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This is honestly the worst phone ever made!


Aug 20, 2004 by krystinwebber

Before I purchased my phone my sister had it. I thought it looked really cool and everything so when my mom said i could get a phone thats the one i wanted...luckily i got it very cheap.Unlike my sister who paid over a hundred for the stupid piece of crap. Anyways this phone honestly sucks...
me and my mom both have this phone so i'm just gonna list the pros and cons for both together

*Moms phone, phone must be kept charged or the battery dies. Does that sound reliable?
*My phone, ringtones don't work...i have to use it on vibrate, this leads to missing numerous amounts of calls.
*Ringtones arn't loud enough
*monophonic ringtones suck
*Too boxy
*Green light up screen isn't bright enough
*The button that disconnects from calls actually broke so i have to wait until the person from the other line hangs up, i can't hang up a call.
*Scratches very easily
*many dropped calls
*Friends complain that when they're on the phone with me they can hear EVERYTHING in the backround, the phone picks up too much around me and not me
*Service is very poor...i'll simply go one town over and i would have no service--that would be cingulars fault.....I DO NOT RECCOMEND CINGULAR TO ANYONE! PLEASE DON'T GET IT, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SO HORRIBLE AND THEY TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP!
*makes random annoying sounds for no reason...no way to turn them off, even if phone is on silent.

oh thats right there are none...realy i'm serious there are no pros for the phone

please please i'm begging of you dont believe what you read on any of these other reviews....this phone is so horrible and i guarantee you will be greatly disappoingted!

thank you for reading

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Dec 8, 2002 by jasiliki mc daniel

I have currently gotten this phone and i do like it a whole lot but there are a couple of gripes. i find it that when i go to press the number 5 key or the keys down the center of the phone those keys are a bit harder to press down. I also think that there should be an belt clip that comes with the phone initially because of the size of the phone . The leather case actually takes away from the look of the phone . I also think that the ring volume could be a little bit louder from other phones that I've had they have all had very loud ringers such as the new samsung by cingular and the nokia 3395........you know for those days and nights that you have the music up loud there is one other thing about this phone that i dislike is that fact that when it vibrates if you have it in the leather case you cant really feel it . but over all it as cool phone and has a lot of features for those of you who are into that sort of thing. I especially love the speaker phone attachment and also the downloadable ringer and the ability to remix them . And the data connectivity kit is also great. This phone is great for those who are into a whole lot of gadgets and INTERNET type people . One other thing is that it does have interchangeable face plates , but the down side to that is that the selection is not very wide like for the old nokia's but with time i think a lot of stores will come up with different ideas and selection of faceplates............ :~)

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Awesome little phone


Aug 23, 2002 by Duane McKinney

I just picked up this little gem yesterday and have been pleased ever since.

I have had small phone envy for quite some time and when I was ready for a phone upgrade I headed to my Cingular agent.

I had my mind set on getting the 3360 but the c331t caught my eye. It was smaller and lighter than the 3360. At first I didn't really care for the side grips on the phone. Once you get it in your hands you start to appreciate the anti-slip.

Featurewise this phone is packed. The menu's took me a while to get used to but now it's a flash.

The main drawback is the availiability of polyphonic ringtones. Too new for the US and I just don't trust the overseas websites to part with my credit card number.

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worst phone i ever had


Dec 13, 2002 by Steve Tarr

I have had a cell phone for about 4 years now, and this phone has the worst reception with the same plan and provider than any of the other ones i have ever owned. I'm not sure if its just a weak antenna or what, but I never had this problem with my nokia 3360. I'm going back to cingular tomorrow and getting another 3360 because this phone is garbage with fancy ringtones and a farting devil screen saver.

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This is one cool phone


Sep 11, 2002 by bob brown

I just absolutely LOVE this phone! The ringtones are loud and clear, battery life is good, and I get a great signal with this model (unlike the Nokia 3360 model i returned to Cingular to get this phone instead). The backlight is a bright greenish/yellow color that is very easy to see. I have different colored faceplates that are very easy to put on and off. I think the side grips are real cool- this phone fits perfect in your hand and feels real comfortable. Overall I dont really have complaints, except that you cant download the polyphonic ringtones, you can only download the monophonic ringtones, and those dont sound as good as the polyphonic. Overall I think this phone is the best value offered at Cingular for the money

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Great little phone!!


Aug 24, 2002 by Thomas Hosie

I just picked it up today @ Cingular small, but substantial to hold on to. Even though buttons are small, they are pretty easy to use (I don't have huge hands though)

*Better ring-tones ("Polyphonic") have depth...
*Good display when not back-lit (and also when)
*Customizable (Face plates & side grips)

*Certain ringers that are just one sound are useless to me - for example "beep beep" - if u select that as a ring tone the phone when ringing won't go "beep-beep" (pause) "beep-beep" (pause)...
It just goes beep beep beep beep continuously.
*The "Select" key for the menu is the right "soft-key" - it would have been more intuitive for it to be the key in the center of the round ring/jog dial key. I'm getting used to it though.
*NO ALARM CLOCK!!!!!!!! :( :( I LOVED this feature on my ol' Nokia 5165 - it was great when u ended up at someones house or somewhere without an alarm clock. This has "events" (like a date book) you can set an alarm to, but it'll only ring the tone once and thats it. Definitely NOT enuff to wake u up :(
*Lack of accessories (But the phone *is* brand-new - so they'll pour out in no time I'm sure.
*If u send an email w/ the phone - you can't enter your own Subject line - it just sends as "mobile e-mail"
As of now, that's it - I haven't used it too much to decide much else. Signal wise has been fine so far.

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If only.....


Feb 24, 2005 by diane143

I love this phone but the reception is just not that good. :(

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Not very good.


Sep 23, 2004 by scrob

I've had this phone for almost two years. At first I liked it but over time (and not really a long time)reception became poor and the battery needed charges more often. My wife obtained the same phone at the same time and has the same problems.

Pro: Its small

Con: The phone just doesn't last over time. Also, does really poorly when there are outside noises close by or if it is windy.

Only one month left in my contract... Yeah!!

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it sucks


Dec 28, 2002 by TERESA KONG

i owned this phone for 2 weeks and i hated it every single day i had it.
the buttons were slow to respond and liked to stick. the ringtones suck. the only good thing about this phone is it's size. the menus weren't very well organized, and the screen is ugly.
i only recommend this phone if you don't care about the quality of your purchase

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Love it!


Aug 26, 2002 by Marty Holman

Just got one and I love it. The keypad lighting on this phone is awesome. There aren't any keys that are dim or overlit. The front and back cover come apart very easy and the side pieces are made of rubber which makes it easy to hold the phone. The clarity of voice is excellent and the ring tones are loud (I can hear it ring in my pocket). Best phone for the price on the market.

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