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Re: 3220 (back light)
Dec 15, 2007, 8:00 AM
in the Nokia 3220 forum

Nokia phones do not let you control the back-light time. I think they have learned that if they do, users will set it long then complain about phones poor batt life. It can seem like two seconds if you are trying to do something, but it is about 8 seconds that passes quickly if you are scanning the screen looking for something. To prolong it, just hit any key. The right or left nav keys are good candidates that won't ...

Re: no time displayed on 3220
Oct 27, 2007, 7:36 PM
in the Nokia 3220 forum

Go to MENU, SETTINGS, CLOCK+TIME, CLOCK and you will find an option to SHOW or HIDE CLOCK.

Re: Connect 6030 to PC through USB
Aug 1, 2007, 2:07 PM
in the Nokia 6030 forum

Unfortunately sterc, Nokia PC Suite is not supported on this phone. I believe Cingular has a backup service you can subscribe to for a small monthly fee, which is why, I believe, more of Nokias phones are not supporting Nokias backup software, PC Suite,......because their carriers don't want them to. See my review on this phone here on 8/1/07. BTW, find yourself a phone that has the industry agreed on wireless backup/sync standard called SyncML. Then wirelessly, effortlessly, and FREEly backup/recover ...

Re: phone available now?
Aug 18, 2005, 8:14 PM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

It was advertised in New Hampshire two weekends ago on a flashy(no pun intended) single page color insert in the states largest Sunday paper, along with the V180 and V551. V180 free, 6230 $70, V551 $99.

Re: Moto v551 or Nokia 6230?
Aug 18, 2005, 9:06 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

Note, I know Nokia has a Goto function that allow you to assign functions to a Goto List. This helps, but it takes one click to access the list, then scrolling to the function, then selecting the function. Moto allow one click access for up to six phone functions. The Nokia allows one. Don't get me wrong, I still love the 6230, but I just wish someone would take the best of both and create a REAL USER FRIENDLY phone ...

Re: Moto v551 or Nokia 6230?
Aug 18, 2005, 8:58 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

The biggest reason to get a bar bar(6230) over a good flip(V551) is size. Women have pocket books and size is usually not the big issue. For men, the 6230 is thin for the pants pocket, but bar phone's screen and buttons get worn and scratched over time. If I didn't need the MP3 player function and thinner size I would have gotten the V551. One big advantage the V551, and all motos have over nokias is customization/personalization. Moto allow you ...

Re: 6230 vs 6230i
Aug 18, 2005, 8:45 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

Compare the two specs side-by-side at this site.

Re: Gave Up
Aug 18, 2005, 8:39 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

No phone screen has better contrast with a Wallpaper in the background. Goto SETTINGS/DISPLAY/WALLPAPER and set it to NONE. Then got to SETTINGS/DISPLAY/COLOR SCHEMES and set it to a darker color that gives you the best contrast against the no-wallpaper white background. Blue is one that worked for me.

Re: Airplane vs. MP3
Aug 18, 2005, 8:23 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

Who turns their cell phone completely off on a flight? Do you ever see anyone racing for their cell phone to do this? If you are not making a call, then it is safe enough. One of the airlines are now considering allowing cell phone use on their flights. Turn off your ringer and use your MP3 function for heaven sake.

Re: Nokia 6230 or Moto V3
Aug 18, 2005, 8:16 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

More talk time doesn't help if it fails to work at all. Read the V3 ratings vs 6230 here. The V3 has reliability problems.

Re: Nokia 6230 Decreased Volume
Aug 18, 2005, 7:55 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

Battery level can effect speaker volume somewhat as well as RF receive efficiency. Also, be sure your hands or fingers(body parts) are not covering the antenna in the upper part of the phone. Manual says hold phone in one hand around the bottom half of the phone when talking.

Re: Flashing Nokia 3120 w/ latest firmware...
Aug 18, 2005, 7:32 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

I'm not sure Paula, but here is a tip for finding out what version you have now. At the home screen, type in *#0000# Do you know what the latest version available is? Let us know here if you find out how to update.

Re: It's so sad...
Aug 18, 2005, 7:24 AM
in the Nokia 6230i forum

I agree Ralph. Why didn't they just take a beautiful phone design like the 3120, which is about the same size and shape, and just make it a little larger and add the 6230's awesome features. Why they chose to go ugly with the added expense of a package redesign is anyone's guess. The features still make you hold your nose and get it anyway. It's just sad. :)

Re: Memory Capacity
Aug 18, 2005, 7:07 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

Check online User Manual. I believe it mentions about 1Meg.

Re: I miss my Nokia ...!!!
Aug 18, 2005, 7:01 AM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

To get a white background screen and better contrast, in SETTINGS set WALLPAPER to none. Then in SETTING/COLOR SCHEMES pick a color that give you the best contrast against this background. I found BLUE worked good. To get a LIST instead of the unreadable icon GRID on MENU, set SETTINGS/DISPLAY/MENU to LIST. To personalize the 6230 for quick access to the functions you use the most, organize and order the GOTO list in SETTINGS/PERSONAL SHORTCUTS/GOTO OPTIONS, to add remove functions, and ...

Re: What happened to the Nokia 6230?
Aug 17, 2005, 7:34 PM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

It was advertised in a NH Sunday News flyer as $69 with 2 yr contract by Cingular last weekend 8/8/05.

Re: Radio
Aug 17, 2005, 7:19 PM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

I meant to add the quality of sound from the radio has more to do with the size/quality of the headset than the 6230 radio.

Re: Radio
Aug 17, 2005, 7:14 PM
in the Nokia 6230 forum

Consider a Pop-Port-to-Headphone adapter instead of the Nokia headset that has the Pop-Port plug married to their headset. They are on Ebay for about $4. This will allow you to use any headset with a standard 2.5mm mini jack. The advantage is your choice of headset style and quality, more headset for the price, and you can replace it when it breaks or gets lost.

Re: poor reception
Aug 17, 2005, 10:18 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

According to the Manual supplied with mine, it is important to hold the phone by its lower half, keeping hands and fingers away from the upper half were the RF Transmitter is located. I don't know how much this will help because I am in CA where Cingular has good coverage. Just noticed it in the manual in the beginning part of how to use the phone. If you find this makes a difference, I would be interested in your feedback.

Re: help
Aug 17, 2005, 9:30 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

Ebay for about $50 unlocked for any GSM network and WITHOUT YEARS of commitment.

Re: Backlight timer?
Aug 17, 2005, 9:20 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

Very unfortunately, no. It is too short and Nokia has chosen to save your battery instead of letting you make the trade-off between recharges and phone convenience. I use a left < or right > key press to keep it lite because these keys are rarely used for other functions in most functions. I use the End key to keep in lite in the Home screen.

Re: Turning off screensaver with clock?
Aug 17, 2005, 9:13 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

Why? You can barely see it anyway after 10 seconds from last key pressed? You can experiment with the default display Wallpaper, Screen Savers, contrast, etc in MENU/SETTINGS/DISPLAY. I found setting both Screen Saver and Wallpaper to NONE gives the best display. Contrast setting didn't seem to make a lot of difference, but the COLOR scheme you choose does, especially against the white background display you get when Wallpaper is set to NONE.

Re: Volume control 3120
Aug 17, 2005, 9:00 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

Volume control on the 3120 is the right > key to increase and left < to decrease. It must be done during a call in progress for some unknown Nokia logic. A graph will appear when you're setting it to show level. The good news is it will stay where you set it for future calls. This info I found buried in the Manual that came with my phone. It is worth reading to discover other ...

Re: Can I delete the name 'Cingular' on my wallpaper?
Aug 17, 2005, 8:30 AM
in the Nokia 3100 / 3120 forum

I just started using the 3120 on Cingular Service in CA. I think if you set wallpaper to NONE in settings, Cingular logo will go away and be replaced with date, but maybe not with your state. An added advantage I found with no wallpaper is you will get a much more readable screen, high contrast, in daylight. You can experiment with color schemes to see which gives you the best contrast against the white background screen you get without ...

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