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Apr 25, 2017, 8:53 PM
for the Samsung Galaxy S8+:
Best Samsung phone ever made.
The title says it all. This is without a doubt the best Samsung has ever made. They took everything that was right about the tragic Note 7 and blew it up ( pun intended ). It feels great in the hand has the same excellent rounded sides. I don't know how they did it but you almost can't tell that there's an aluminum band between the two glass halves. It's almost perfectly seamless. The screen, what is there to ...

Nov 29, 2015, 10:00 PM
for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ (CDMA):
Best Samsung phone ever made...period.
This phone is by far the best Samsung phone ever made. It is EVERYTHING an ultra premium device should be. The screen is amazing. You couldn't see a pixel if you used a magnifying glass. The colors are rich and mostly accurate. The device feels great in the hand thanks to its relatively light weight and sveltness. Movies and pictures look great on it. The camera is top 2-3 in ANY device on the market. Right there with the ...

Jul 15, 2015, 7:32 PM
for the Microsoft Lumia 640:
Exceptional phone at an exceptional price.
I want to start by saying this is NOT a budget phone. It may be in the budget price range, but don't let that deceive you. This phone has a crisp colorful 5 inch HD IPs LCD screen. Text is sharp and without blur or distortion. Photos and video viewed on the screen is clear and colors or very true to life. The clear black panel insures good outdoor use and reproduces blacks dark and inky. The one drawback ...

Mar 23, 2015, 12:38 AM
for the Samsung ATIV SE:
best windows phone on the market
I can't believe this phone is so unheard of. Samsung didn't advertise it and Verizon doesn't even carey it in most stores. But believe me when I say it IS the best Windows phone out there. The specs are practically future proof with a 2.3 ghz quad core snapdragon 800 on board with 2 gigs of ram. It has a gorgeous 5 inch 1080p amoled display. It absolutely flies. No lags or stutters at all. It opens and runs ...

Mar 10, 2014, 6:56 PM
for the Motorola Moto X (regional CDMA, 1st gen.):
Great phone, useful features
I have owned this phone for a week now and I can say it's exceptional. Screen is bright and easy to read even in sunlight. The size. Ms weight of the phone feel great in the hand. It's not a Phablet like a lot of other phones today, but still manages to give you a big 4.7 inche screen. But where this phone truly shines is the software features like toughness control. It lets you speak to your phone ...

Dec 5, 2013, 3:01 AM
for the LG Nexus 5:
Best Nexus phone so far.
First I should say that I'm a phonaphile. I collect cellphones. It's a problem. I HAVE to have every new phone that comes out. I don't know why. The reason I'm telling you this is so you'll know when I say things I have something to compare it to. This phone is the best Nexus phone so far, hands down. In my opinion its better than the GS4 and HTC One. I know the GS4 has more software features ...

Jan 13, 2010, 1:09 AM
for the HTC Nexus One:
Absolute Perfection!!!!
Ok i admit it I'm an iphone fanboy. Up until about a day ago i thought it was the best phone i had ever used. I drank the koolaid and loved the flavor.Then the Nexus One fell into my lap ( well was placed there in a fed ex box by my roomate). I opened it with trepidation. Wanting it to be great, the whole time clutching my 3Gs tightly. The first impression is WOW!! This is one sexy ...

Nov 6, 2009, 10:34 PM
for the HTC Droid Eris:
Awesome phone!!!!
I was the second person in line this morning at 7am to recieve my droid:eris. I debated while waiting for the store to open about getting the Moto:droid instead. however the sense ui was the deciding factor and i can say after using it all day that im not disappointed. for the last year ive used an unlocked iphone 3g and the htc ion.(which is the unlocked developers version of the magic)so i can honestly compare this phone to ...

Jul 3, 2009, 5:55 PM
for the Apple iPhone 3GS:
The best Iphone ever....No no the best phone EVER!!!
Ok i have to say it. This is the best phone or multimedia device ever made. It does everything you could ever want.Ive tried the storm,omnia,touch pro,and even an unlocked version of the almighty htc magic. all of them paled in comparison. i even talked my friend into switching his pre with my iphone for a day and you know what. he returned his pre to get an iphone.(side note: his pres screen subsequently cracked for no appearant reason,hahahahahahahahahaha).The ...

May 28, 2009, 9:09 AM
for the BlackBerry Storm 9530:
BB Storm good, not great
I have had this phone for a about a week now and like it. I dont love it as i did with my iphone. I will say that in maine where i live the service on verizon is 100 times better than with my att.Which is the only reason i switched from my iphone in the first place. The things they did right on this phone are the screen, which is i feel even better than my iphone screen ...

Jan 8, 2009, 2:24 PM
for the Apple iPhone:
Best device of all time, not a bad phone either
I never thought id buy an iphone. mostly because i never wanted to be an at&t customer again...and im not. I finally after a year and a half of using the instinct and the dare and Behold and, various Chinese knock offs decided to buy an unlocked and jailbroken iphone off of ebay....and damn if i didnt fall in love. This is the best device ive ever used, and ive used them all.Ive been in the wireless industry for about ...

Nov 17, 2008, 10:30 AM
for the HTC G1:
Returning it!!!!!!!
First let me say that i wanted to love this phone so much i left verizon after 5 years.I fought with my wife cause she wouldnt leave verizon. so now we are on seperate plans with seperate carriers just so i could get this phone. After saying that i have to say T-mo and google screwed the pooch.The phone is horrible, its too big,too heavy, and too cheap feeling.Yes the screen is brilliant, and the OS is the best ive ...

Aug 30, 2008, 12:07 AM
for the LG Dare VX-9700:
Ive had this phone for about 3 days now and love it. About two weeks ago i bought an instinct through best buy. I really liked that phone and in fact wrote a decent review about it on this site. my issues were few but they were big. Screen size,no customization, and last but not least horrible reception where i live and work which is in Maine. So i returned it( after hours of fighting best buy).I then set my sights on either ...

Aug 3, 2008, 7:03 PM
for the Samsung Instinct M800:
Darn good phone...with some drawbacks
I mostly love this phone. it has a lot of great features. i had the htc touch beforew this one and loved that phone as well, but didnt like the windows mobile. this phone has a great os and is faster reacting.the camera is one of the drawbacks. I am always getting the fuzzy picture warning. It comes up constantly to the point i dont even want to use the camera unless im outside. The browser is the other ...

May 11, 2008, 9:29 AM
for the BlackBerry Curve 8320:
Blackberry curve 8320 is da bomb!!!!!!
First i want to say this is the first time in my 13 years of phone ownership and sales that i am giving a phone a 5. This phone does everything, and i mean everything. the call quality on t-mobile in maine is good anyways but this phone seems to get better reception than my old htc wing. also the battery life is exceptional, i get 2 days even with huge internet use and medium amount of talking.I did ...

Dec 20, 2007, 6:55 PM
for the Palm Centro 690 (CDMA):
Awsome phone/pda
I have had this phone for 3 days and i love it. its what i always wanted in a palm. the size and styling of the phone are great. the reception is great. its got that most reliable of pda operating systems in palm, and to boot it takes excellent pics for a 1.3 mp camera phone. there are some negatives of course and they are the same as most other reviews have stated battery life is only ...

Dec 5, 2007, 11:49 PM
for the LG Fusic / LX-550:
Top 5 phone ive ever owned
Well i have to say this phone is great. ive had good expirience with lg in the past but this thing takes the cake. it has every single feature i want in a phone and great service from sprint!! and the price is right cant argue with free can ya. the only gripe i have so far is the feel of the phone is a little cheap, i know its not cheap its just the feel. ive owned some ...

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