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May 27, 2004, 4:50 PM

4600 vs 6000?

I am looking of a reliable phone. Do not need camera. How good is the 4600. Currently have the moto t720 which was a problem.


May 25, 2004, 7:45 PM

Wireless Zone works!!!

I looked up the Wireless Zone store in NH and found that it is a chain of stores in the Northeast and mid Atlantic regions (Florida as well) of the US. I found a store right in my small town in CT! Go to this website and check out their locations:

http://www.wirelesszone.com/ »

They got the phone for me and made it an upgrade to my account. It cost me $100 before tax. Still worth it.

Does anybody know what accessories are compatible with the 4600? I got a car charger for the VX6000, but I haven't tested it yet.
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May 17, 2004, 9:24 PM

LG VX4600

Razz Well after a month of convincing Verizon that I really wanted the LG VX4600 I finally received it a couple of days ago. However, this phone seems to be very durable and I like it because it is so much like my LG VX4400.
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May 22, 2004, 11:59 PM

Found a vx4600 tri-mode, but....

It's canadian and i dunno if verizon will hook it up Confused any input?
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May 19, 2004, 6:54 PM

LG VX4600 Manner Mode / Ringer Options

Confused This phone was worth the hassle I had to go through to get it. However, I hate the fact that there isn't a way to silence the ringers on this phone the only other mode available is vibrate. Other than this small inconvenience the phone seems to be great Razz !!
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May 14, 2004, 8:34 PM


I really like my new 4600 but I am now on my second one because the first one would turn itself off overnight when it was on the charger. The only way I could get the phone to turn back on was to remove the battery, then put the battery back in. The second VX4600 is doing the same thing and it even turned itself off without being on the charger. Verizon doesn't have an answer for this problem, nor has LG offered any explanation. This would really be a sweet phone if not for this annoyance. I wish the display was a little brighter than it is. Compared to my wife's Samsung A530S it is not as bright, but you can see it in the bright sun where as the a530 you can't. I haven't seen anyone else complain about this problem that I have now ha...
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May 16, 2004, 4:43 PM

Indentions on the screen

I just got a VX4600 last week and today I noticed two little indentions on the inside screen while I was cleaning it. They match up with the raised parts of the "5" key. These raised parts of the key indented my screen while closing the phone. Is this common or am I closing the phone too hard? It seems like they would have designed the phone so this would not happen. Anyone know of any way to buff these out or should I just get used to it?
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May 16, 2004, 11:07 PM

dropped calls

i recently switched over to verizon from sprint with the vx4600. i was very excited to find a relatively inexpensive phone with just about everything i needed. but more importantly, i wanted the much talked about better reception from verizon in my area, nyc.

unfortunately, my calls keep getting dropped - even though i may have 3 or 4 bars! i've rarely had dropped calls with my sprint phone and when it did, it was in questionable areas where it wasn't all that surprising. now, with verizon service, i can only carry a conversation standing right next to my window! i am extremely disappointed to say the least.

anyone else have this problem? is this a problem with verizon service or is it this phone? btw, all 4 members of my family got th...
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May 13, 2004, 9:38 PM

Removing "Verizon Wireless" banner on screen

The "Verizon Wireless" banner on the screen clutters up a neat wallpaper I have. Any idea how to remove it? No offense to Verizon, but their logo is on the phone's front, back, and inside; we can both live without on the screen. Thanks for any help.
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May 11, 2004, 11:16 AM

Lg 4600 Sales rep I.D. number

As I posted, I have two new Lg4600 phones. One for me, one for my wife as a secondary line. I was able to finally get a sales rep (i.d. # TB310) who was able to send me the phones. The invoice for my phone lists the full retail price of $219.99, a unit price of $69.99 and a discount of $69.99 for a total price of $00.00 for my phone. Now I don't know if the sales rep put the order through as a "new every two" of what, but I do know that I did not pay anything for my phone, I paid $69.99 plus $8.99 for shipping for my wife's phone.
I placed the order on 04/27/04.
Don't know what to tell you if you can't get the phone or if you've been told that none have been sold or whatever. I have two.

keep trying.
Very Happy
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May 11, 2004, 6:17 PM


I'm curious to know what non-company store everyone is referring to. I would like to find another route to purchase this phone. I spoke with customer service and was told that this phone is only offered for a limited amount of time and while supplies last...Anyone had any luck purchasing this phone in the Southern states that are not new customers of Verizon?

May 10, 2004, 2:32 PM

LG VX4600

What other companies are available that I could purchase this phone from. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until September, and my LG VX4400 is not working well!!!

May 7, 2004, 5:18 PM

LG VX4600

Currently I'm an owner of the LG VX4400 and unfortunately my phone is no longer avaiable through Verizon.. However, I have contacted Verizon and they told me that my phone will be replaced with the upcoming LG VX3200. I'm upset because this phone is nothing like the one I have now, and I've decided that I would like to purchase the LG VX4600 when it becomes available to those customers who do not need a contract.. Does anyone know when it will be available for flat out retail and by the way does it have a desk top charger? Can this phone pick up a signal in most rural areas sine it is an all digital phone?
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May 10, 2004, 10:24 AM

was able to order as an upgrade

I saw a few posts regarding this model only being available for new customers. Well, I called & was able to get it as an upgrade for my second line of service with no problems. Hope it's as great as some of you are saying...

May 7, 2004, 11:35 AM

Just got it, it's ok.

It's a nice phone. It's a little smaller and sturdier than the vx6000 but basically the same phone minus the camera and a few little extra's most wont notice. One bad thing about this phone is it can't support the new Instant Messaging software available on the vx6000 and vx4500. So if you want to use the AIM,MSN or Yahoo messenger software you can't do it on this phone, even though CS said you could. I spoke with Tech today and they said it won't work yet and they're not sure if it ever will be adapted for this model. If you have a vx4500 or 6000 it's not really worth changing in my opinion. I think I'll wait til the vx 7000 or 8000 comes our way. Hopefully later this year.
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May 7, 2004, 8:17 PM

LG VX4600 Ringtones

If you go to Xringer from the Get it Now application...there is a link called HOT ARTIST...in this link there are 10 Jimi Hendrix Realtones (not polyphonic ringtones) that are clips of the actual song...they sound AWESOME on this phone!!! I'm VERY satisfied with this phone so far...I am NOT satisfied with Verizon's cooperation in selling to it me (it took 10 attempts to get this phone).

May 6, 2004, 10:44 PM

What a great little phone.

Sorry all. Just had to say that my 4600 is now 1.5 days old and I just love it. Hope anyone who wants this phone gets it soon. I stopped by my local vz store today to see if they had any accessories for this thing and they were ranting and raving over this phone as it will not be available in stores so they say.. Very Happy
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May 7, 2004, 7:24 AM

I got an LG 4600!!

Very Happy Very Happy

I wanted a decent phone upgrade when my "new every two" time came and I did not want a camera phone. My wife and I both thought that the LG4600 looked good and we attempted to upgrade on the verizon website but couldn't do it. I called customer service but they told me that it was an internet only phone. I told them that I tried to get it as an upgrade on the internet but couldn't and they suggested that I try sales. They connected me to sales and I spoke to a punk who asked me why I wanted the LG4600!!!, when I could get the LG6000 camera phone and he could get it to me for free. I told him that it was very simple; I want to upgrade my phones using my "new every two" for my primary line and pay for the other phone for my wi...

May 6, 2004, 8:40 PM

LG 4600 ---Outside Display

I need to know if the outside display on this phone lights up in blue when the phone rings. I just purchased the LG 4500 last week and the sales person told me it would light up on the outside but much to my dismay the outside light is not colored. I want to trade in my phone for this one but only if the outside dispaly will be colorful. Can someone tell me for sure? Thank you. Smile
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May 2, 2004, 10:34 PM

VX4600 for new lines only?

While searching around for a phone to upgrade to, I got excited when I found the VX4600. Fit my needs to a T. But when I went through the "Upgrade your phone" links on the verizon website, that phone wasn't in the list of phones. Yet, when I looked at the list of phones as if I were a new subscriber, there it was, plain as day.

After many phone calls, an email, and a lot of head scratching, I think I've gotten to the bottom of it.

BE WARNED! The VX4600 is available for new lines of service only! Not an option if you are a current subscriber and are trying to upgrade.

Apparently, LG had VZW make an agreement that they would only sell it to new subscribers. Why? Nobody at VZW seems to know.

If anybody knows a way around this...
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