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A few bugs


Oct 9, 2006 by ToddNC

I have had this phone for almost a week now. Its fairly close to perfect except for the few bugs in the software. Thanks VZW for the most screwed up UI in the world. Just stick to the network and let Moto take care of the UI.

- Awesome sleek design
- I'm not a big fan of the music stuff,
but I have played with it and it works
- Good volume and speaker phone
- Bright display (external is crappy)
- Side keys moved to the main body of phone
- You can no longer change the ring/volume
setting while the phone is closed by using
the side buttons. That is good in a
way because my RAZR was changed to silent
while in my pocket and I didn't know it.

- The VZW UI !
- RF is not as good as my RAZR was. I have
dropped several calls and my phone has
switched to extended network several times
where my RAZR never did.
- Still no vibrate THEN ring feature
- Camera quality still sucks but no biggie
- The listen to now message feature does not
work with voicemail. When you press
the center menu key to listen to a
voicemail after you have missed a call,
the listen to voicemail now screen
just disappears and goes back to the
missed call screen. It will not call
your voicemail.
- The display never shows "Charging

Thanks again VZW for the crappy UI. Hopefully you will come out with a software fix soon. As far as the RF, I may have gotten a bad phone. I'll give it some time and then probably request to switch my phone out for one from a new batch :-)

Great phone, but Verizon's version is oversimplified


Oct 7, 2006 by GuyinLACA

-Absolutely amazing to look at
-Call quality is excellent
-Feels great in your hand / Great size
-Screen is quite clear due to the number of pixels (but see cons)
-Square keypad has a tactile feel (but see cons)
-Finally, Vibrate AND Ring
-Ability to select all 4 scroll wheel shortcuts
-Ability to change the internal and external wallpapers separately

-The Verizon interface removes many of the options found on the Alltel KRZR.
-Menus slower than the E815
-All remnants of the Motorola interface have been removed and replaced with LG options. V3m Verizon interface was less clumsy and had more Moto elements.
-Screen, although clear is very small and font is hard to read
-Keypad is small and cramped, although square buttons help
-Steep price

Basically, I think the KRZR is an excellent phone by design and basic functions alone. It's perfect for those who want to make calls and/or are looking for MP3 functionality. However, the Verizon interface on this phone is slow and clumsy. The V3m is faster and easier to navigate in my opinion. If you have the E815 or V3m, this phone is PROBABLY not worth upgrading to. Computer literate people might consider flashing the phone with Alltel firmware if and when it's released.

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motorola c'mon now.....


Jan 1, 2007 by Christofc7

since my first encounter with a razor...i found it horrid. but all of a sudden i heard of the krzr. it looked so sexy...touch screen media controls! mmm. well i purchased this phone to be let down.

*super sexy look.
*touchscreen media controls
*actually got good signal-never dropped a call
*mp3 playback sounded great!
*worked very well with bluetooth-when using navigation i heard commands through my headset

*itap is niether as accurate or efficient as t9
*while mp3s sounded great...ringtones sounded muddy-like on a mid level phone
*the menu is so SLOW! i noticed that the first 1/2 hour you play its fine, but after that it starts to become increasingly slower. when dialing numbers it had taken anywhere from 5-15 seconds to display digits. i removed and replaced my battery several times to try and remedy the issue. it worked but it always started over
*i have never spent so much money on a device that lets you customize nearly nothing! even if you make your own ringtones and dowload them you cannot set them as ringtones! no themes! however..you can set memos as ringers...this was a confusing option to me. they end up sounding muddier than the downloaded ring tones. my own ringtones i dowloaded sounded better. just couldnt use em.
*no flash! the pictures end up coming out with a vga-like quality. to be honest i have seen better vga cameras...

wrap up
this phone is great....only as a phone and a mp3 player. all other services are useless. if you want a looker, your sure to get attention, but if your feature happy like i am, you might want to think twice about the purchase of this phone. LIKE THE RAZOR IT IS OVER PRICED AND OVER HYPED. i replaced this phone with the fusic.

Wow... Too Many Bad Reviews!


Dec 22, 2009 by RonnySmart

Well, I have read many of the K1M reviews and I see that most are with Verizon. That is the first mistake!

I am on Cricket in Phoenix and it has been a good phone for me! I've had mine for 3 years now and only had one issue that was easily corrected by resetting the phone.

The only two places I don't get service is in NorthEast Scottsdale and New River. I run a cleaning biz and am all over the valley. Otherwise, I have had VERY good reception and crystal clear sound as if I were on a home phone.

I have dropped this phone several times and it still works.

People complaining about things breaking because you stick the phone in your back pocket and sit on it -are, in my book, not that bright anyway! wow


*Great sound / music player quality
*very good reception (of course, I'm on Cricket)
*Love the feel and look of this phone
*METAL - NOT cheap plastic most phones are made out of these days!
*Menus easy to navigate
*Ringer loud
*Good vibrate
*Loud ear speaker


*Camera not so good. But I don't take many pics from my phone anyway.
*Speaker phone sounds good for incoming, but outgoing voice is sometimes not the best. People ask you to repeat (But I should say that I use my phone A LOT and I think it is just getting old. If I rem correctly, it worked in its prime days).
*Music player button too easy to press. The phone starts playing Moto's tunes. It also doubles for the camera button when the phone is open. I often have to hit the end key to get rid of the camera (accidentally pressing the button when opening) when going to place a call.


Other than these cons, I love the phone! I have looked at MANY other phones and have tried several on various networks and have actually switched a few times only to come right back to Cricket.

For those considering this phone, please remember to take these reviews with a grain of salt. Most people don't take time to figure things out and pre-judge. Then are quick to degrade products.

Take Care!

at first i liked now i hate


Aug 30, 2009 by narn3049

Pros: Good ringtones choices and an easy phone to navigate around:

Cons: everthing else.

This phone was okay, when i got it for Christmas '07, but then it started acting up. For example. Setting ringers. I would set my alarm for a different tone then that would interfere with the ringer I had selected for texting and calling. It would change and I would think it was my alarm. Other times the ringer would be silent and i couldnt even get it on. the front scratched easily, but my last phone was kinda thin the samsung u540 and the krazr seemed to withstand the drops. The front got totally scratched and banged and just overall messed up, then it stopped charging and got even more messed off. I had to hold the charger into the phone.

I got a second phone from the insurance it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkeeeeeeeeedd the phone came with a new battery weirdly and that battery wouldn't hold a good charge at all. The first time I dropped the phone it got a bad crack in the front screen. The battery life would decrease after 1 phone call, it generally was a sucky phone.

so not worth it


Aug 19, 2009 by meggie43015

i have a Grey krzr and hate it.
the best thing about my phone is the music player. even then it's not perfect.

i had to have it replaced 3 times. it keeps dying. I'm glad that I'll be able to upgrade soon.

my phone continually locks up and has to be reset constantly.

i am a verizon wireless customer.
i may never get another Motorola phone ever again.

krzr k1m, thought it was going to be great, well, whatever.


1. music player
2. fairly decent camera


everything else.

My Motokrzr k1m cdma...


Apr 15, 2009 by motokrzrk1mcdmaman

I just acquired it about a week ago.

Got evenings and weekends and unlimited

All in all not too bad. Also, placed
immediately in case to protect.

Pros: Music, pics, net, call quality work
just fine.

Cons: Having to get replacement unit
in just eight days after having first
acquired it; is unbelievably

Having to work so hard to get it
the net functionality of my krzr
to allow me to log into my
financial institution did not
do anything to reinforce product
loyalty to a new client whom is
using a motorola phone for the first

In closing, I do not mind it; works fine for what i need.


Everything was fine...UNTIL


Jan 19, 2009 by yenaeedlj

I had this phone for just over a year and was happy with it, until a couple of days ago it just started glitching out. It would freeze up and then restart. No water damage, no dropping, just glitching. But since it was past the one year warranty and I don't have insurance, I was SOL. So I went back to my old Samsung A950, which was a much better phone to begin with.

Pro: Cute design
Convenient size
Good music player
Decent tone selection

Con: Speaker phone was horrible
To easy to turn the music player on in your pocket.

Definitely only settling with this phone


Dec 16, 2008 by artcat742

Pros - cute phone, small, loud rings and speakerphone, clear microphone

Cons -

HORRIBLE camera pics - I have taken pics of the same exact scene as someone else, and their pics turn out SO GOOD, while mine look horrible.

Texts don't always go when I send them
ITAP comes up with the STRANGEST words when I am trying to use it to type a text.

Definitely would like to have a MUCH better phone.

Unacceptable Bug


Nov 12, 2008 by bascherz

I have had my KRZR for a little more than a year through Verizon. All I really need is a phone that works. I don't care about the camera, the MP3 player, texting, or any of that stuff. Just the phone. And there is a bug that is as annoying as a swarm of mosquitoes.

If a call comes in when I am already in a call and I opt to not pick up the incoming call, I eventually get an alert indicating that I missed the call. If the person leaves a message, that's when the bug appears. Once they have left their message, I get an on-screen alert for that also and it causes the call in progress to get dropped. That's simply unacceptable.

Other significant issues:
- Calls drop in areas with decent reception
- Cannot disable missed message alert tone
- Takes too long to boot and find network

Annoyances (mainly Verizon's UI):
- Contact groups are useless
- Menus are non-intuitive
- 12 chars for my name, 2 lines for "Verizon Wireless"

Nice features:
- Voice recognition (dialing) works well
- Bluetooth works well (headset)
- Great keypad and bright display

I look forward to getting my next phone, and it WON'T be a Motorola.

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