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printed December 4, 2016
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Motorola E815 / E816 Hollywood


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I cant find anything wrong with this phone!!


Feb 6, 2006 by peanut4

I finally gave up on the Lg8100, too many bluetooth problems. E815 has best voice commands there is and bluetooth works great! Call Quality is outstanding and ringers are very loud. Only con is the vibrate is very weak, other than that its a five in my book. If you use bluetooth and want great reception go with the E815, NOT the Lg8100 it drove me nutts!

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All I Can Say is WOW


Feb 5, 2006 by blitzny

I got this phone on December 21st, and the title speaks for itself. This phone has it ALL. Bluetooth, AMAZING RECEPTION, Trans-flash memory card, 1.3 MegaPixel camera, 3G EV-DO (vCast), A Beautiful Screen, Great Speakerphone, Video; what more could you ask for. Verizon Wireless service is great around here (Queens, NY). This phone is amazing and every call I have on it is crystal-clear. I have also dropped it many times and there is not even a scratch. Battery life is good; i get about three days out of it. I got it for free with a free bluetooth headset at; i highly recommend them. All in all, this phone is a winner.

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Good phone


Jan 21, 2006 by fred717

I have used the Moto 120e, Moto v710, v265, LG vx10, Audiovox CDM-8900, LG 6100, and now the e815. I have found that the Motorola phones always have better quality calls than any other phone I have used with Verizon. The e815 is no exception to this. I always look for call quality first, gadgets second.

-Excellent call quality. People think I'm on a hard-line phone.
-Reception is excellent. Even in remote areas.
-Ringer is good. I only use the standard ring.
-Battery life is good. I talk at least 1 1/2 hours per day, and the battery seems to hold power well.
-Size is OK. It is comfortable to hold, but could be thinner.
-Voice dialing is nice feature, but is not as reliable as my v710.(neutral comment)
-Camera is good for a camera phone.
**I recently took pictures of a car crash I was involved in. I needed pictures because it was a company car. The e815 did very well at capturing the details. The pictures printed on a color printer looked as good as if taken with a disposable film camera.

-Vibrate is too weak
-Charging port should be re-designed. On other new Moto phones, a different charger is now used.
-It is impossible to find a replacement battery. At least I cannot find the same OEM model. It can use the same battery as the v710, but it is less powerful; gives less talk time.

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Best Verizon Phone


Jan 3, 2006 by yankeeball

This has to be the best verizon phone ive ever used. Very very reliable cell phone right here. ive had LG and Samsung prior and this beats them bad.
Call Quality
Color Screen
Good Battery
EVDO Speed!
standard skins
color front LCD
Camera/Video feature

Plastic feel
Im gonna break the antenna soon always
pops up
speakerphone aint loud like some
some sanyos and nextel motorolas
blah front style
v710 style is better
This phone is a keeper! until moto comes out with a upgraded model of e815

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Traded Up to the 815


Jan 5, 2006 by DeepDog

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Best VZW Phone right now.


Apr 5, 2006 by moto-massacre

I get bored of phones very quickly and i switch every few months; however this phone will stay in my posession for a while to come. As the previous post says, This is a phone First, and a toy Second. However, i love the toys it comes with.

-Beautiful displays, inside and outside
-Speakerphone is excellent
-iTap is still amazing for text messaging
-Amazing Motorola User Interface, as opposed to the enw VZW UI.
-Great reception everywhere, even in rural areas
-Extremely customizable
-Works great with bluetooth headsets
-Great Battery life
-Plays MP3's

You can't have your Ups without your downs.

-Weak vibrate mode
-Camera display on the screen looks dingy. (However, when sent to your computer, pictures are surprisingly decent)
-I wish it was a little bit louder playing MP3's, but it's a PHONE FIRST.
-Maybe the buttons are a little slippery
-Its on VZW, so the Bluetooth features are crippled... no OBEX (damn you vzw!)

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Nice phone


Dec 14, 2005 by Weezi

I'm a Realtor and so I practically live on my phone. I live in a very challenging area as for reception. I had an LG 4500 and had lots of reception problems. I bought this phone because of all the positive reviews for reception. It is a great improvement over the LG but I still cannot make or receive calls inside my home. The first one I had went completely dead for no apparent reason so I swapped it. this one seems to be doing fine, have had it about a month.
I read people complaining that the phone book would not store multiple numbers under the same name but mine will.

Good voice recognition
Clear, bright display
User friendly
Camera OK
I like the size

No reception in home

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Some issues with the E815


Dec 5, 2005 by Powdered Toast Man

I've had the Audiovox CDM-8600, Moto V60 & V60s, LG VX5200, Samsung SCH-A530, etc. but this is the best phone by far. I'm from Boston, MA with Verizon and my signal strength is excellent anywhere I go. I prefer small phones but this phone has changed my mind.

There are some issues you may have with the phone:

Video recording time max is only 15 seconds. This can be extended up to 3 minutes with a memory card only.

In order to transfer music, movie, and picture files via data cable/bluetooth, you would need to buy the mobile Phonetools software (there are others, but this is most popular) and what's more, you would need to hack into the phone to enable the feature. Info can be found on Even so, the software is not stable enough to transfer files larger than 800MB or so. So, I have turned to buying a Transflash card with SD adapter and an SD reader, which can be expensive. I bought a reader for 10 bucks and the Transflash 512MB for 60 bucks from eBay.

While we're on the subject of music files, I've tried buying a mini-micro mini adapter (Radioshack) for my headphones so I can use my phone as an MP3 player (great sound by the way!) but from my experience, the alignment of those plugs doesn't quite match up to the phone. The result is audio from one ear only. If you're intending to use the phone as an MP3 player, best bet is to buy one that's made for a cellphone, like the Moto HS120.

Speakerphone: Excellent compared any other phones I've had! The LG VX5200's speakerphone was SO horrible (even with it on, you had to almost put in to your ears when outside!) that I traded it in for the E815. The V60s speakerphone was also very good. Motos have very good speakerphones.

Camera: Quality is good.

Video Camera: Not bad, a little pixelated. (If hacked right, you can adjust picture and video quality!

Battery life: I don't talk on my phone a whole lot. Lasts about 4 days for me.

Voice dial: Good, a lot better than VX5200.

Good luck!

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Solid Phone


Aug 6, 2007 by mrhockey123

I bought this phone about a year ago, and it has been really good to me.

Reception is awesome. It was perfect even when I lived in a small town with limited digital coverage last year.

I love the fact that you can copy pics / sounds / videos straight to a microSD card and move the stuff back and forth between your computer and the phone. You can also set audio files as ringtones - which is a really easy way to save money...

The one thing that drives me crazy about this phone is the charger. Apparently this type of charger has been discontinued for future use, but it still is brutal. Half the time, you plug in the phone, and then the phone says "unable to charge". What is more annoying is sometimes that happens and you don't notice, so you leave the phone plugged in all night, wake up in the morning expecting a full charge, only to find that your phone is still yelling LOW BAT! The phone and I have had harsh words about this on several occasions.

The camera is so-so... it is a cell phone after all. Still, the pics are good enough to use as full-size desktop backgrounds I think. The videos are pretty terrible still, and the 15 second limit is very annoying.

My only other complaint besides the charger port is the size of the phone. When I bought it, I made the decision to pick functionality over looks, but after a while, you begin to resent carrying a brick in your pocket. This phone will not win any beauty contests, but "work horse of the year" is a good possibility.

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best phone ever


Jul 18, 2007 by atlgurl

this is probably the best phone that i have ever had and i have had a lot of cellphones..this is the only phone that i know that u can block numbers from calling u which for me is a very big bonus. I just hate it that Verizon decided to discontinue selling it or even being able to get replacement for it. U can however go to Ampd or attel and get it's twin the E816(hollywood). i had a motorola Q but decided to go back to my E815 because i like it 10 times better than the Q.

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