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VERY nice but - waazup w/ the screen?


Oct 13, 2006 by johnnguyen

This replaces a Samsung A900 and T809 which I really liked. All the features are upgraded from the T809.

I appreciate that you don't have to switch between modem and USB mode in order to access the contact data as well as the micro SD card. Once you plug in the cable, both are available- very nice.

The spring assisted slider is a welcome upgrade.

The buttons on the slider are more raised than the T809 making navigation easier.

The titanium casing is really sharp- classier than any black I've seen.

I've had consistently good reception with all Samsung phones on TMobile.

This phone also has voice recognition- this is a REALLY nice feature to have when you drive alot.

My ONLY 2 complaints:
1. The T809 and A900 has a 240x320 screen, the most beautiful screens I have ever seen on ANY phone. The T629 has only 176x220. The screen is nice but nowhere near as nice as my previous Sammys. This is a downgrade.

2. The A900 has a phone book where you can enter comma's for 1sec pauses in dialing. This is sorely missed in the T629. Conference calling and entering menu choices cannot be pre-programmed in. I don't see a reason to not include this feature in the dialing string.

What I would change:
1. The sides of the slider should not be smooth. It should have ridges so you can use your thumb to push up the slider instead of getting your prints on the screen.

2. Put back the 240x320 screen (make all RAZR owners jealous again).

3. Add commas (1sec pauses) to phone number entries.

I love the phone but battery sucks


Oct 11, 2006 by kcsen

I love this phone. Very slim. nice camera too. I bought 2 for my wife and myself. However, the battery is suck! It claims to be 8.3 days for Standby, but my wife's and mine could only achieve not more than 4 days for Standby time (No talktime used at all). The lousiest cell phone standby time I ever had on my phones. I basically have to recharge it every 2-3 days so that I don't run out of battery.

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Best T-Mobile phone - Love it!


Oct 10, 2006 by reylflores

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it! great reception, I hear callers loud and clear. Battery life is excellent, it keeps going and going after playing with it all day. Music sounds great all you have to do is drag and drop MP3's to the memory card via computer.

Large sharp screen
Great MP3 player
excellent reception
fast Edge for viewing websites

Does not include stereo headphones
camera pics not soo good indoors

I would recommend this phone over the boring Razr. Beats it hands down in ever way. Absolutely can't get enough of it, Great Samsung phone, go out and get one.

Sharp Phone (Part I)


Oct 1, 2006 by Eclipse

The t629 looked dull on the T-Mobile website. But once I opened the package, I knew it was a sharp phone. It has an sleek design and looks like u had a titanium phone. It matches my Swatch watch. lol.


-Small and lightweight.
-Great Reception. Although, when I was calling shops with land lines inside a mall, I could hear sutter noise from their background. So, background sounds tend to cut off. Also, sometime I could hear myself talking. I really don't know if that is a problem.
-MP3 player is OK... Nothing can be above 192 kps bit rate. BUT... See next pro.
-Music Player allows you to seek song. It also has different equalizer and song options (such as play over, play list again, etc.)
-Vioce Notes are very nice and handy. Also you can set those notes as ringtone and such.
-Picture IG and Ringer ID work very nice.
-Nice big screen. Althought it picks up fingerprints as a window in a kindergarden.
-Slider works very smoothly. You are able to use one-handed.
-Very helpful icons on main scree. They tell you what is going on on the phone. Missed calls and messages, Bluetooth, Alarms, etc.
-IM is very functional.
-Nice overall design of the menu. Looks very neat and cool.
-Speakerphone is very clear.
-Music sounds clear.
-You can download Samsung Studio Software for free on Samsung Website. (Also, read a CON regarding this.)
-When dialing a number, the numbers appear on the screen in a hug e font size, and you can choose for the phone to "say" the numbers.
-Camera is OK. But again, why so much emphasis on phone cameras where there are now 13.2 MP cameras... And you can download pics into the phone...
-Affordable: $150 with a contract with T-Mobile and after a $50 mail-in-rebate.

Now, the dark side...

-Very small arrow-pad... Down arrow very close to C key that deletes text.
-Number keyboard can be uncomfortable...

Best T-Mo Phone available


Sep 21, 2006 by blaine136

The phone works well and offers great features. I was using a V3i before this and liked that phone as well (mainly because I could take music with me, but I was tired of having to use iTunes to load music (very slow and has a song limit 100). This is much easier - just pop the SD card into you computer and drag the music over, easy and quick, plus no limit.

- Great camera for a phone
- Music player
- Looks great
- Speaker (music) sounds fine for a phone
- Can get up to 2GB cards - lots of music and pics
- Size (Comparable to RAZR)
- Slide feature much easier to open with one hand than a flip phone

- Only offers two profiles instead of 5 like the Moto's
- Does not come with a memory card $
- Does not come with a stereo head set (which in my case was fine because I have a stereo bluetooth headset - answers calls and plays music)

Overall I would rate this phine a 4.5. By far the best phone that is offered by T-Mo.

Love It Keeping It


Dec 16, 2006 by Tmobileluver

Hello There,
I have had the samsung t629 for awhile and i absolutely love it! The Bluetooth is fantastic, photo and camera and MP3 player omg. It is life your communication life in one phone. Awesome battery and awesome coverage. (All Over NY).
I really cant complain!
I have a point system. 0-10; + or -
1= Bluetooh Works Great 10++++
2= Memory 21MB and more w/ Sd Slot 10+++++
3= 49.99 with 2yr contract 8
4= Mp3= AWESOME DUDE 10++++
5= Camera/ Video Perfect 10++++
6= Airplane Mode 10++++++++++ Travel Alot
7= Organizer 10++
8= 1000 Contacts=250 fr/ Sim= 1250= 10+++
9= Custom Ringtones
10=Alot more 10++++++++++

Now there is only one con:
- Speakerphone is weak but takes awhile (2+ months to warm up. -10

So i have compared it to the:
Nokia 6103
Nokia 3220
Samsung SGH-T509
Samsung SGH-T319
Motorola V180/188
Ssamsung SGH-E105
A Ipod

So Believe me if you want a phone to love but will wait for the speaker phone then you will want this baby=the phone ;-)

Yeah I just got this phone...


Oct 19, 2007 by public_affection

Yeah I just got this phone back in Aug. I noticed alot of things when switching from my old Samsung E335 to this Samsung. Overall I think Samsung's are troopers, anyways the pro's and con's of the phone.

Bigger screen
Has more memory-Micro SD slot
Has more features-loving the bluetooth
Takes good pics
Able to acces menu while on a call
Phone is very easy to use
Very nice slider phone

Camera lags
Screen is exposed but as long as you put a protective covering on it, it is fine.
Speaker phone not loud
Hard to hear with regular ear piece as well.
Keypad is stiff and takes getting used to
Phone has turned off once or twice since I got it
Phone does not get a lot of good service it seems like to me
When text messaging phone does have probs with letting some messages get sent even with signal and it will not let you cancel sending.
Phone does not have option to turn camera shutter sound off, just like my old phone.

Overall this phone is pretty decent it does its job for my messaging needs and my calling, I just think I would have been better off just buying me a PDA though b/c it would have been something more enjoyable, but hey as long as you take care of it and just use it for the basics its fine.

Seems Okay to Me


Oct 14, 2007 by hospo

So far, I have very little to complain about with this phone. I got it as a trade in for problems I had with my Razr. I went through 4 of them in a few months and I had the choice of getting yet another one, or this one. I opted for the T629. I've had the phone for about a week or two now & I have to say, I'm much happier with this phone than I was with the Razr.

Everyone says there is no option for vibrate and ring. There is on mine...I don't know why no one is finding it. The problem with this option though is that it will vibrate a few times, then ring a few times. It will do both, just not simultaneously.

Then there's the camera. I have to say, for a 1.3 mp, I'm disappointed. It's not good at all.

Lastly, the MP3s. The speaker is bad and you can't set them as ringtones. Let me rephrase that. You can, just not without going through a HUGE hassel.

Other than those few things, the phone is great! I have just as good reception as any Nokia I've had, and WAY better reception than any Moto I've had. For the first time ever, I have bars in my house!

Overall, this is a great phone. The features are somewhat lacking, but hey...it's a phone. All the rest of the features are just icing on the cake.

Battery Life has not been NICE


May 15, 2007 by zoranaw

I loved this phone when I initially got it. But after the first 4 days, I noticed that my battery life would last at most a couple of hours. I switched this phone out over 5 times and still the same problem with the battery life.

All the other features are great, but the battery life is horrible.

I probably just don't like branded phones


Jan 6, 2007 by Styme001

The phone is nice..it's not great. It's very stylish and "new-looking." I'm comparing it to my e730, which I still have and love and still use as my primary phone. I'm sorry if the following list of Cons out-number the Pros:

~Very stylish
~Expandable memory-microSD slot
~Screen is very bright
~Microphone is better/cleaer when on speakerphone- i.e. the person on the other line can hear you better
~MP3 player seems to be clearer/stronger when using head phones-I bought an adaptor so I can use regular headphones
~Bluetooth file transfer is simple

~Speakerphone speaker isn't so clear AND it's on the back so when I put it down it muffles the person..always need to prop it up.
~slider is annoying..fingerprints on screen..and if the keys aren't locked and you go to slide it up, you will activate the camera..so annoying!
~same port for both headphones and charger..can't charge while I'm listening to my MP3s
~the soft keys are fixed..can't change them...When do I ever use T-Zones?!?!? Never..so the button will go unused forever.
~can't use full length mp3s as ringtones..that's a PITA to get an mp3 slicer to truncate the song..or you can only use the ones you download off T-Zones..blah.
~no flash on camera
~BIGGEST pet peeve..the keyboard is not good for a texter..the top slider gets in the way of the 123 keys and the lip at the bottom for the *0# keys..and the keys are somewhat non-distinct. took a lot of getting used to when using it for 2 days...then I went back to my e730. I just wish it were in better condition.

I'm keeping the t829 as my back-up phone...I have my 1GB microSD card and I'm gonna upload a buncha songs on it and use this phone if I go on trips or somewhere where I'll get bored and need something to occupy my time with some music.

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