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I like it


Nov 10, 2007 by ward

Enough with the fingerprint complaints already!!
It's got a sleek silver surface and it picks them up. Get over it!

Pros: LOUD Beautiful phone, turns heads.

cons: My only complaint is I havent seen a whole lot of accessories like replacement covers, ect

Several Issues


Nov 8, 2007 by axnxg

I wanted to like the phone, but it just kept freezing on me ever other day or so. Pretty frustrating. Perhaps I got a 'defective' phone. I was also very dissapointed in the user interface (both slow and outdated).

(att branded krzr)
build quality
sound qaulity was decent
decent battery life

Freezing up randomly
finger print magnet
Low feature set for the price
very outdated and slow user interface

Dispite my complaints I'ld probably given this phone a 4 if id didn't freeze on me so often.

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Thumbs up!


Oct 26, 2007 by digitol

Right away the difference between this phone and say the L7 slvr and razr is the screen is much improved. This slick little phone is stylish/sleek, and has enough horse-power to play videos comfortably. With a 2Gig flash-card you can surely load and play full-length movies on this phone if desired!

why the hype


Sep 10, 2007 by sms

I got it for just for fun.
Can't see why people rate it this high.

Signal - Very poor compared to all the phones I have used (am using) Nokia/SE.

Front Glass: Had one broken by kids .. not a very desirable thing if it breaks so easily

UI - not great .. maybe not even very good.

Access: The Sim card is under the memory card which is under the battery... really poor dumb thing to do.
On the same vein, the charger slot is USB .. and is covered .. nice for aesthetics, but I am sure the little rubber clip is GOING TO BREAK OFF one day .. and then it will look like a toothless fairy.

Very nice form factor .. nice phone to hold in hand. Available in a number of colors.
Comes with stereo ear-buds.
Comes with a usable memory card.
Camera appears to be much better than others.
Music player is so so.



Aug 10, 2007 by KRAZRcrazed6666

I love how it works and how it looks too!! my dad and mom helped me pay for this phone so I want to just say,THANK YOU!! i can indeed live with a small phone and I am always on the go and need a small but smart phone to come along plus I have TONS ND TONS of friends so I can add them all to this really kool contacts list!! and I was considering a kajeet phone but I found this one day and thought: way cool!! plus I love the blue color too it's my second favorite color!!
I hope this review comes in handy sometime!! :)

Good Phone for teens


Jul 24, 2007 by feecalmatter91

I think this is a good phone. i am a teen and i enjoy. i had second thoughts but as soon as i got it it was a good phonee to use.. Its really eeasy to use and looks Perfect! nothing really bad to say. Had it bout 2 weeks and everything has workd out fine for me. IT has a nice stylish look to it and definately beats the razr



Jul 18, 2007 by irradiatedflabber

ive been holding this phone for the last 48 hours!

the only problems i have encountered so far is that MIDway Dev tool (run from PC) is a paaiin to use, and regarding java applications i believe , out-of-the-box the phone is missing MMAPI for java apps wanting camera support. i still haven't managed to fix this (if anyone knows how please let me know)

and finally -
when the keypad backlight is lit, and i hold the chin of the phone (technically - the fat bit at the bottom) to my ear it sounds like a teeney tiney hair dryer revving away, is this an actual fault? should i be worried , i just didnt think phones made noises like CPU stacks-
obviously they do

Nice phone with good features, but not so solid phone


Apr 22, 2007 by sightedblind

I bought the KRZR K1 unlocked online. I have the black GSM version and used it with T-Mobile Worked fine for 3 months. Here is my review.

- Signal pretty good with T-Mobile. Got reception in most places
- Nice 2MP camera that turns out pretty good when developed
- Small form factor
- Able to install Java applications, such as Gmail and Opera Mini
- EDGE was pretty fast where I live
- Bluetooth was nice, especially with a stereo headset

- The screen broke over 3 months of use. I took good care of my phone and had it in a case. I recently took it out and cleaned it with Compressed Gas Duster (can of air) and the inner LCD screen came apart due to the lack of glue.
- Interface response rate is ok once you figure out how to make it keep up with what you're doing. For example, I learned that if I only had my contacts saved on SIM and told the phone to display both phone and SIM contacts, it would slow down the phonebook response dramatically. Every time you push the down arrow, the response lagged for a second later-not good if you have to go throw several contacts. So I told the phone to only display SIM contacts and that sped up the response rate a little faster.
- Not just KRZR but most Motorola phones and slow whenever you type a message. I can type "Hey how are you doing?" in about 10 seconds using T9, but the phone would still be at "Hey how ar..." It's slow to catch up, especially when you type fast. Not just me, read other people's reviews too.
- User interface was upgraded to a new look from their previous interface, new fonts, moved some things around, etc. But still functions like their old interface from the V3xx series...slow!

Bottom line is, if you're looking for a phone that will turn heads and use it to check up on your hair (the front part acts like a mirror), then this phone might be for you. But if you're looking for a phone that will last you more than a year or if you're doing a lot of texting, I would look for a different phone.

Like the little phone


Mar 9, 2007 by yazoo1968

Got the KRZR to replace my year-old RAZR. After two weeks, I really like the phone.


*Long battery life

*Beautiful, clear display

*MicroSD slot to add memory

*Sleeker design, easier to carry in any pocket

*Seems like it will be more durable than the RAZR

*1.3MP camera takes great pictures

*Mini USB port makes managing images, tones and contacts a snap through any computer


*Only nine speed dial numbers (I admit, this wouldn't be a problem if I used the voice dial capabilities of the phone

*500 contacts (vs. 1000 in the RAZR)

*Soft keys reverse of the RAZR

All in all, I like the KRZR better to the RAZR due to the size, battery life and design.



Mar 7, 2007 by knkarebear

i love this phone. i just got it at cingular for $99.99 after a $50 mail in rebate.

-looks nice
-2 mega pixel camera
-music player
-airplane mode
-great reception

-you can't use speaker phone while the flip is closed, no big deal though.

overall, i strongly recommend everyone to get this phone.

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