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Carol F

Aug 8, 2006, 4:51 PM
over in the "CES 2005" discussion:

Any recommedations for Bluetooths for Samsung A930?

Now that I have had my Samsung a930 phone for a couple months, I am ready to get a Bluetooth headset. This is real new to me. A couple months ago, some forum users said some sets were incompatible with this phone. Any recommendations for which Bluetooth works well with this phone? I notice that the prices for Bluetooth sets on ebay run from a few dollars to way over $100. What is a good price point for a headset? Are the cheap ones any good? Thanks.

May 22, 2006, 7:08 PM

WM 5.0 is here

The upgrade for WM 5.0 is now available- I downloaded it today, and so far I've liked what I seen. The soft keys are also programable, the wi-fi and phone can work simultaneously, and it still retains the pop up command windows like on WM2003.

Of course the battery life still sucks, but what the hey-
find the URL on PhoneScoop.com Very Happy
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Apr 29, 2006, 4:21 PM

Please Help!

Hello Everyone!
I was hoping to get everyones opinion. I am seriously thinking about getting this PDA or maybe the I830. But I am kind of hesitant because, reading some of the reviews, most say its a great PDA. But I see on eBay that a lot of people are selling theirs. If it is so great why are most getting rid of them. I just hate to purchase one and then find out there are problems or glitches to it when it is too late to do anything about it. Any comments or enlightments to my predicament would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
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Jan 30, 2006, 7:50 PM

Experienced users.. I need advice!


Hi, y'all. I'm looking at buying this beautiful smart phone, but am wondering if it's overly ridiculous for me, since I'm not the power user you guys seem to be. I'll be using primarily for personal use, no work involvement as of yet. My main focus (and why I was looking at the Treo as well) was that I wanted an all-in-one phone. I want something that wont be too heavy or big, something that has a nice color screen, something that plays MP3s at the gym (good sound and speakers/headphones are always good), something I can download my schedule/calendar/phonebook into (so that I can actually use this as a PDA) and a good, all around phone. I'm looking for one piece of equipment that will replace my PDA, phone and MP3 player, but...
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Jun 30, 2005, 8:27 PM

Verizon told me that you need a digital plan to use WI-FI

Today I was told by Verizon that I need to have a digital plan in addition to my phone service to use the WI-FI features.

This does not make sense!

Does anyone really know for sure?

Verizon said that when you connect to WI-FI the 911 features notifies Verizon that you are using the WI-FI features and then Verizon charges you for the feature. Again this make no sense!

Any comments would be appreciated!!!
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Jun 22, 2006, 10:08 AM

pop3 setup

i'm having a problem with a pop3 account i setup. i set it up to check every 15 min and every time it does it pulls everything in the inbox (1500 e-mails). this is making it so i cant use the phone. other than deleting the e-mail(because i cant). can anyone tell me how to set it up so it will only pull the unread mail.

thank you
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Jun 18, 2006, 11:33 AM

Bluetooth Problem

I'm having a Blue-tooth problem with my Samsung SCH-i730. I first started out with a regular i730 with no add on software. I have a Motorolla HS850 headset and UConnect in my Dodge Dakota that I use with my phone. The Blue-tooth would sometimes turn off without warning right in the middle of a phone call. When that happens the sounds reverts back to the handset. This is very annoying especially if I'm in the middle of an important call. I contacted Verizon Wireless and tried a replacement i730 which did the same thing. I called again and got a 3rd replacement. I finally found the link on pdaphonehome.com for the official Windows Mobile 5 release and downloaded it. This was a huge improvement but the blue-tooth turned off in the middle of a c...

May 23, 2006, 10:02 PM

Active Sync not working. Please Help!!!!!!!

When I connect my I730 to my new computer, it says that it can not find the exchange server to sync up the contacts and calendar. Does anyone have advice for this?
Thanks in advance
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May 26, 2006, 1:23 PM

Nam 2 settings in i730???

Does anyone know if there is a nam 2 in this phone? I am trying to have this phone hooked up on our service and we don't have the cables for it. I need to have the nam 2 settings so I can have it draw a signal from our home towers.

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Apr 9, 2006, 9:21 PM

Using .wav files as notification sounds

Does anyone know either how it import .wav files or have them appear in the box where you select your tones. Not ring-tones, but the tones for text messages, activesyn, missed calss, and so on. I have these .wav files that I would like to use, but don't know how to get them into the selection box.

Thanks for your help.
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Apr 28, 2006, 8:22 AM

WM5 ?

Does anyone have a link to (easily) get WM5 on my i730 or know when the verizon store will get it?

Mar 28, 2006, 7:24 PM

Bluetooth pairing to Acura TL

Can this phone be paired to an Acura TL like the E815 or V710 can?

Mar 16, 2006, 6:44 PM

Can the SCH-i730 be used to view completed auctions on eBay?

Well, the subject about says it all. I need to know that you can log into eBay and then do a search for a completed item. Is this possible using the SCH-i730? As you do your search is it easy to view the list of completed items and the price they sold for? Thanks for helping me decide on buying this phone. Bill
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Mar 20, 2006, 2:51 PM

I730 and WAP 2.0 ?

Can anyone verify that the Samsung I730 is Compatable with WAP 2.0.

Thanks to all that answer.


Mar 8, 2006, 8:04 AM

does anyone use this site anymore?

would be nice to exchange info with someone.
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Jan 28, 2006, 8:24 PM

i730 locking up in cradle

I put my i730 in the cradle to charge and synch with my pc every night. In the morning my i730 is locked up, the screen is frozen and I have to a soft reset. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

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Feb 11, 2006, 1:01 PM

Snycing to Outlook

I am looking to purchase this mobile. Will I be able to sync it, via docking station and my desktop computer, to MS Outlook to capture contacts, email, to-do lists, etc?
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Nov 15, 2005, 6:22 PM

Samsung SCH-i730 shared memory and design flaws

The Samsung SCH-i730 has great features. I had it for one week. But, it has major design flaws: 1. Verizon and Samsung have decided NOT to include a small portable user manual for this complicated phone. That's a huge mistake. Downloading the pdf file is not a good answer.
2. The Verizon tech support for SCH-i730 is clueless. They shipped me to Samsung, which placed me on hold for hours, 4 times. I never got to talk to their real tech support (only the front end people who ask you the same questions like your serial numbers...). Never got the problem fixed.
3. This phone has a very small shared memory. It also does not allow it's shared memory to extend this memory via the SD memory. The result is two or three large files will kill the mem...
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Feb 1, 2006, 9:58 PM

Jabra Jx10

Does anyone know if the Jabra Jx10 is compatible with the i730

Jan 31, 2006, 9:59 PM

When Will mobile 5.0 upgrade happen for i730?

anyone have any info on VZ and Samsung releasing the 5.0 upgrade for the I730, I need it at work to sync with exchange
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