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i've had one for a year.


Jan 29, 2008 by dillknight

1.it has a cool battery cover. love the texture.
2. awesome design.
3. tap screen is awesome, if it doesn't crack.

1. very slow and i have started having problems with glitches.
2. front screen cracks very easily. dropped it three feet and it shattered. Now i have problems keeping it clean.
3. slow slow slow.
4. blue tooth is very limited. not the best phone for techies.

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Best Phone I've Owned


Mar 18, 2007 by kd5ydu

A lot has already been said about the good and bad of the phone. My opinion is that if the phone you own does what you need it to do and you are happy with it, then it is a good phone.

My KRZR does exactly what I need for it to do and more. I wanted to touch on the RF performance of it. Even though it has a lot of features and has the "WOW" factor big time, it is still a phone at heart. My travels occasionally take me to an area in southwest-central Arkansas where cell coverage with all carriers is put to the test. Other Alltel Motorola handsets have dropped calls and had no service in this area.

The KRZR not only still had a bar of service, it still held on to a call in progress. Yes, it became VERY choppy, but the call itself never dropped, meaning that a conversation you were having with someone could have continued without having to redial. That, in my opinion, makes this phone the BEST I have ever owned. I am quite pleased with it overall.

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Nice Little Phone!


Mar 18, 2007 by peanut4

I am giving a 5 because of call quality and bluetooth headset function which are both outstanding! Menus a little slow but a software upgrade will make this better. I use a bluetooth headset 8 hours or more a day and this phone does very well with this. Also love the loud ringers and volume of playing songs. Like the bigger fonts than on Lg's which are hard to see, even mobile web on this one the page is much bigger and readable. I have had Lg's but tinny fonts dont cutt it! Love this phone even as I was skeptical, great buy!!

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Fair and Balanced


Oct 13, 2006 by ferndog

Look, we knew for months about the UI, camera and glossy exterior. If you are not one of those that are convinced that Motorola or Verizon listens to Phonescoop, you will not be disappointed. It does just about everything well. The UI...who cares, I don't.

Pro's: Very good call quality on both ends. Very good bluetooth. Very good speakerphone. Nice to hold onto and it's small. The MP3 player works well. Bottom line....it looks rich.

Con's: All phones have flaws. This phone is constantly being wiped down. I need to find a cover for it. Keypad could be a bit bigger. There are a few other minor things, no deal breakers.

If you want the latest in style, this one is for you.

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Great Phone, terrible carrier...


Oct 13, 2006 by redwing497

Just upgraded to the KRZR V1m with verizon after two years with the V710. The 710 did everything I wanted it to do, including allowing me to use my own files as ringtones.

-Sexiest phone I've ever seen and a pleasure to hold in my hand. Very comfortable.
-Good, sturdy build quality
-Great speakerphone and crystal clear voice quality.
-Good signal reception in strong areas. Struggles a bit in weak areas but nothing major.

-Horrible VZW UI makes it difficult to navigate quickly.
-Thanks to VZW, one can't use his/her own ringtones.
-Fingerprints! ahhhhh! (not a huge deal tho)

In conclusion, this is one amazing phone but Verizon just KILLS it. Was expecting it to do everything my V710 did but, of course, it doesn't all thanks to VZW. If verizon's coverage wasn't better than the other's, I would have switched over when I got this phone because Sprint will over the KRZR soon.

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Almost good ,But few shortcomings


Oct 8, 2006 by vinman

Ok I had 5 phones this yr with verizon...All had great signal in my house Except this KZRZ has problems..Sometimes I lose signal in the house or just get a plain bad signal....

UI is suggish..

Battery life::Goes down 1 bar in 10 minutes..
2 Bars in 20 minutes,,Very strange...

Color and screen quality is ok,,Nothing stellar at all...

Good stuff!!

Good bluetooth pairing and reception..

Clear call quality and when u have good signal reception is perfect...

Not the perfect phone everyone seems to think,,But a good one..

Better than the old Razor,,Not by much,,But is..

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Nov 6, 2006 by sprint1234

For everyone complaining about Verizon UI, The Sprint version of the phone is not only better but is not locked down. I don't understand why anyone would want to go with Verizon. I guess people like paying too much and having phones that suck. In any event here is skinny on the phone:


1. Great form factor
2. Great Sprint UI.
3. Live TV unlike Verizon's Crap Cast
4. Phone as modem. DUN capable.
5. GPS Using TeleNAV not what verizon makes you use.


1. Have had no problems with this phone yet.

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Good v3m Upgrade, No New Innovation


Oct 5, 2006 by sahaskatta

Overall, this phone is probably good for those who just want a phone that can make calls, looks good, and is compact. If you like a feature packed customizable phone, this is probably not for you.

Body - more comfortable to hold
Display - internal is brighter and crisper
Music Playback - supports mp3, wma, vcast music
Media Library - excelent software to browse music. (even has album art)
Speakers - clearer and louder than the v3m
MicroSD - can hold up to 2GB cards
Bluetooth - new profiles enabled so that phonebook content can be trasnfered phone-phone. Also battery life and signal strength is sent out to handsfree devices and is displayed on a car's screens.

Glossy Coat - gets too many fingerprints and hard to see screen if it gets scratched
Digital Camera - No Flash or NightShot and same 1.3 megapixels as the v3m
External Controls - music CAN NOT be started from the touch-senstive controls. Phone must be opened to do so. Controls are also too senstive once enabled, even holding the phone may accidentally hit keys.
Speaker - badly postioned on the back, sound is muffled if phone is in your hand
MicroSD - slot is under battery pack lid, is a hassle to take out to transfer files if you dont have a USB cable

Read My Full Review:

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Yeah, not so much.


Oct 16, 2006 by clookie

Well I was so excited to get this phone, but was disappointed the second I powered it on and opened it up to see the user interface. It is exactly the same UI as the free/low-end Verizon phones. Why buy a Mercedes that has the same engine as a Geo Metro? It is a pain to text, especially if you want to switch between Abc, ABC, 123, @ entry modes. You can no longer use the right navigation key to enter a space. Verizon messed up by stripping Motorola's interface and adding their own. So if you want looks (and that's all), KRZR definitely is beautiful, no doubt. If you care about functionality, forget it. Buy the 29.99 phone, it functions exactly the same.

Thin, sleek and beautiful
Wow Factor (visually)
Speakerphone works w/ phone closed

Verizon interface
Side buttons have no use when phone closed
Battery life short

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Krzr is Moto's #1 in my book


Jul 31, 2007 by WashCaps

Okay, So I have owned this phone for about 2 months. I go through alot of phones and always seem to go back to motorola after trying other brands.

The Good:

The speaker phone on this is top notch. Others, (samsung, LG) speaker phones are not even in the same arena.

Call completion. I live in an area where only verizon works, and of the verizon phones I have had, this one gives me a signal in my home. Overall call quality is good and call clarity is excellent.

The camera | Video option is usuable. Some phones are almost a haha when it comes to usage where as this phone has a very good camera.

Battery life.. I returned my LG 8600 phone as the speaker and the battery life did not meet my needs. I have used this phone pretty extensively and can use 1 full day with about an hour and a half of talk time w/ stanby and only need to charge once every 2 days.

VCast, videos- music and games.. all are pretty standard on the phones since vcast is a carrier application. But the screens crisp and clear display make it a must.

The not good:

This is one of the phones that has not given me a problem yet. (the only other one that gets this credit is the BlackBerry 8703)

good work Moto and welcome back to good.

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