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Dec 15, 2004, 5:47 PM

Phonebook Software

Just picked up the V265 for my son, replacing his aging Audiovox 9500..

This is one great phone.. The screen is too small for my eyes, but the RF strength is amazing.. Rivalling the 9500, which for us was excellent.

But I'm stuck already.. Doesn't look like Verizon sells a Mobile Office Kit for this unit, with cable and phonebook management software.

It's important for us to be able to backup existing numbers in the phone to a PC and to manipulate numbers with PC software..

Does anyone know of a compatible cable and software that works with this phone? Does the cable for the 710 work with it?

Thanks, thanks..

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Nov 24, 2004, 10:20 PM

Motorola v265 vs LGVX6100

I had the LG VX6100 for about 15 days, and decided to trade it in for the Moto V265. Luckily Verizon let me extend my trial period since I was having issues with the VX6100. After using my V265 for about 10 days or so I think I will be staying with it. Below is what I found good and bad about both of them:

LG VX 6100

- Great screen, color and clarity
- Very easy to use - barely cracked the manual
- Driving mode very useful for hands free calling and answering
- Speaker phone pretty good
- Calendar very easy to use
- Pretty nice camera for a phone
- Seemed to be pretty solid
- I believe when using a headset and you close the cover, call hangs up - not so on 265
- Very quick to charge


- Bug: If lo...
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Dec 7, 2004, 2:53 PM

Small Light Tri-mode?

I am one of the guys who was holding their breath for the Moto V810 on Verizon. It seemed perfect. Do any of you moles out there have any intell on new SMALL tri-mode coming from/for Verizon? I want a 3 ounce phone with decent data compatibility. Camera is optional. I am about to break down and get the V265, but frankly it feels like a brick and has a tiny screen and everyone says the camera is not worth the weight. My Startac hasn't died yet so I can hold out if there is any hope.
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Dec 15, 2004, 9:48 AM

V265 in Test Mode

Help! Playing with the Mobile website programming features I put my phone into test mode. After power cycling the phone I went into test mode as expected but now I can't get the mobile out of it. Anyone know how to get this phone out of test mode. 🤭
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Dec 15, 2004, 9:41 PM

memory problem

i have a question about my memory for downloading things from get it now...i dunno if this is the right thread to post it in but i cant find help anywhere else so hear it goes..
i downloaded 2 apps from get it now on my phone and then deleted them...now when i try to download something else it says "Memory full: your phone does not have enough memory to download this app..try deleteing apps and try again", although i deleted all my apps..if anyone knows anything please help
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Dec 1, 2004, 8:33 PM

Update on "No Date on display"

I called vzw tech support and they are clueless. I went through 2 levels of tech support and both ran me through some basic setup menus on the phone hoping the date would show up. They finally admitted they don't have the phone or even a manual and I would be better off dealing with the store techs. Next I tried Motorola tech support. Same thing with menus and settings hoping the date would show up. Then put me on hold a while and came back with It's vzw software that doesn't display the date. I think this is correct because I did read that the 265s at Radio Shack display the date until the phone is activated. Next I went to the vzw store. Same deal, poking around in menus hoping the date would show up. The tech then went in the back for abo...
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Dec 8, 2004, 9:17 AM

returning this phone

Love the style and the size, but this phone just isnt' for me. Call clarity is not as good as my old 4400. Everything sounds muffled and distant, even in perfect RF areas. Stinks, because I really thought this phone would be better.
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Dec 15, 2004, 11:44 AM

voice dial screen

Does anyone know how to turn off the screen when you press the voice dial button ? Whenever I try to use the voice dial a screen comes on right before the "say a command" screen.


Dec 12, 2004, 11:53 PM

Pauses in contact's phone #s

Does anyone know if this is possible...for things like PINs? for example, on my old LG, I set a speed dial key to dial *86, then added 3 one-second pauses, then added my PIN. this way I wouldn't need to key it in every time.
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Dec 14, 2004, 9:16 AM

Motorola v265 vs. Audiovox CDM-9900

My wife and I are considering the Audiovox CDM-9900 and the Motorola v265. With New Every 2 through Verizon, we will get either phone free, so cost is not an issue. We've been using the same StarTAC 7868 for years (feels like a decade).

Our most important considerations are reception (must include analog), sound quality (on both ends & speakerphone), battery life.

I've heard mixed reviews on the 9900's reception, but glowing reviews about the camera & screen. I've heard nothing but glowing reviews about the v265, but it's usually followed by complaints about the screen (too small, difficult to see in bright daylight). The v265 is slightly smaller than the 9900, and Motorola is a more widely known brand, so I would think it will hav...

Dec 9, 2004, 4:00 PM

Speakerphone option question

If you go to menu->initial setup->speakerphone you get two options "always on" and "20 sec timeout." What do these options mean? I can't find anything about it in the user manual. If anyone know please post. Thanks!
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Dec 9, 2004, 9:55 AM

Forced Mode Available???

--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Originally posted by lets456
You can do this...

YEAH, Free Wap V265 !!!!!
Finally got it with a little searching and fiddling:

First hit "menu" then 073887* (do it fast) and security code: 000000 (fill it up with zero's)

Also, there are field test modes and other goodies in here!!!!

I did the field test mode but did not spend enough time do find digital only mode. Typically, Motorola puts this option in the field test mode. let me know what you find.
--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

That's what I'd like to know-exactly what options there are for 'forced modes', a la LG...

Dec 6, 2004, 4:16 PM

Sample of Picture Quality

I was thinking of buying the V265. It looks like in the forums that it's a pretty good phone except for the camera.

I was wondering if someone had some photo samples they could post on a web page or e-mail to me? I'm not using it primarily for a camera, but I want decent quality photos. If someone had one or two photos of a well-lighted condition and one or two photos of a night condition to share, that would be awesome.

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Dec 6, 2004, 3:45 PM

missed call/voicemail alerts

My old v60i had a missed call alert - it would emit one loud beep every five minutes or so.

Does the V265 have this feature? If so, how do i activate it?

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Dec 7, 2004, 2:30 PM

Backlight not turning on

My phone is still in its 15 day trial phase. The backlight (the keypad portion only) randomly decides whether or not to light up when I open the phone. I've been through all the menus and have it set to 20sec, anyone have any ideas?
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Nov 29, 2004, 2:46 PM

cannot see display in daylight

I've tried playing with the contrast settings - but none make it any better. Any suggestions? Is there a way to make it monochromatic?

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Dec 3, 2004, 6:03 PM

Naming Pics

heyy i looked around and was wondering if u could re-name ur pics after u take the picture. i know you can before you take the pic. but can u re-name it after u have taken the pic yet...and if so how?? thankss
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Dec 3, 2004, 2:15 PM

What is *228?

I've seen this term thrown around and think it's an update of some sort. What exactly does it do and how do you use it? I tries it and it said "activation in progress" I got scared and disconnected. Can anyone explain this to me?
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Dec 3, 2004, 8:08 AM

V265 Specfic Question about RF performance in a 1900 mHZ (PCS) area

For those of you who have used various tri-mode phones in such areas how does the v265 compare to the 3200, 6100, 4400, etc.?

Especially indoors at home and work places.

Thanks much!


Nov 30, 2004, 2:51 PM

DC600 BlueTooth Adapter with Motorola V265

Has anyone had luck getting the V265 to work with the DC600 motorola BlueTooth adapter? It isn't listed as being compatible, but I don't see why it wouldn't be. Anybody get a BT adapter to work with this phone? Thanks.

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