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Oct 3, 2004, 8:02 PM

Keypad issues?

I was just wondering about any keypad issues people have had with this phone. Can somebody please tell me the pro's and con's of the keypad?

Sep 30, 2004, 7:36 PM

Just got my V3 Razr today

Yes the phone does supports hands-free voice-dialing thru a bluetooth headset. Also the earpiece volume seems to be excellent. Only had for one day so I do not know all the features yet. I just pick it up at Cellular Concepts and yes there were three other V3'S beings sold while I was there.
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Oct 1, 2004, 9:05 AM

Cingular is getting the MPX220 and V3 and the A630

There coming! Cingular will be getting the Motorola A630 phone in stock next Friday. Then the Friday after that, the 15th of october. they will be getting the motorola v3 and the motorola mpx220 in stock. no prices yet. may have some in the next couple of hours. 😁 😁 😁
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Sep 30, 2004, 10:57 PM

case for the RAZR?

Hey there.

Finally getting mine tomorrow and thinking ahead a bit. Anyone find/know of a place to buy a nice case to hold/protect this beauty? Looking for something slim and sleek that can attach to a belt.

Any ideas/help is very much appreciated. I'll post back and let you know how the phone is for me.

Thanks all...


Sep 29, 2004, 8:36 PM

Bought RAZR V3 Today

Greetings Everyone.....

Just bought my RAZR V3 today. This phone is simply incredible. Modern Art Masterpiece. Will also post how voice dialing is with Bluetooth as soon as I buy the Bloothtooth headset.

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Sep 29, 2004, 6:37 PM


cellularconcepts.com has shipped my razr - will have tomorrow - $$$$$$$$$

Richard - Ft Lauderdale
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Sep 23, 2004, 1:56 PM

Cingular getting it sooner than you think

😁 😁

As I am a cellular phone maniac, and am dying to buy this phone when it comes out. I have been calling Cingular stores day after day all around the U.S.A. Finally I got some person with knowledge, she told me Cingular emailed them, telling them to expect the phone the first week of October. But, as the girl being a Cingular employee and you know that Cingular always delays there product. So then she told me just add on 2-3 weeks from Oct. 4, the last day of the first week of october. And that gets you somewhere like near Halloween or closer to November. So be on the lookout, no prices yet. But from all the estimates I'm getting, $300 for a 2 year contract and $400-450 for no contract.

Hope this helps
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Sep 24, 2004, 4:23 PM

RAZR Pre-orders in the UK

Has anyone noticed that the UK can reserve these phones now:

http://direct.motorola.com/experience/GBR/ENG/v3/v3_ ... »

congrats UK - we will keep waiting in the US.
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Sep 21, 2004, 12:07 AM

I have had the phone for 4 days and......

This phone is horrible. It has such slow software and the speaker phone is a joke, but thats no surprise all motos are. The phone is very thin and that is really the only cool thing but its goodies are ****ties.
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Sep 21, 2004, 7:20 PM

price range???

today a cingular rep told me its gonna be in the v600 price range....but i dont think it is..anybody know..and oct is release right????? 😁
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Sep 18, 2004, 9:16 AM


are they going to make a similar phone for verizon? kind of like what they did with the v600 when they made the v710 for verizon. two very similar phones. so do any of u know if motorola will make a similar phone to the razr for verizon?
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Sep 18, 2004, 8:28 PM

No video recording right?

I know that this is an awesome phone, but it doesn't record video from what I understand, although it does have video playback. Can anyone confirm this just to be sure?

Other than that it looks like it's got everything that anyone could ask for in a phone... I can't wait to get it!
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Sep 14, 2004, 12:27 PM

What wireless co is going to carry the RAZ?

My verizon contract is up I want to go with the co. that will have the raz.
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Sep 18, 2004, 8:25 PM

Simply Amazing!!

Wow!!......I've been looking for the ultimate cell phone now that my Samsung V205 is basically dying. V205 was an awesome phone while it lasted. Even though some of these phones are not yet available such as the Audiovox 8940, Nokia 6260 and Kyocera KOI, they are very nice. Now that I've seen the RAZR, I've got to have it (not for 3k though).
Anyone know why Motorola would build a beautiful phone like this and not incorporate voice dialing or commands? Also, I may know of a website where we might be able to buy this under 1K when it is "officially" released. I will keep all posted.

Blade Runner

Sep 2, 2004, 9:28 AM

release date????

does anyone know the actual date of the this phone going to be out? Anyone know anything about the V400P? The push to talk version of the v400! thanks!
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Sep 12, 2004, 3:55 PM

What is the big box at the bottom?

The big square at the bottom, I guess it's the battery.

I like everything else on the phone except that ugly box. It seems to take the look of being thin away when it is open.
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Sep 16, 2004, 11:07 PM


This is GSM central - we don't deal with Verizon phones.

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Sep 16, 2004, 12:02 PM


Can anyone tell me what's the next phone to come out for verizon wireless, because from what i'm hearing the v710 is not all that ? 🤭 🤭 🤭 🤭 🤭
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Sep 16, 2004, 3:43 PM


I was browsing a few European carriers. Some good news, seems that the Motorola V3 has been released for Vodafone, but they are out of stock already. But, us Americans have hope. The British seem to get the phones a month or two before us, so we should expect the phone in November probably. Also, I logged into my account at motorola and theres a contest for cingular employees. and if you sell a certain number of phones, then you win a RAZR v3. It says, prizes will be shipped November 18th, 2004 depending on the products acceptance for Cingular Wireless. WE HAVE HOPE!

Heres the link for the V3, maybe vodafone will get some morehttp://www.vodafone.co.uk/cgi-bin/COUK/po rtal/ep/vfProductDetail.do?channelPath=%2FVod afone+Portal%2FOnli...

Sep 15, 2004, 3:37 AM

AT&T and Cingular October Release???

It's hard to say when this phone will be released. Motorola's customer service insists sometime before the end of the year, but could be as early as October. It will be Cingular since this will be post-acquisition, as long as everything goes as planned. Also, from several sources, we are looking at a pricetag between $300-$400 minus any rebates that will be offered. I know, we all can't wait!
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