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Krazy Over KRZR


Feb 14, 2007 by TWilson

First, thanks to prior KRZR reviewers who wrote about the $97 deal at Wal-Mart.

You should only buy this phone if you're looking for something small, sleek, with loud and clear reception, and tons of really nice features. I was so impressed, I sent my wife to Wal-Mart to get one for her, too.

Some of the basics: Reception is so much better than my old V-180 (Ft. Myers, FL); volume is clear and loud; enjoying my MP3 ringtones and .jpg photo ID's; ringing and speakerphone volume is loud and clear; camera and video take good pictures; Voice Dial feature works great, no need to use the keypad to dial numbers anymore; MicroSD (bought separately) gives lots of storage for MP3's and photos; and finally, it looks great!

Some Things I learned: 1) MicroSD is required for transferring files from PC to phone. Very easy to install, though. 2) Cingular offers a clear hard plastic snap-on cover ($19.95) made to fit the phone, and I like it very much. 3) Mini-USB cable does not come with the phone, but is the fastest way for transferring files from PC to phone.

• Loud and clear ringing and earpiece volume.
• Great reception.
• Phone is small and light, but very "holdable".
• Good camera and video quality.
• MP3 ringtones
• Voice Dial button works great -- just hit the button and say, "Dial xxx-xxxx"

• No headphone jack for listening to Audio Player. (Bluetooth stereo headsets not cheap)
• Camera can zoom, but it's a very clumsy process.
• Battery life is good, but not as good as I had expected.

Finally, a tip for all cellphone users who can create graphics: Make a graphic with 3 lines of text, centered up/down/left/right as follows: Line 1 - Your Name. Line 2 - If Found, Call. Line 3 - xxx-xxx-xxxx (a number where you can always be reached. Set this as your main screen. If you ever lose your phone, you'll have a much better chance of getting it back if people know how to contact you.

K1 vs L7


Jan 25, 2007 by TheNewATTchik

I've purchased this phone mainly because I've always liked the slim V3 design but the RAZR just was too wide and I didn't like its' feel. This is an upgrade to the SLVR I've had over a year and I am very pleased.

-EXCELLENT volume and clarity

- no need for searching for "perfect spot" to put against the ear to hear best

-a2dp bluetooth design, can pair with a
stereo bluetooth headset, also works with standard bluetooth headset and can be paired with computer for easy data transfer ( SLVR was not compatible for the bluetooth stereo headset)

- easy transition menus are almost identical

- mp3 player GREAT music quality

- just as previous motorola phones, menu screens can be customized as well as buttons for quick, easy access to frequently used applications

- take pics with top closed, camera can be turned on with flip top closed with the push of a button

-awesome pic quality at 2 megapixels ( much better than VGA on SLVR )

- feels tight and robust. nothing about this phone looks or feels "cheap"

- main display colors and fonts very sharp and clear

- fingerprints!!! even with a case to protect, needs lots of cleaning to keep it pretty

- UI to listen to music is very slow to access, however, once at playlists, easy to operate

-NOT compatible with iTunes format, has to be converted to MP3s ( SLVR had the iTunes compatibility )

-doesn't come with a data cable for transfer of songs ( SLVR came with one )

-doesn't come with a headset to listen to music even per the usb port ( the SLVR had one, even a converter from regular 2.5mm headsets to be used )

- data card for music / picture/data storage has to be purchased separately. At 59.99 for a 512 mb card, considering the phone already costs 369.99 without an agreement, should have it included ( SLVR did )

- data card goes under battery, so it has to be removed to change that memory card ( SLVR had a "side" access slot )

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KRZR K1 for Cingular


Jan 14, 2007 by jonesbm

I just bought this phone from Wal-Mart outright, and I'm glad I did! So far, so great! Here's what I think:


great screen

great size

solid construction (no creaks whatsoever)

loud earpiece & speakerphone volume

faster UI

great signal (Cingular - KY)

I like the mirror-blue finish...nice

extremely loud ringers/message alerts

lots of memory with external memory

2 mp camera

excellent video for a phone!


battery life for me so far hasn't been much better than on my previous V3i...somewhat better, but not much

2 mp camera doesn't have flash, but does do well in good lighting, almost as well as my 5 mp Samsung that I have honestly


If you can get past the price, even with a contract, get this phone! It's the most "solid" well-built phone that Cingular has come out with. Great mp3 player too (don't know why people don't like it!)



Oct 22, 2006 by D_Town

Got my phone recently and I really like it. It is slimmer than the RAZR but not thinner. But you won't care. This phone is packed with features and is very sexy.

Pros: Tons of features. Bluetooth. Speaker phone. MP3 ringers. Nice 2 MP camera (GMS version) Video Record, ability to add memory. Great looking.

Cons: Battery life You won't get past 2 days.(whats new?) Speaker phone and ringers not as loud as I would like, but good enough to buy phone. Finger prints..but still sexy!

Had to pay a preatty penny for it (unlocked for Cingular) but well worth it.I will have this phone for a long time.

Great Phone


Sep 16, 2006 by cmjars


1. Sound Quality
2. Features (love Google)
3. Design
4. Photo Quality


1. The flip has too much movement when closed
2. Button's are small
3. Wish grey or black were available in GSM

Other than that... buy it you won't be diappointed :)

KRZR K1 - Great Phone


Jan 28, 2007 by dwboston1

I've had the KRZR K1 (Cingular version) for a week now and I have to say it's the best phone I've ever had. It fixed all of the annoyances I had with the RAZR and added some great features.

-Reception: My house (near Boston) is in kind of a deadspot for Cingular. Where I routinely had "Call Failed" messages with my unlocked RAZR I now get 4-5 bars consistently with the KRZR. Call quality is much clearer as well.
-Bluetooth: Connects much quicker and more clearly to both my HS850 headset and the HandsFreeLink in my Acura. Also shows both signal strength and battery lefe remaining on the display in the car.
-MP3 player: Great sound quality; sounds as good or better than my Dell DJ 20.
-microSD: Accepts and can fully utilize a 2GB microSD card (unlike the Verizon K1m).
-Form Factor: Much more comfortable to hold and use than the RAZR.
-Miscellaneous: Airplane mode; Stereo Bluetooth; 2MP camera with multiple picture size options and 8x digital zoom; Scrolling marquees for phone #'s or menu items that extend beyond the right edge of the screen.

CONS: (very minor)
-No external media controls - need to open phone to switch songs with wired headphones.
-Internal screen smaller than RAZR (but same resolution)
-Front surface of phone when closed is a fingerprint magnet.
-Earpiece/speaker volume could be a little louder.

In all a truly awesome phone!

Fantastic phone


Jan 2, 2007 by rcc_rsa

I just got done using this phone for the last two weeks. I had used a razr in the past and found it similar. The size was perfect. Whether it was in my hand , jacket pocket, or pants pocket it fit great! The sound quality was awesome. I used a motorola HS850 headset. The biggest downside was the speaker phone, you can't close the phone and still stay connected. the buttons were responsive. I would purchase it in a heartbeat!
reception is great (as expected)
camera is amazing
downloads were fast!

speaker phone won't stay connected when closed
over priced!
navigating the music player was confusing and difficult with an A2DP headset

Its okay??


Apr 29, 2007 by billyscope

I have used alot of phones from alot of makers, I really hoped that Motorola would have made this phone the size of the razr.It has a good overall feel good feature ,my only real complaint is the voice recognition with bluetooth is probably one of the worst that I have ever used to date.I have many different bluetooth products,none of them work any better with the phone.Good phone but not what Its hyped up to be.



Oct 6, 2006 by Parrot

I dont know if you guys got the memo... but this phone brings the sexy back, in a big way!


- Sexy


- Too sexy



Sep 29, 2006 by knicker

personally I love this phone! I have had the razr and slvr and neither of them compared to this phone. The way it feels looks and maybe its just me but I am in california and the reception is alot better than any of the phones that I have gotten from cingular. Almost everywere my cingular phone didnt have reception the KRZR comes through. If you purchase this phone you wont be disappointed. I personaly am hard to please when it comes to cell phones and this one I have no complaints!!!!!!

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