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Not to bad BUT not to good


Jan 3, 2007 by Gojubill23

I'm comparing this phone to my previous Razr.

-1.3 mega-pixel camera
-video camera is nice
-music player

-no ring and vibrate at same time
-can't transfer MP3's from computer to phone, have to purchase from TMobile
-limited and LAME text msg ringtones
-cant change soft keys
-camera hesitates for about 2 seconds before taking picture

I'm thinking of returning phone for refund and going back to my Razr, don't know for sure yet.



Dec 19, 2006 by KingJohn405

I am a new t-mobile customer and i have been checking out all the phones they offer and the prices. I have always had flip or candy bar phone, but never had a slider. This is my first slider phone for t-mobile and so far it has been really great.

*Good/bright colorful display
*MP3 and expandable memory card.
*clear call quality
*Good signal reception
*nice slider feature
*1.3 megapixel

-cant have both vibrate and ringer on at same time.
-kind of slow internet connection.
-slider ringer kind of annoying, but can be shut off.
- flushed keypad.

So far i had this phone for a week now and i really like it. It has given me no problems and it has showed me a good impression. No problems so far, but we'll see..I do recommend this product for people who like a good call quality with the extra features.

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May Be The Best T-Mobile Phone Available!


Dec 18, 2006 by enycertifiedg


> The Blue tooth is excellent.
> The camera is pretty good.
> The display is great.
> The browser is faster than the SK3!
> The signal is above average.
> The phone is myfaves compatible enough said.
> The sim card and the phone can store all numbers at once.
> You can customize ring tones w/ a micro sd chip.

> Speaker Phone is not that good.
> You can't customize the soft keys to your liking.

Overall the phone is pretty good and it has nice features. I would recommend to anyone to buy, it's very nice and stylish.

Nice Phone So Far


Sep 29, 2006 by infoman

Just received the phone 3 days ago. First impressions are pretty good. Build quality is very good, display is stunning, and the voice recognition is something Samsung finally added. The weak points are the low volume when using the speaker phone and MP3 player. No included TransFlash memory, or data cable. You can't upload Mp3's directly to the phone, they must be loaded to Memory card. So your out of luck unless you spend another 30 bucks or so. Reception and voice quality are excellent and the Bluetooth works flawlessly in all modes including voice recognition. The unit lacks a variety of ring options, (e.g vibe and ring, vibe then ring, etc.) Battery life is NOT great but OK.

Great Reception and Voice Quality
Voice Recognition and Voice notes are great.
Bluetooth is flawless.
Excellent Display, keyboard, and user interface.

No Transflash included.
Low speaker phone volume.
Annoying low to high ringtones. Starts soft and gets louder.
Lacks the variety of ring options that Motorola otherwise gives you.

So far I am very pleased with this upgrade and it is one of Samsungs best phones till date.

Great Phone So Far


Sep 21, 2006 by amb2244

This is a great phone!....so far. It looks much nicer in person than on the website. It has a beautiful chrome finish around the inside of the display and the screen is bright and crisp. It is incredibly lightweight and slim....much lighter than Cingular's Samsung D807 or even the Razor.
I just got mine today and I am very happy. The reception and sound quality seem to be very good. The phone doesn't hesitate when you go through the menu or when you slide it up and down. All in all, very good.

629 A


Jul 29, 2007 by Snodog

The Samsung 629 is one of the better phones i have owned. I currently own two phones and one of them is the LG VX8550 from Verizon. One thing that i have noticed about the phone that i would have normally over looked if i didnt own another slider is the fact that the slider is unusually durable. I will sit at work and slid it up and down all day and not once have i noticed it getting loose. It has the generic left, right, up, and down keys with the OJ key in the middle, the two soft keys upper right and upper left and the send and end keys on the front of the phone. People have told me that they enjoy using the phone when it is closed, but i would much rather open my phone getting me into the habit that, when it is closed, its safe from me pushing buttons when its tucked away in my pocket. The 629 has decent screen resolution and easy to use menus. It also offers a menu item where you can look into all the folders you have for quick access to all of your files so you don't have to go wading through menu after menu to find what you want.

Sleek slider design
Easy to read screen
Changeable text size
1.3 mpx camera
MP3 player
Expandable memory
Good Battery life
Easy to access files
Auto locking keys when closed
Easy to use menus

Main screen outside (easer to scratch)
Flat keys (harder for texting)
Limited memory on phone itself
Not to pleased with the ring tone selection

Hopes this helps!!

Owned the T629 for 2 Months - very happy


Feb 7, 2007 by daveNYC2000

- Small and light
- Good battery life
- Nice graphic interface
- MP3 player
- Handy to take videos and pics on a whim
- Good PC-Phone link software (free download)
- SD Memory chip
- Bright screen
- Works in Europe and elsewhere

- no ring/vibrate option
- sound quality a bit "tinny" compared to my last phone
- USB cable is pricey
- Screen stays lit during charge (it can be used as a flashlight!)

I'm very happy with this phone. I wanted something that had a smaller size and a snazzy design that would work in Europe. I have my plan thru T-Mobile. Got the phone for free after $50 rebate.

Nice Phone


Sep 29, 2006 by Arg

I picked this phone up a couple of days ago and it blows my e-335 away. The camera is fairly good, the screen is brilliant, and the I.M. is great. The keypad looks completely bad, but it is not in any respect. The menu system is a great improvement for Samsung. The slide's spring assist makes opening the phone simple. The only complaints that I care to share are the discusting battery life and the about of fingerprints it picks up.

-Great screen
-Awesome design
-Fun to use
-Software is good
-Call quality is quite good

-Battery stinks
-Screen is very reflective

Cool, butnot better then the 809


Sep 20, 2006 by TradeMark_310

This phone rocks, but isn't differant then the 809

Mediocre at best


Aug 12, 2007 by 70ss454_man

Had the phone for about 3 months. at first I was ranting and raving about it...until i started to notice cheapness. The slider became loose and very rattly very quickly. Some of the skin doesnt seem to be glued down well, it already creaks and shifts. My sister's D809 is awesome and so much better built. Reeks of quality, while this one is cheep feeling and costs MORE.

-great INITIAL quality
-very easy to use
-great texting, my favorite by far with one gripe, it doesnt remember words worth a hoot.
-biiig screen
-clear screen

-Bad battery life, I was at about 2.5 days max before I got another phone
-cant set songs as text tones which is so retarded i wanted to shoot myself
-slider gets very loose
-IT WILL NOT RECOGNIZE A NUMBER UNLESS THE AREA CODE IS ENTERED. this is the ONLY phone EVER that does that. so annoying.
-no vibe AND ring option. once again the ONLY phone now days that doesnt do that
-keys backlight reek of cheapness, bland and dull green
-fast text input, but bad program. doesnt remember words or letters
-center button doesnt go to the menu
-no option to NOT lock the keypad when its closed
-menus are not customizable

overall its an OK phone for an adult who goes easy on phones and stuff, but for a teenager this phone just wont last.

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