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wasted money


Dec 9, 2007 by upton817

it was fun...til the screen broke. paid out the yin yang to get it fixed and the screen broke again....even with the brand new case! the screen is important and shouldve been built with better protection for the price you pay.

Sleek but too subtle


Nov 18, 2007 by automatic

as of 11/07, this phone is offered free.
-sleek looks
-slide feels natural
-attractive samsung interface

-mic isn't the best
-internal antenna isn't the best for reception
-the tools i.e. calendar, calculator feel like they're missing some element

Like the well dress shy girl in the room, this phone deserves a look but doesn't stick out.

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I'm returning this phone tomorrow


Jun 28, 2007 by nautprin

I got this phone to replace my sidekick 3 (which, i also wouldn't recommend). The phone looks nice and is a good size and the battery life is great, especially to me after having a sidekick that lasted 12 hours.

But this phone has dropped almost every called I've made in the past week. That is really my main complaint besides the fact that you cannot set your own ringer for text messages, you have to choose from 4 presets and i cannot figure out if the camera has a flash or not.

i wouldn't recommend this phone at all, i'm taking it back tomorrow for something that i can actually communicate on.

gaming issues


Jun 25, 2007 by jw1024

Good phone w/lots of pros, but one major con I don't understand:

Is it possible to pause a game in the middle of gameplay and use the phone or just leave it and come back to the game or do you have to exit out every time? I've had Motorolas for years and you could pause the game at any time and pick it up later.

wast of money


Jun 24, 2007 by BiG bLaCk

when i first got the phone i was so happy. but after a while the camera got worst and their wasn't as much features as i thought. the speaker and the mp3 songs are low. and it just overall sucks.

Very Attractive Phone


Jun 11, 2007 by mattingly

Huge, bright screen
Fast GUI (Not laggy like Motorola phones)
Sturdy phone (dropped several times on cement, just scratched a little)
Decent audio quality
Fast mobile Internet (3G)

Slippery keypad
Not very ergonomic design
Freezes up occasionally
Mediocre camera
No Fast-Forward on mp3 player
TERRIBLE battery life
Confusing battery charger/headphone port
Screen gets fingerprints easily

This is a good, attractive phone. It looks better than it performs, but it is still a pretty nice phone. I'd say get it.

Nice phone, few probs


Apr 18, 2007 by NHCharmedOne

Ok I have had this phone since december, Love the fact it's a slider phone, was cool, one of the reasons I got it, other was mp3 player. I do think I might get something else, as i hate the restarting several times just to get signal back or be able to send a txt. But if not for those probs with this phone, It seems to be a very nice phone.

Pros: I love the screen, Samsung knows how to make a very clear crisp screen I will say that.... Mp3 player works rather nice for being a phone, I find it plenty loud enough, I just dont like the whole using headset with it, always feels like you're going to break the charger port lol The speakerphone seems (at least for me anyway) to be nice and loud.

This is an inbetween Pro/Con The speaker volume (handset, not speakerphone) when talking could be a little louder, I have had this same problem with other Samsungs, volume is up all the way, sometimes its plenty loud, other times, its like the volume is at 2 and not 5

Cons: Locks up aoften while sending sms msgs, always restarting cuz of that reason, also i lose the signal all the time, it will be full, then just flip out, up down up down, then i either loose it completely or i go into roaming, Thinking maybe my phone had bugs when i got it (was new) unless other also have same problem??? I cant think of anything else that gives me problems, but ya kinda need a signal to use the phone lol

Not a huge Con per say, but i hate the fact that the phone stays lit up while charging, I just think that's stupid lol Like what is the point other then taking some of the backlight's life lol



Apr 13, 2007 by danyel732

I have been dealing with Tmobile for about 3 years now.. I left Verizon for Tmobile because they were more reasonably priced with decent service... I started out with the Sidekick 2 which was fun and cute..but had no bluetooth and was bulky.. so i got tired and bought the Samsung t809 i loved that phone .. i still love it..loud speakerphone.. loud ringer.. easy to use... customization 2 fit to needs like changing the softkeys! But I dropped the t809 a thousand times, water damaged it (but it still worked) and the battery was also ruined.. so i was forced 2 purchase a new phone.. i wanted 2 stick with the same formula .. so hence the t629..

voice recognition
excellent bluetooth
great battery life
similar format to t809

can't customize soft keys.. i dont use tzones
keypad 2 flat. i feel i'm using a touch screen pad
no bass in the sounds.. my ringer sounds like the chipmunks!
usb software kit didn't come with purchase..Tmobile is being cheap!

Mac OS/X Dialup Networking


Apr 6, 2007 by emrecio

I have had this phone for two weeks. I was looking for the t509s but they didn't have that. Specifically, I needed a phone that I could pair up via bluetooth to my Macbook, and use the phone as an internet connection. I was hesitant to get this phone because I wasn't sure if the modem script for the t509s would work. (Download the modem script and see instructions here: http://timhatch.com/projects/t509-osx/ ). I can gladly say that the modem script works great on the t629 - make sure to get the 5.99 tzones plan added though.

I can't sync my address book but it doesn't really matter, all of my addresses are on the blackberry.

To upload a custom ringtone, it has to be about 30 seconds or less. I had a 2 minute song (theme song from the Prisoner), and had to cut it down.

I don't really talk on the phone, and for text'ing I just use the blackberry, so I can't vouch for those features. However, as a phone line for my computer, it works great!

Pissed at pictures


Mar 30, 2007 by phone LA

I bought the phone for the camera. I've had it for 3 months. The picture quality is mediocre. Pretty primitive for indoor shots. But what I'm really pissed at is getting the photos off the camera. I bought a 1 GB microSD card but the phone has trouble writing images onto the card! What good is a camera phone if you can't get the pictures off the phone??

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