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This phone is junk


Dec 7, 2008 by SaraV

I am so frustrated with this phone. I had to find my phone from 4 years ago to use because this one constantly sends error messages.
It refuses to send text messages.
It drops calls.
It claims it can't find a signal when 4-5 bars are showing, and it's in a place where it's worked before.
The most disappointing part is that Tmobile didn't tell me about the warranty until after it expired. Then they said it was too bad it had expired, and I should go to
Wal-mart and purchase a prepaid phone that would work better. They admitted that they knew this phone has problems. Why didn't they recall the phone and send me a different one? It has been a complete disappointment.

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Good Starter Phone


Nov 10, 2008 by madhatter1

It's a decent phone, and I like it because it was my first phone. It's kept up for me through several drops (approx. 9) over 1 1/2 years.

Fits in any pocket
MP3 player has two nice Media Player-like screens
Large enough buttons for text messaging
Self-Take pictures

Easily scratches through strong case
Screen gets foggy
MP3's cannot be used as ringtones
Drops like an 8 year old (T-Mobile, Portland)
Videos only last 14 seconds on average
No USB cable
Puny memory-I only have 40 photos (7 MB), 24 videos (3), and some music (5), and it's telling me that I have no memory left when I try to get song from friend via Bluetooth
Forgotten Warrior will set you back at least a half an hour (Maybe that's a pro...)
Midnight Pool is only a demo (Carrier complaint)

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Would Not Reccomend


Oct 2, 2008 by dodobirds_kitty

*The phone hangs up randomly during a call. I will still have full service, but the call will be dropped.
*My calls won't connect at all sometimes when I have full service.
*My text messages will not send for up to a half hour sometimes. The phone will just keep asking, 'Retry?'
*When sending messages that are over two pages to people who do not have the same service provider (sometimes, even the same service provider), both pages will not be sent.
*You cannot choose a picture to put on the outside display screen.
*The closure for the charger outlet is really flimsy and breaks easily.
*Once you've taken a picture, you cannot resize or crop it unlike other Samsung models.
*The buttons on the outside of the phone are unable to lock resulting in pictures being taken at random.

*The phonebook holds e-mail addresses as well as 5 numbers per name.
*Each entry in the phonebook can have it's own ringtone and picture ID.
*The alarm function allows three alarms to be set at once.
*The calendar has settings for schedules, tasks, anniversaries, and miscellaneous. Alarms can also be set for certain days even months away.

I enjoyed my phone for the first little while that I had it, but I began to have trouble with sending text messages. A little while after that, my phone calls began to not go through and would get dropped at random.
I would strongly not recommend buying this phone.

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samsung t619


Sep 21, 2008 by rrruschman

This phone is a piece of junk. We got 3 of them at the same time, first of all my 2 sons had problems calling even with full bars. The phone would take up too two minutes to connect then would say network failure and then you would have to resend a text like 20 times for it to go through. This all happened after about a year. Now my is doing the same thing after about a year and half, very frustrating. I have seen that other people have the exact same symptoms, dont buy this phone even used or new cause it will do the same sooner or later.

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Samsung t619


Aug 2, 2008 by akawski

This phone worked out pretty well to a certain extent.

-fast menu; no loading like other phones
-basic and simple setup
-decent camera with 1.3 mgpx
-VERY durable and held up (my friend threw it really far and high and it landed on grass, and it was still on!)

-my phone is no longer reliable... i'm not sure if its because its been thrown and dropped so much, but half the time it never calls or text (the call never starts ringing and the texts keep asking "retry?") however, i have occasionally seen this case with a few other t-mobile phones.. it may be the service, and not the phone......?
-small inbox memory: fits just over 100 texts
-small picture memory: fits just over 50 photos
-extremely basic. no particularly fancy features

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Good phone missing all the benefits...


Jul 12, 2008 by sammy4455

So you have MP3 player.... No memory card slot.... You have 16MB of internal memory.... NOT ENOUGH....

The sound quality is low... The phone shuts off randomly if you don't turn it off for a few minutes a day.

I will admit DURABILITY is awesome!!! I was running and my phone went flying out of my pocked up the pavement about 30 ft.... All scratched up but hell it works...

The appearance of the phone I like. The keys' are easy to use and press....

Overall... It was nice to have but does not last 2 years... I got the Nokia 5310 now... I LOVE IT!!!! :O

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Jul 2, 2008 by badgirl69

It was a GREAT phone in the begging but after about a year its...well a piece of crap.

-can set mp3s as ringtone
-very easily set to vibrate
(hold down the # key)
-texting is very very simple
(im a huge texter...what 16 year old isnt00000000000000000)

-it shuts off by itself
-it takes about ten times to send a text
-even if i charge it all night and day by the end of the day it dies
-the camera quality has greatly decreased
-takes random pictures if in my pocket
-sometimes doesnt ring AT ALL
-drops almost all of my calls
-service is quite crappy even in my own home
-when i make calls sometimes it doesnt even make the call
-sometimes dont ever get texts...sometimes i dont get them till the next day

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a decent little phone...for a little while...


May 31, 2008 by getlovely

When I first got this phone, I was very happy with it. I wasn't looking for anything fancy to begin with, so I was pleased with it's basic features.
A few good things first:
-very sturdy!
-good connection for about a year
-sound quality of ringtones is superb
-good battery life

Now the not so good things:
-the camera quality isn't too great
-you can access the camera on the outside, so if I had it in my pocket, I would hear the camera taking random pictures of my pants every so often
-it's a hassle to switch it to vibrate because you have to go into the phone settings to turn it on and off.
-no usb

Here's what happened after about a year:
It all of a sudden became very temperamental and just plain didn't want to work anymore. I could dial out maybe 1 out of 5 times I tried. When it did work, it took forever for it to ring. I just about quit texting altogether because it took roughly 20 tries to send 1 message. My calls would also start randomly failing after 30 seconds of talk time. At first I thought it was just T-Mobile's network, but everyone else's T-Mobile phones were fine.

So anyway, I finally broke down and got a new phone and I don't miss my Samsung t619 in the least.

Like I said though, if you are looking for something very basic, this phone will do just fine. However, you will be disappointed in about a year or so...

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FATAL flaws (previously mentioned ones)


Mar 10, 2008 by BladeJrs

After reading what "stacysdad" wrote I had to come on here and back up the fatal flaws listed in the review.

"Now for the FATAL FLAWS.
1. Chooses not to connect calls sometimes. You dial, it says your calling, but no tone or connection.
2. Network Failure messages
3. Inconsistent text message success.
4. Drops calls no matter where you are at.

It is apparent that the problems with this phone are due to the phone, not the network. It worked fine for 10 months then one day it just stopped working. 1 out of 10 calls go through and text messages may take 20 trys before sending."

I thought when my phone did this, it was just a freak occurence, but evidently not. It's mind boggling to me how I had the EXACT same problems at the EXACT SAME TIME. 10 months into having my phone is when this all started, and basically what was just described is exactly what happens.

But, as for the first 10 months, I'd rate the phone atleast a 4 (assuming 5 = the perfect phone)

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good phone until it failed massively


Feb 10, 2008 by runaround

the review below has the basic gist of this.

I loved this phone when I first got it. Takes great pictures, always worked well, and once you figure out how, you could put quality ringtones on it.

Then about 9 or 10 months in the phone started messing up. It would take 10+ tries to send a text message or connect a call. Calls would drop out randomly. Finally my phone dropped so many calls that my mother made me start looking for a new phone. Just today it stopped working completely. I know this is not just my phone messing up, as my friend has the exact same model and is having the same problems.

Basically, it's a great phone if you want something short term and cheap until you can buy a better one.

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