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Aug 17, 2004, 8:02 PM

mp3 playback

i saw in a review that someone was able to purchase a stereo headset for the phone. i want to buy one as well because mp3 playback was a huge reason why i got this phone. i looked at the nokia site, but to no avail. if anyone can point me in the direction of the headset i would appreciate it. thanks in advance.
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Aug 20, 2004, 8:35 AM


I'm looking for a Stereo Adaptor cable that will provide a standard female jack so I can use my owm heasets and FM tranmitter. Do I have to hack up the nokia headset or is there one available.

Aug 10, 2004, 2:25 PM

iSync 1.5 release Aug 10th

http://www.apple.com/isync/devices.html »

Today Apple released iSync 1.5 and the 6620 is not on the list of Nokia phones that sync with the Mac OS. I am patiently waiting, ok I'm waiting but not patiently, for Amazon to send my phone.

Once I get my phone I will be able to sync either by design or by hack. But for those Mac users who have received their phone here is a hack I was planning to use.

http://www.mobilewhack.com/computer/operating_system ... »

Good Luck. Any feedback on how it works with a Mac.
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Aug 6, 2004, 9:57 AM

It has arrived!

From what I have read on the ATTWS forum, the 6620 is here and people are ordering it!
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Aug 3, 2004, 9:21 PM


Well I talked to a few AWS dealers around here and asked them if they knew when they were going to be getting some of these phones in. The best they could tell me was probably in about 1 to 2 weeks or so. So I guess that means that I'm going to have to wait a little while longer! Darn! lol
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Aug 5, 2004, 4:03 PM

release it already

i called att stores and now they are saying a week to 10 days! i wish i knew when the phone was actually being released!! is it friday or next week or the end of august??
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Jul 26, 2004, 7:22 AM

6620 vs 6230

I've been waiting for the 6620, but most of the features I wanted are also on the 6230. Is there any reason I should or shouldn't get the 6230? Should I keep waiting for the 6620?
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Aug 3, 2004, 4:21 PM


this one should be out for cingular within the next 2 months. i think it MIGHT be replacing the 3600 instead of the 3620

Aug 3, 2004, 10:39 AM

Now available on AT&T Onelink

I just ordered this phone today for shipment tomorrow, can't wait to see a live one as I just received the dummy phone today. The phone seems a little "top heavy" but that is to be expected as the camera and screen are located in this area.
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Jul 31, 2004, 8:39 PM


I just purchased this phone via Amazon. It gave me an estimated ship date of August 9th.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/- ... »
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Jul 22, 2004, 11:13 AM

So when will we start seeing it at AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile?

Does anyone know for sure if those three carriers will have it? I'm with AT&T, contract is up this month, and I'm thinking of switching to Cingular or T-Mobile. Does Cingular offer all-you-can use Mobile Internet like T-Mobile does? Does Cingular or T-Mobile offer EDGE?
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Jun 4, 2004, 3:34 PM

6620 cancelled??????

I've seen on howardforums that some are saying the 6620 might be cancelled? Anyone have any info? I really hope its not true.
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Jul 15, 2004, 3:02 PM

Nokia 6620 release date confirmed for ATTWS

I have just talked with my local Nokia rep...I work for ATTWS in Chicago, IL. I was informed that the phone will be being shipped to the distribution center for ATT August 1st. So you should start seeing it in stores in a week or two after that....will be 299.99 after rebate.
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Jul 11, 2004, 11:25 PM

Coming Very Soon!

I was talking with a local Cingular rep today. Apparently, the local Nokia rep was around my area on Thursday and dropped off all new literature, including the 6620 and the 6230. The Nokia rep told the Cingular rep that he should be seeing these phones in "a couple of weeks" and that he should start reading up on them.

It's still sales reps talking to sales reps (and we all know how worthless most sales reps are as far as accuracy and actual knowledge goes), but every little bit counts.

Any news if this phone will support the Bluetooth Keyboard?
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Jul 7, 2004, 1:51 PM

I've bought the phone!!! :)

Hey guys, I bought a 6620 from ebay for just $360. Here's the link:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5 ... »

I wonder why the seller does not include original accesories, manual and box. I'm thinking that this phone is a sample phone but he/she also mentioned that it's new. We'll see, if the phone has any sign of use, I'll ask for a refund.

I can't wait for the phone to be delivered. 😁

Jul 1, 2004, 1:11 AM

Question about new phone

Hey guys, I'm using sprint PCS right now and I hate it. I want to change provider as soon as possible. I'm thinking of T-mobile and waiting for 6620 to come out. My question is, do you guys think that new phones will have any rebate? Coz if not, I am thinking of getting sony ericsson t610 first, since it has very nice rebates on amazon.com. 😁

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Jul 6, 2004, 3:21 PM

I can't wait...please be released soon!

Any word on a release date for ATTWS/Cingular or T-Mobile?

Jun 17, 2004, 10:10 AM

Hands on with the 6620

Ok, I recently got to try the 6620 for about a day and I can safely say that I was impressed. The screen is very large, one of the largest screens I have seen.

The menus are nicely set up and easy to navigate. The camera is a very nice the video recording is good as well, the display shows how many minutes of recording you have left while in video mode and the camera display shows how many photos you have left. The sound quality on the phone is quite good and the speaker phone works great. Now it does come with 12 mb of internal memory and a 32 mb memory card, which you can up to a max of 128 mb(I think), so storage and memory should not be a problem. The downside is sort of N-Gageish. You need to remove the battery to access the memory c...
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Jun 28, 2004, 8:18 AM

release date?

does anyone know what's the release date on this phone? It has been on nokia website expected soon for a LONG TIME! Besides all the other phone they have out now blows!

May 4, 2004, 7:17 PM

launch date

does anyone know the launch date for this phone. i may return my v600 to get this one. i have about ten days left on my 15day trial period.
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