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The ads are not a big deal
Jun 27, 2017, 3:39 PM
in the Article: Amazon Loads Up Its Roster of Prime Exclusive Phones forum

I recently got the Moto G5 Plus this way and the ads are just the lock screen. If you have a notification then it's just a notification ad on the lock screen. Doesn't bother me at all.

Price is getting up there
Jun 20, 2017, 3:36 PM
in the Article: OnePlus Reveals the OnePlus 5 with Dual Cameras forum

Yes it's a beast of a phone, and it's the best price, but when do we start calling it top tier? It's almost $500 for the low end model.

Re: Ouch! New Rate Plan not as Good as It Looks!
Aug 18, 2016, 1:06 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Uncarrier 12 Heralds Fully Unlimited Service forum

The only part I wanna mention is that its 2G speeds, not actual 2G. While I do not have much experience with 2G speeds on a 4G network, I know that actual 2G network is unusable for modern data needs. Opening webpages always seemed to work for what little I did with 2G speeds.

About time
Jul 18, 2016, 2:03 PM
in the Article: Verizon Turns On 'Always-On Data' for Prepaid Subs forum

I think this, combined with adding the 2G option to post paid are great moves for Verizon customers and the business. No one wants to pay overages, but has the option to buy more data, but not be fully disconnected if they choose not too.

Re: I swear, if people complain about this one...
Jul 6, 2016, 7:14 PM
in the Article: Verizon Wireless Debuts New My Verizon App and Plan forum

The 2G unlimited thing is exactly what I have been saying they should do. And oddly enough, even the $5 price.

Found a typo
May 24, 2016, 3:51 PM
in the Article: Google's Speech-to-Text App Gains New Powers forum

That should be "femail" not "female"

If you have Sprint why not do this...
May 13, 2016, 5:20 PM
in the Article: Sprint Packages 40GB Shared Plan with Amazon Prime forum

... but I still think that its a tough sell to over Amazon Prime a dollar more a month then you can buy it individually on its own.

Still waiting
Apr 27, 2016, 2:09 PM
in the Article: Samsung Prepping Expansion for Samsung Pay forum

Still waiting for my single branch credit union debit card to work with it. Works with Google Pay, and I want it to work with Samsung Pay. I work retail and I see people use it.

Truly Unlimited?
Apr 15, 2016, 10:16 AM
in the Article: Cricket Debuts Unlimited Plan for $70 forum

Is this actual unlimited or does this slow down at a high number (I am sure it has network pioritization).

Re: This makes no sence
Mar 25, 2016, 12:10 AM
in the Article: Netflix Says It Throttles Video on AT&T and Verizon forum

Short answer, it could have been worse

Re: This was it
Mar 17, 2016, 1:06 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Adds YouTube to Binge On forum

Ironically I pay for Google Play Music, so no ads.

This was it
Mar 17, 2016, 11:26 AM
in the Article: T-Mobile Adds YouTube to Binge On forum

Youtube was the last service I needed switched over to unlimited. Probably make the switch down to the 10GB plan soon. Really just to save money short term. Then back up to unlimited one day.

Re: Oh my god.
Feb 29, 2016, 1:04 PM
in the Article: Sprint Brings Back Two-Year Contracts - With A Catch forum

The thing is if a Sprint customer is still on an everything plan with metered minutes, contracts are better deals. Hopefully with the return of contracts people can keep those plans for longer.

Re: Personally, a good deal
Jan 12, 2016, 7:10 PM
in the Article: AT&T Brings Back Unlimited Data for TV Customers forum

Sure. Lets take a look. When I had unlimited data on AT&T, I was paying about $80 for 450 minutes, unlimited text and data. I believe unlimited minutes brought you to around $100 or slightly more. So its a fantastic deal if you are already a customer of uverse or directtv. The simple fact that they are offering it again, even if it appeals only to a select few, is awesome. As I said, it would work for me. I would ...

Are people that lazy
Jan 12, 2016, 7:06 PM
in the Article: Apple Addresses WiFi Assist with Data Counter forum

Whatever happened to connecting to wifi on your own, and disconnecting when it was awful on your own. I do it on my android phone and always turn off connection manager.

Personally, a good deal
Jan 12, 2016, 3:47 PM
in the Article: AT&T Brings Back Unlimited Data for TV Customers forum

I feel that this is actually a good deal for those who are fine with the combination. AT&T performs great where ever I go, and having access to unlimited data would be awesome. Plus that extends to tablets. Which is crazy in my mind. I am not swayed by the directv side of this, but I might have Uverse if it were offered in my area.

Re: There's a Difference
Dec 23, 2015, 11:26 AM
in the Article: YouTube Claims T-Mobile Is Throttling Video Traffic forum

A difference does exist between SD and HD video on a 5 inch screen. Especially if the screen is an HD screen. And its a type of throttle since its slowing the allowed speed down to an SD stream instead of an HD stream. It changes the visual quality of content. If you were expecting HD content, and T-Mobile forced SD content without telling you, you may think the problem is on youtubes side bringing down youtubes perceived value.

Re: Probably Overdue
Nov 11, 2015, 5:14 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Increasing Unlimited Data Plan Price by $15 forum

I am surprised it didn't happen sooner. Now I am gonna hold onto my 2/$100 for as long as possible.

Re: Where in Montana??
Oct 29, 2015, 10:48 AM
in the Article: T-Mobile's LTE Network Covers 300 Million People forum

I highly doubt this means T-Mobile is now in Montana, and thats because AT&T is barely in Montana and Sprint isn't at all. T-Mobile has been focusing on LTE, and probably has been expanding its current network, and at the moment not going into new markets.

Re: Not True
Oct 25, 2015, 12:04 PM
in the Article: Verizon Seeking Permission from FCC for WiFi Calling forum

The current method of WiFi calling at T-Mobile is different then it was before. I've heard stories its better, but at the very least it only became an advertised feature of T-Mobile recently. Its now offered with all smart phones, wifi calls can hand off to VoLTE, and T-Mobile will give customers WiFi routers if they need one.

Re: $700?
Oct 23, 2015, 12:58 PM
in the Article: BlackBerry Priv Runs Android, Costs $699, Ships November 6 forum

It's all about brand, not anything else. LG knows this. Their phones get priced slightly lower and drops quickly. Blackberry doesn't have the $700 brand anymore. So they can accept a lower mark up, or make a cheaper phone.

Re: T-Mobile gives Wifi calling to Android users as well
Oct 9, 2015, 12:54 AM
in the Article: AT&T iPhone Owners Can Now Use WiFi Calling forum

If we are going with service then no they don't. Itscthe reason they are the third one to roll out the feature. They have the 2nd best network by coverage. Where I live I'd never need to use wifi calling.

Re: 100 Megabits ?
Sep 11, 2015, 10:03 AM
in the Article: Sprint's iPhone 6s Includes Carrier Aggregation forum

This is a real question on my part, but how wide are the frequency blocks in Canada? Thats one of the biggest factors for speeds. Thats why T-Mobile can get such high speeds here. Its because they have a wide block of frequency.

In Sprint's defense....
Aug 17, 2015, 3:21 PM
in the Article: Sprint Intros 'iPhone Forever' Promo forum

.... they started phone leasing first. And were the first to have an iphone for life plan, offering either a 2 year or 1 year lease. T-Mobile made it better.

Re: And the rest of carriers will follow
Aug 14, 2015, 9:18 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Embraces FM Radio In Phones forum

And AT&T is following in Sprint's footsteps from a couple years ago.

Re: Less Data?
Aug 14, 2015, 5:07 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Embraces FM Radio In Phones forum

Yes but some apps use a marginal amount of data when connected. For example, nextradio (mentioned in the article) will pull information about the station you are listening too off the internet. Including band information and links to buy the song. Yes you can use nextradio without a data connection, but its a "richer" experience with data on.

End of contracts?
Aug 7, 2015, 1:00 PM
in the Article: Verizon Revamps Plans, Offering S, M, L, and XL Sizes forum

So this drops the regular plans and contracts too?

128 GB same price?
Aug 5, 2015, 1:58 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile First to Drop Samsung Galaxy S6 Prices forum

So the 128 and 64 are same price now? Other then the fact the 128 isn't carried in store I see no reason not to get that one.

Re: So, basically
Jul 29, 2015, 7:47 PM
in the Article: AT&T to Mandate Working FM Radios In Android Handsets forum

Sprint did it 2 years ago and preinstalled nextradio to all the phones. I wish others would get on board. Some stations I listen to are not on all the streaming apps.

Re: What about Apple
Jul 29, 2015, 7:46 PM
in the Article: AT&T to Mandate Working FM Radios In Android Handsets forum

I think the day a carrier dictates to apple is the day you can't find an iphone on that carrier anymore.

Will this work for Verizon?
Jul 28, 2015, 7:14 PM
in the Article: Moto G to Come In CDMA and GSM Variants forum

More specifically, would this work on straighttalk on Verizon. I am thinking about buying my brother a new phone this year as a gift and this would be perfect, but he needs Verizon coverage. His current one runs Verizon.

So it can be billed to your bill?
Jul 28, 2015, 4:18 PM
in the Article: Verizon to Offer HBO Now to Wireless Customers forum

So is this only a big deal because you can bill HBO Now to your internet bill? I guess that is a good deal for those who don't want a seperate charge on their card or can't bill to a cell phone plan (I have it billed to my T-Mobile bill through Google Play).

Re: It Works!
Jul 22, 2015, 3:28 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Launches RCS-Based Advanced Messaging forum

Only if they don't do something different. HD Voice is not gonna work between all carriers (only two have said theirs will eventually)

Re: iMessage...?
Jul 22, 2015, 3:25 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Launches RCS-Based Advanced Messaging forum

I should rephrase, and that a future iPhone will get it, and it will be next year probably

Re: iMessage...?
Jul 22, 2015, 1:29 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Launches RCS-Based Advanced Messaging forum

iMessage is a service they will be competing with. I don't think its a coincidence that Android devices get it first. My guess is it will hit iPhone in a year.

Re: Looks good!
Jul 22, 2015, 1:27 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile Launches RCS-Based Advanced Messaging forum

I like the idea of this, but the only other person I know on T-Mobile is my mother. The rest are on Verizon, Verizon MVNO, and AT&T, and honestly I wouldn't recommend T-Mobile for what they need out of a phone.

Re: What a let down...
Jul 14, 2015, 11:56 AM
in the Article: T-Mobile Offering New Family Plan with 10GB Per Line for $120 forum

All the stuff I had seen was saying it was better then the 4 for $100 plan (which this new plan is). I think they were careful to not mention the 2 for $100 themselves.

Re: Basically , the same as T-Mobiles'
Jun 29, 2015, 5:55 PM
in the Article: Sprint Debuts Best Buy One Family Plan for $100 forum

Also T-Mobiles version will stop being offered if they stick to the July 14th end date.

Re: Its a lease program
Jun 26, 2015, 2:56 AM
in the Article: T-Mobile Debuts 'Jump On Demand' for Free Phone Upgrades forum

I agree more options are good, and I totally see the benefit of a program like this, but its the ETF that I think is funny. A traditional contract has a $350ish fee. The installment plan they use now is the cost of the phone you still owe (which can be more then $350). Breaking the lease has you pay the remainder of the lease and still return the phone. Still, as someone who sold Sprint when they rolled out their ...

Its a lease program
Jun 25, 2015, 11:57 AM
in the Article: T-Mobile Debuts 'Jump On Demand' for Free Phone Upgrades forum

I like to make a joke at work where it all comes full circle. The return of contracts is the last big uncarrier push. Thats what this is. If you cancel service you must finish the payments and return the device.

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