to me the bottom line was this; I want a quality phone first but since all the toys now come with them I want the toys to work right too and found it with the LG 9400. I didnt think LG made a quality phone since the 4400 and had given up on them until this one. Ive been disapointed or worse with every one in between the 4400 and 9400.
Im stuck on Verizon and am glad they have finally come out with another phone that works as well as the Samsung a930 but has more features

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Best reception and best screen


Sep 14, 2007 by jsleep

Two main points of praise. The reception and the screen.

I live in a trailer so it is essentially a tin box. Most phones get little or no reception through the metal structure. But the LG 9400 has a good signal all throughout the place. I often travel to Canada several miles across the Detroit River. I keep my phone on home only so that I don't roam. I can actually get a very short conversation or tons of texting without roaming.

The screen is quite something else. I am over 50 and use reading glasses everytime I have to read something, but the screen on the LG is so clear and the text is larger and I can squint and actually read the text.

The only complaints that I have are that the screen face can scratch easily, the battery loses charge quickly, and the voice command program seems to be a little buggy.

All in all it is a great little phone....

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Overall Pretty Cool


Sep 8, 2007 by JG4LG

Cons; Awkward placement for the directional pad,send & end . Glitch prone. Weak vibrate. Pros; The swivel is awesome/eyecatching. The screen huge & crystal clear. I actually like some of the stock ringtones.When you're viewing a picture You've taken,hit potions. The edit option #7 is really cool because you can save the edited picture

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An Important, But Partial Review


Aug 20, 2007 by Skeptic

I've had the LG VX9400 (website purchase from Verizon Wireless, VznW) for ~18 hrs (!)

This is an initial, partial review, to be completed when possible, which means that VznW now has my phone.

Generally, can echo other users experiences of "subpar" (I'm being kind) customer service with VznW, and VznW's intentional subverting of phone features that manufacturers worked hard to incorporate.

In particular (desiring to view, from the VX9400's MicroSD card, owned movies properly ripped from legal DVDs), I properly inserted a SanDisk 4GB MicroSD "HC" card. Such "testing" being my custom with newly received hardware, I immediately tried to release the card. The card would travel in a mm or two, which is approriate for pre-release, return to neutral position, but would not release (not "pop-out").

Apparently not on Phonescoop, but somewhat similar problems have been cited in reviews elsewhere. Here, I can provide detail not available elsewhere.

(Insert here 5 hr 35 min of watching VznW personnel (mis)handling the phone in numerous unsuccessful attempts to solve the problem.)

Let me summarize my own observations. The card (and additional, identitical cards) will not release from the phone. Non-HC cards (SanDisk, 1 and 2GB) do release from the phone. The card will release from non-LG phones, as do the 1 and 2GB cards.

On other review sites, it is suggested that the card (because it's HC?) is slightly larger than non-HC cards. But non-LG phones can handle the card. The VX9400 cannot. Are LG MicroSD slots slightly too small in design/manufacture?

This problem has also been presented to LG; I'll repost when they respond.

The full phone rating is because innocence is presumed until guilt is proven.

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Cool Phone, I hope


Aug 15, 2007 by fuki

Okay lets start off by me saying that I have had nothing but Motorola phones for the last 12 years. Now I am venturing into a new realm for me with the LG VX9400. I have had the phone for only 3 weeks and am currently very impressed.

Mobile TV (Cool Factor)
Landscape mode for Mobile Web
Sound Clarity
Video record greater than 15 sec clips

Speaker phone sound quality is poor
No matter where you put the phone next to your head it always get stuff on screen
No zoom in camera mode
Internal antenna seems to be where you hold the phone
I keep accidentally pushing the speaker button

It seems like the weak point on is going to be the rotating screen. That is I hope this phone lasts until my next phone upgrade.. . I hope

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2yr commitment


Aug 11, 2007 by TroyH

Well I was looking for a phone that would be a solid performer for the next two years, I'm on my 30 day worry free guarantee and I first had the 8550 which was a great phone but would not keep my interest for two years and wasn't that sturdy. I had 5 because of issues with the 8550, and the 9400 was my solution.

o Nice display
o Camera takes nice pics and has a flash
o Swivel design is eye catching
o text messaging is simple
o Dual time zone clock
o Mobile T.V and music phone
o Great reception

o Cannot assign tones to caller groups such as friends, family and so on...
o VZW music interface should be more user friendly

O.K I might be a little picky but I still gave it five stars because the the pros out weigh the the cons by far.

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This is one cool phone


Aug 10, 2007 by hobtera

Great phone! For one thing the design is unique and just gorgeous! Everyone keeps asking me where I got it!

The swivel is fun and yet sturdy.
Display is gorgeous, very nice and clear
Sound is nice and clear
Battery life is great
Camera is nice although it could be better since everything else is top notch on this phone!

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LG VX 9400


Jun 24, 2007 by kayla211

I absolutely LOVE the look of this phone. I waited forever to get it, and when i went to the verizon store, the lady tried talking me out of it hard core. She told me the screen was easy to break and was the only screen on the phone (due to design) and that was a con. She was also trying to tell me the swivel would get very annoying for 2 years. She was telling me ppl were bringing the phone back constantly for glitches...

My experiences after a day.
-still LOVE the look.
-Screen is GORGEOUS and very big. Def. Pro!
-can read txts without opening..
-Call phonebook or recent called w/o opening.

-Camera is kinda shitty
(dont like the fact that you cant see yourself when taking it)
- if your a txter Beware!! The only thing i really dont like about this phone is that the keys are SO small.. its hard to txt... really gotta get used to.
- Cant change much for the displays.. 2 settings
- Very annoying to talk on when swivel is up.. But cool cuz you can flip it down and talk anyways.

Well thats all i can think of...

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Great phone but no battery life


Jun 22, 2007 by hammey22

Tried two separate devices, two different software versions and had the same result....no battery life what-so-ever. Minneapolis user with previous VZW phone LG VX8300. Comparing the 2 phones the 8300 with 20 minutes talk time plus 30+ txt messages per day would last 3-4 days prior to needing a charge. The 9400 would last no more than 1.5 days. The specs list 19 days of stand-by and 4 hours of talk time. Now I am no fool to have expected that, but c'mon I want to see at least a couple of days before it dies.

Pros- are exactly what everyone else has listed, everything about this phone was nice. The display was fantastic, the TV feature was crisp and clear although the programming was somewhat limited, signal strength was very good and the ear piece volume was excellent. If VZW can figure out the battery I would get this again in a heartbeat.

Cons- other than battery life there were none.

Result was that I took the phone back and at the advise of the VZW Rep I got an 8700 which I like quite a bit. If you don't mind charging your phone each and every day then get the 9400, but if you expect some semblance of battery performance look elsewhere. I would suggest either the 8700 or from what I have heard from others would be the u740.

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Cannot get enough of this phone


Jun 19, 2007 by butsyn

Watching TV on this amazingly beautiful crisp and clear display is a real treat! Besides this awesome feature, everything else about his phone is top notch quality (see other reviews..)

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