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This phone is horrid...


Jan 1, 2008 by Jeremian.Stanley

As many other posters have mentioned, this phone will experience random and lengthy "service outages". I had the phone for 8 months when it started being unable to send text messages or make outgoing calls. I have contacted T-Mobile 5 times about this issue and they recommend that you factory reset the phone once a day or whenever the error occurs. IMHO, this is a stupid policy and they should replace a defective phone. At one point I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there are days when supervisors are "unavailable" in a T-Mobile call center. I call shenanigans on that, what a blatant lie. I'm back to using my nearly 7 year old Nokia again until my contract expires and I can get a discounted rate on a better phone.

Was cheap to get
Very light
My first phone with T9 text input (I like this a lot)

Battery is a little anemic, I guess this is what you get when you go for a small phone
Random problems sending text messages or making outgoing calls

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This was my baby...


Dec 31, 2007 by smartidella

This was my baby...this phone was so cool. I loved everything about this phone...the ringtones, the wallpaper, the menu navigation, the quality with reception and the menu options.

menu navigation
menu options
text messaging

speaker phone is poor
camera is horrible...no night time shots at all..pics show up BLACK.

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Oct 29, 2007 by ktwilkie90

When i first got this phone, i loved it. But about 2 months after having it, it started acting up. it wouldn't let me answer ANY calls, it wouldn't send ANY text messages (and i text a lot, so it was very inconvenient for me!) so i called tmobile and i got a replacement phone. like my first samsung t619, it worked good for about two months, and now THIS one is acting up! thats TWO of the same phone that have had the SAME problems the signal is TERRIBLE in comparison to a nokia being used in the same household.

-small, sleek design
-camera takes decent pictures
-easy user interface

-rings could be louder
-service sucks!!!!!!!!!
-mine runs slow sometimes
-take sometimes 6 hours to get a text message through, sometimes NEVER
-doesn't let me answer calls all the time

i WOULD NOT recommend this phone to ANYONE, unless you want to have a crappy phone with crappy service and to get extremely frustrated with a phone! sometimes i just want to throw this phone at the wall! don't get this phone!

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Oct 20, 2007 by mrobin98

I will begin with my likes about this phone. It has not broken after many drops to the floor/pavement. It also has a nice aesthetic design.

What I dont like about this phone is that it is hard to navigate to where you want to go due to the very small "ok" button. It calls voice mail when I dont want it to. It drops calls. I hear my voice echoing on the other line 50% of the time. I just want to beat this phone on a hard surface (Im not a violent person).......

New phone here I come......

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Hate this phone


Sep 4, 2007 by shonda78

Maybe hate is a little harsh but talk about frustration. I got this phone for a my boyfriend for Fathers day and so far have 2 phones just stop working for no reason. We have the T-Mobil version. No one at T-Mobil knows why the damn thing wont work and they wont give us a different phone without using an upgrade. So here we are waiting for a replacement again after just sending one back 6 weeks ago.
If your looking for a phone DONT BUY THIS ONE!!!!
You'd be better off sending up smoke signals on a windy day if you need to communicate with someone.

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Nice phone, but some missing elements


Aug 8, 2007 by TripleJackInGA

Our company is switching from Cingular to T-Mobile, so I chose the T-619 for it's size, and (hopefully) durability, after seeing how delicate the Razr is when a colleague broke his.
Anywho, my old phone was a Motorola V557. It's about the same dimensions as the T-619, but almost twice as thick, and twice as heavy. Consequently, it seems like it is more durable than the T-619 will be, but that's speculation at this point.
The phone seems good, but there's a few features that the V557 has that the T-619 does not, that are simple, and Samsung should incorporate.
1) On the V557, you could set the Soft Keys to be whatever you wanted them to be. I had mine set to Recent Calls and Calculator. On the T-619, you cannot change them, and that's a shame.
2) On the T-619, you cannot set the phone to continuously display the time on the outer display, as the V557 does. Yes, you can hold down the volume key on the side to have it display, but you can't just glance at it.
3) You can't change from audible, to vibrating, or a combination of the two, ringing without opening the phone, like you can on the V557.

I scanned all through the user guide for the phone, and never even found where it tells you to hold the volume button down to get the external display to turn on, and ended up just seeing that here in a review, but none of the others found either.

Hopefully this will be a good phone, but my V557 took a pounding over a year and a half, including being stepped on several times, dropped repeatedly, etc..

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Nothing But Trouble


Jun 7, 2007 by erca705

I bought this phone in October and it has been nothing but trouble. When I got it the outside screen had a few spots on it that looked like dust, however, after three days this "dust" spread over the entire front screen to the point where I could barely see who was calling.

After sending that phone in and getting another one back, three months later the troubles really began.

Aside from the fact that the outside screen is miserable and you can't tell when you have a missed call or a message until you get the screen to light up by holding the side button for what seems like forever, the phone has many problems.

Both my boyfriend and I have the same phone, I have the T-Mobile version and he has the Cingular version and we both are having the same problems, so I know it's not just the service. Half the time I try to send a text message or make a phone call my phone won't allow me to do it despite having full service. As well, it drops calls constantly and often shuts off or restarts randomly. After trying approximately 35 times to make a phone, it's very exciting when the call finally goes through, however, 85% of the time the person on the other side of the phone can't hear me even though I can hear them perfectly fine.

So, if you like to compromise the quality of your phone calls for a sleek, light weight phone, then this is the perfect phone for you.

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May 13, 2007 by k9karma11

It is a good starting phone for any child... or for anyone who just want the basics in a cell-phone... It has a down fall though....When you record songs it doesnt come out the way it sounds through the music player

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An Overall Great Phone!


May 2, 2007 by missCV

When I received this phone in the mail, my face kind of lit up. It is a nice, small, compact and sleek looking phone. There were some things I learned to love about it, and also some things that went wrong...

-Camera & Video Recording (best camera yet...even better than the razor!)
-Organized Menues
-Text & Picture Messaging
-Good Reception
-Internet Capable
-Myfaves Capable
-Battery Life is Sufficient
-Cool Tones When the Phone Flips Open & Close
-It's Offered As A Free Phone @ T-Mobile.com!

-Can't use Mp3's as A Ringtone (I've tried many ways...you just have to buy them)
-No Picture ID
-Assigned Ringtones Sometimes Switches to Other Songs (why??)
-Feels Fragile
-When It Asked to Redial, the Screen Appeared to Malfunction (the 2nd day I had the phone!)

Overall, I upgraded from a prepaid phone and this Samsung is like heaven for me! If you're looking for a good and simple phone try this one! Besides, there are more pro's than con's...

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Good Enough


Apr 21, 2007 by pcjnyc

My biggest complain about this phone is that the exterior display is more or less a waste. It remains dark most of the time. Otherwise, it does its job adequately.

The sound quality is good. (Perhaps the poster who couldn't hear the caller accidentally pressed the volume down button on the left side of handset.) The interior display is excellent. The camera is OK. The Internet WAP connection is surprisingly fast. It is light, compact and has Bluetooth. Besides, it's free.

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