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Apr 28, 2006, 11:37 PM
for the Nokia 2125i / 2126i / 2128i:
Simply Brilliant CDMA phone!
Despite being CDMA (Verizon and Sprint's network) critic I must say, Nokia alway has managed some how produce good quality CDMA phones but this one is just PERFECT and does match to older NOKIA'S GSM Phones in quality! PROS: -Amazingly clean smooth and loud (for CDMA) sound quality. -Of course excellent battery life(monochrome screen-DUH!) -Excellent polyphonic quality loud ring tones -Normal receiption QUESTION TO NOKIA: Why can't we have the same Normal phone for T-Mobile or Cingular's GSM network???? ALL CURRENT NOKIA GSM phones for USA SUCK: -6010 ...

Jan 30, 2006, 10:34 PM
for the Kyocera K9:
Stop The B.S. Please! (go buy Sony 750 crap phone)
PEOPLE: Don't believe the stupid kid's reviews of this phone. I personally bought this phone for my nephew (since he is only 12 years old). THIS PHONE IS SIMPLE , and does what the phone must do (making and receiving calls) with outstanding quality. And if you don't believe me then go to Duane Reade drug store and buy it FOR $20!!!!! Yes, $20 !!!! And if you find out that I'm wrong (but I can asure you 98% that you wil ...

Sep 24, 2005, 4:07 PM
for the Nokia 6170:
WOW! Excellent! NOKIA 6310i quality in a clamshell style!
WE HAVE BEEN waiting for 6310i quality type of Nokia phone but in a newer verison for a long time and here it comes: 6170 beautiful, strong, compact and the same time big enough when opened cellular phone from NOKIA! PROS: 900/1800/1900 ( REAL TRIBAND, not B.S 850 frequency for Cingular) -Excellent sound quality -Sturdy and strong design -Good batterry life ( not as good as 6310i of course, because 6170 has a color screen) CONS: There can't be any ...

Sep 24, 2005, 3:36 PM
for the Nokia 6101 / 6102:
Sound not loud? Ringer is distorted? Then it deserves 0.0 scroe!
First of all I'm glad that we have 0 score here, because if the phone's basic function is not working properly then it certainly deserves 0.00 ! As other people have noticed, the sound quality on this phone is not clear, not loud and the ringer gets dirtored if set up to a high level. What's up with american market? Why Can't T-Mobile market Nokia 6170 or 7270 phones? Why the cheapest Nokia (6101) which still costs $200 ! ( ...

Sep 21, 2005, 12:22 AM
for the Nokia 7270:
Another brillian Nokia model
WELL, What more could be said than it is already has been on this forum and on many other forums. 7270 Undoubtly looks like professional phone that is made for making and receiving calls (not for playing with 640/480 camera, or games). The Best part about Nokia 7270 is: It is available from www.nokiausa.com in a trully triband version (finally we have 1800/900/1900). That means we can get it and use it with T-Mobile service. The ...

Sep 13, 2005, 11:04 PM
for the Nokia N90:
Big disappointment
I'll start for the Basics: 1)Contrary to all rumors and beliefs Nokia n90 has no Vibration. http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_n90 -review-44.php (Main disadvantages list) . Remember those people from gsmarena.com have the phone! 2) The photos taken by n90 are far behind the photos taken by Nokia 6681/6682 (could it be than in n90 there is a fake Carl? or simply than Nokia and Carl don't get alone very well?). COMPARE PHOTOS of the same places taken by both phones - http://www.gsmarena.com/review.php3?idReview= 45&idPage=3 ( ...

Sep 13, 2005, 10:42 PM
for the Nokia 6682 / 6681:
6681 photos better than on n90 (check for yourself)
Nokia 6681/6682 is simply brilliant as a phone, as well as a camera. To my surprise the photos taken by 6681 (1.3 mp ) are much sharper and more color-truthful than the photos taken by Nokia n90 (so-called Carl Zeiss, hmmmm, without vibration bytheway!). I don't know what is the matter up here? Maybe there is a fake Carl in n90? Or maybe Carl and Nokia don't get alone? COMPARE THE PHOTOS taken by both phone: 1) http://www.gsmarena.com/review.php3?idReview= 38&idPage=4 (photos taken by ...

Aug 31, 2005, 10:37 PM
for the Samsung SGH-E635 / SGH-E630:
Why does it have 850? instead 1900?
If this model is made specifically for T-Mobile USA, then why the heck it is 850/1800/1900 instead of 900/1800/1900???? T-Mobile only uses 1900 frequency in the United States! Also at least put european 900 instead of european 1800 ( 900 is by far more used in europe than 1800!). I demand the answer from Samsung USA!

Aug 31, 2005, 10:28 PM
for the Samsung SGH-E335:
Sound quality, Sound quality (ehh-Samsung)
I saw few reviewers have complained about the sound quality and about the type of ringers. WELL, I'm not surpriced anymore. There is something wrong specifically with Samsung GSM flip phones. All Samsung flip phones (at least the ones for american market) have bad sound quality. This include: E105, e315, x475, x495 and others. Sound quality is the main reason why not a cingle Samsung phone ever got 4.0 review neither on this forum nor on any other ...

Aug 10, 2005, 8:31 PM
for the Audiovox CDM-8940:
I'll repeat: CDMA=horrible sound quality
AS I stated many times before (but people for some reason don't believe me), AMERICAN CDMA Network (used by Verizon and Sprint) is the cheapest piece of JUNK and therfore the sound quality (especially after 9pm!) is HORRIBLE (no matter what phone you use!) VERIZON: at least be smart, and do not allow people to make calls from Audiovox 8940 in your stores! CDM 894O, just happened to have to worsest CDMA sound quality. All other connected phones ( uncluding: most expansive ...

Jun 28, 2005, 10:11 PM
for the Samsung SGH-P735 / SGH-P730:
Good design but horrible quality
I totally agree with reviewer by the name: BLACKROSEBUD. I told phonescopp reviewers few days agao about my experience when I was trying to purchase the Sony k750 phone. Well, on the same day and from the same company http://www.no-air-time.com I have purchased the Samsung p730 ( the european version of P735). But God made me loosing this phone after one week of use. Also, not to mention that this joke phone of american p735 version costs around $500! ...

Jun 23, 2005, 2:39 AM
for the Sony Ericsson K750 / W800 / D750 / W700:
The best camera, but what about the phone quality?
I went to cti telecoms office in New York area and was interested to buy k750. I inserted my T-Monile Sim card and made few calls to check the quality of the phone. Unfortunately this time Sony did not go without a bug. Camera and other features of the phone are exceptional, but the sound quality is horrible. PROS: -Excellent and probably the best on European market camera/phone -High quality screen CONS: -Screen is too small -Phone is too small as well (that make the ...

May 6, 2005, 10:55 AM
for the Samsung SCH-A890:
Ehhhhh CDMA!!! (a890 would be great with GSM)
I went into Verizon Wireless store, to check new Verizon phones and to see if they have improved the quality of their CDMA network since 2 years ago (the last time I had a nightmare with Verizon's and Sprint's CDMA. Since that time I got into technology studying and by now know very well about the difference between GSM and CDMA. This time I made a call from Samsung a890 and few very expensive Kyosera and LG phones. THE RESULT? CDMA in the ...

May 4, 2005, 11:18 AM
for the Samsung SGH-E105:
I agree with other user about unexplainable high rating of this phone model. I'm swear I had this phone for about a day after which have returned it to the store, because I could not take the so-called ringtones as well as shi--y sound quality! PROS: -Nice desighn -Ease of menu (like on all other Samsungs) -world phone (900/1900) CONS: -Very unsmooth sound quality (jumps from low to hi when the other end cnanges the tone of voice slightly) -Very unclear sound quality ...

Apr 25, 2005, 7:11 PM
for the Nokia 3390:
Bad Phone?!
I used to have this phone 2 times. First time I used for about a year and a half before I lost it. Then bought another one and used it for about a year. Please people be realistic: This 3390 Nokia model and 6340i model are the best phones on the market! Of course there is a reason as to why they are the best: PROS: -Not a color screen (I hate color screen unless it is minmimum 256k with 240/320 pixel) -No ...

Apr 25, 2005, 5:47 PM
for the Samsung SCH-A790 / SCH-A795 / IP-A790:
Good design but as always: issues with CDMA
I've had this phone about a week but planning on returning it since it does not perform well as a phone ( 262 k screen, and 1mp camera are not worth of buying this phone). PROS: -Easy to use menu (as on all Samsung phones) -Triband phone CONS: -as previous reviews noted -missed calls on CDMA -Poor audio quality (especially on CDMA) -Hardly enough decent battery life Conclusion: one more time I have learned the lesson: never ever again will I buy a CDMA phone (unless ...

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