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Sep 7, 2004, 9:11 PM

Which Bluetooth headset?

OK, so I just got a 6600, what's the best headset to use with it? I ordered a Nokia HSW-3 or something (not available in the US yet) because it'll use the OEM nokia charger, and runs the BT 1.2 standard. Is this pretty much all I have to look for?
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Sep 26, 2004, 10:13 PM

Which Audio/Video Format is compatible with this phone??

I just received my phone and tried uploading an MP3 file(.mp3) onto the phone (via bluetooth) but it said the file type was incompatible! Can anyone please tell me which audio/video formats are compatible with this phone? thanks--also if anyone has suggestions how to convert MP3s to make it compatible file type please let me know. thanks
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Apr 28, 2004, 12:31 AM

Phone Rebates

When do you think some rebates for the phone are going to come???? Confused
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Sep 4, 2004, 11:59 AM

Nokia 6600 - Memory Card Corrupted, what to do?

i just got this phone yesterday and immediately started using its best features - camera, bluetooth, etc. i even downloaded opera - trial version. i stored a couple of pics and opera on the included 32mb card but this morning, i wanted to look at my pics and try opera out, and opera didn't show up in my menu and in the file manager, my memory card is showing as corrupted.

i have a feeling this might be b/c i didn't format the card before using it so is the solution to format it and if so, how do i do it? i'm a newbie to this phone so forgive me if its already been discussed.
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Aug 28, 2004, 9:14 AM

6260 vs. 6600

My friend has a Nokia 6600 and I was about to get one too until I saw this phone. I really like ALL the features on the 6600(camera, video, infarad, bluetooth, speakerphone, mp3,...ALOT MORE). Can anyone please tell me if there is ANY FEATURES that this one lacks compares to the 6600? Thanks

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Jul 28, 2004, 10:55 AM

Adding a Subject to SMS or MMS message

i cannot seem to find an option to allow me to add a subject field to an SMS or MMS message. email messages will allow this, and it should be possible for standard messages.

many handsets are defaulted to offer a subject (Motorola) and others will give the option (SonyEricsson). even though a subject line is visible when viewing "message details" there appears to be no option of adding/editing/removing one.

any help with this is greatly appreciated.

my need for this option is for the purpose of making complete and final mobile updates to my textamerica phlog. http://penkeye.textamerica.com/ if you'd like to see.

Jul 14, 2004, 6:26 PM

Bluetooth headset for 6600


I just bought this phone which i blv is awesome..except it's a lil big..anyway was looking for a nice bluetooth headset for the same..cud anyone tell me something they've used or know someone that's used a particular headset & it works well with this phone?



May 5, 2004, 8:59 AM

249.99 on Amazon.com

The Nokia 6600 is availible on Amazon.com for 249.99. But I suggest you wait till the end of May. That's when Amazon post rebates for new phones. I actually got my SE T610 for free plus $100 back last year.
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Jul 13, 2004, 4:42 AM

6600 Data Backup on PC

I've posted this in the 60 series forum, maybe that isn't the right place...?

How can I effectively back up the data on my 6600 on my Windows XP system? I purchased a "dongle" from Vodafone but the software which it implements, the 6600 Bluetooth Handset Manager, doesn't provide a complete and efficient backup (only an individual file transfer) and does not backup the contact data information correctly.

What software are others using to transfer data from the 6600 to a PC?


Jul 2, 2004, 8:49 PM

How do I install an application into Nokia 6600????

I have some applications that I downloaded from the internet into my computer. Does anybody know how I would be able to install this applications in to my Nokia 6600? I know the Nokia 6620 has a USB adapter on the phone but the 6600 doesn't. I know applications can also be transfered from phone to phone using Infrared and Bluetooth I belive, but there is hardly anybody with infrared or bluetooth phones around here. Can anybody HELP????

Jun 20, 2004, 11:27 AM

Cheapest price for 6600 for existing Tmobile customers?

What is the cheapest price for existing Tmobile customers for the Nokia 6600?
From TMobile or from online retailers?

Jun 5, 2004, 10:04 AM

Moto V600 or Nokia 6600

I have a V600 but to be honest with you I'm sick of all the issues I've had with it.

Can anyone tell me how the Nokia 6600 is? Any issues?

Thanks Very Happy
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Jun 4, 2004, 1:02 PM

changing nokia 6600 chassis


I have just bought a second hand nokia 6600 and the chassis on it is a bit, well, buggered.

I just wanted to know how easy it would be to change the chassis on the nokia 6600? Can i get a replacement chassis from a 6600 dummy phone?


May 29, 2004, 6:28 AM

Phone turns off..............


Anyone help me with this.
I've just had my 6600 unlocked.
I turn on phone it boots up fine stays on for about 3 seconds and then swithches itself off...!

May 5, 2004, 11:37 AM

Is the size a problem?


I had a Nokia 3650 and it was an awesome phone, but it was too long and big. I like the look of the 6600, and i know its about an inch smaller. Does anyone have a problem with the size?
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May 19, 2004, 7:04 PM

Display quality

The best screen display that I personally have seen is from the Sanyo phones from Sprint. I was wondering if anybody knows of other phones with comparable quality. How does the Nokia 6600 compare to them?
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May 5, 2004, 8:14 AM

Video Quality and format questions?

Looking to get a new phone and have these questions on the Nokia 6600.

1. How is the video quality on this phone? I just saw a T-mobile commercial and the video on the 6600 looked flawless.

2. What format is the video e.g. MPEG, AVI ext...

3. Have you tried sending a video via sms, email or Bluetooth to the phone.
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Apr 29, 2004, 6:27 AM

Phone Size

Could Nokia make this phone any bigger? Rolling Eyes
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Apr 26, 2004, 4:40 PM


does anybody if you can download an mp3 player application into this phone so you can download and play mp3s? please tell me where to get this application if it is available thanks.
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Mar 19, 2004, 2:01 PM

Cost for it?

whats the cost gona b with T-mobile?
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