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printed March 27, 2015
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LG VX-5500


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Great BASIC Phone!


Apr 7, 2009 by h0llow

LG VX5500 is a great basic phone. The sound quality beats my LG Voyager so far. Another great feature on that phone which is great for the elder folks, you can make the screen font larger. In fact, almost double. The phone does only have a VGA camera. The picture quality will look nice on the phone, but do not plan on looking at those pictures on a PC. It will be small hence the camera is not even in the megapixel range. The reception is just as great as our high end phones and had no complaints from any customers yet. (Yes I'm a VZW rep). In fact, every time I get the phones in, they are literally gone the same day.

So in conclusion, if your looking into just a good rock solid basic phone, the LG VX5500 is the way to go!

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Simply the Best


Nov 16, 2008 by Jarnish

I'm an employee at an Indirect Agent for Verizon Wireless. We sell 400+ phones here a month and I'm responsible for about a third of those.

I can tell you, without pause, that this is one of the best phones you can get with your VZ service right now.

For those not "in the know", this thing blows the VX5400 out of the water. It's more durable, constructed better, lighter, and has better displays.

Anyone looking for a good base-line phone should invest (not much) in this model. It's the best out there, by far. Trust me, I hear it from customers every day.. and with the way we do business, selling bad phones does nothing but kills my commission.

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Poor sound quality


Aug 13, 2009 by ktm2ride

The features on this phone are very nice. However, the sound quality is the worst of any phone I have owned or used. Its hard to hear and distorts if you turn up the volume. Frequently the sound is fuzzy and not very clear at all. This is my only complaint, but its a big one. If you can't hear your caller correctly than the other nice features are quickly out weighted.

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Great phone!


Jul 21, 2012 by nc_yankee89

I have had this phone for two and a half years.If it quit on me today.I would think nothing less of it.Still have original battery in it.Turns off,and boots on fast.Drops a call now and then.But,I attribute that to location from the nearest tower.Got it for free from Verizon.I just talk,text,and picture message.This phone works for me in those respects as well as can be expected.My only complaint is when I close the flip hard.It will shut off and reboot.I wish Verizon still had them available when this one quits.I have the insurance.Maybe,they can get me a pre-owned one,and save doing a new two year contract.Best basic phone I ever had.

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Amazing for a basic flip phone


Jan 21, 2011 by woanelli

This is a great over-all phone. The call quality is good,the display is great, the texting sevice good, and I've never had a single dropped call.

All of the above... and more...

Cons: Bad app ability and Wi-Fi internet.

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Nov 23, 2010 by narn3049

Must say this phone (and almost all other LG phones I've gotten wet) survives getting wet, my aunt owned this phone and washed it in the washer. It got full cycle- then dryer. It worked through it, and it just needed a little bit of drying- and had key marks on the screen.

Soon after the phone started restarting, so a new battery was ordered by her. When it was placed in, the phone continued to work just as it did day 1.

this is incredibly durable. My cousin who isn't exactly the most easiest on the phones that he owns, has the same phone (5500) and tossed his on the ground a lot, dropped it, and even had it run over with a mower (without blades running. Incredibly the phone survived. Each phone HAS never been used in a case.

However- my cousin HAS NEVER gotten his wet, and the screen has key marks fossiled to the screen. I hear it's common with this model, but it doesn't even have RAZR like keys (I've experienced with the RAZR and I can seee why it does this with the blue ridges) Both phones have done this, but my aunts started RIGHT after getting wet.

Sound quality is also amazing, for an entry level phone there is a LOT of plusses to it, when I got my Samsung Intensity phone, when we got forwards and sounds and stuff, 50 percent of the time my phone sounded like it was a recorded sound, when the same fwd from the same person was sent to my cousin it sounded like an mp3 file. It happened a lot when I owned the intensity, which is one reason I left that phone.

Overall this phone is small, really small, and has a couple little drawbacks, with the w screen getting marked easily, and the battery going out that one time, but overall, I'd get this phone. Amazing phone. I am going to get the Accolade and I love that phone too.

I never expected the sound on this phone to be that loud for an entry level phone. I'd get it for that and the durability.

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Pretty good


Mar 15, 2010 by pmyers

this is a good phone for most teens that text like me, as it has its pros leaning towards qualities for texting everything is good on this phone that should be except

battery life

to counteract the battery life problem just simply charge every night

as for smudging get a screen protector that is smudge proof these can possibly be found at a radio shack


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The worst phone ever


Mar 9, 2010 by Customer365

This is the worst phone I have ever owned. I didn't need a smart phone, I just wanted a basic phone for a minimal amount of usage. This phone holds a charge for 2 days. I checked online and followed others suggestions about powering down before charging, but not much better. When I complained to Verizon the customer service rep said 2 days was good for a battery life! They would exchange it for a $35 restocking fee. No thanks. So now I am stuck powering down every other nite and charging. My previous phone was LG and I LOVED it - stayed charged for well over a week, maybe 2 weeks. I specifically asked for an LG phone when I was looking at new phones... I may have to throw the vx5500 away and reactivate my old phone. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE - EVEN IF IT's FREE IT's NOT WORTH IT!

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battery issue


Mar 8, 2010 by waypastrotary

I've been a fan of these simple LGs for a while. I had two previous models with this phone.

My VX5500 arrived with a defective battery. The battery level lowered at a normal rate until there was about 70% of charge left on it (draining about 30%) and then drastically drained out completely during standby mode in a matter of 3 hours, so that the phone died and powered off.

The phone has a one year warranty on it, and this defect arrived at purchase. When I called LG, they asked that I pay to mail the phone back to them, wait for them to judge if the damage was within their warranty terms, and wait for them to repair it and send it back to me. That would be 5-9 business days where I would have no phone at all.

Perhaps my phone was the only one with this defect (though a little internet searching reveals a few others have had the same problem), but LG's policy of dealing with these problems should be known before you decide to purchase one. I've had other defective phones where, under the warranty, I was allowed to keep the old phone until a new one was shipped to me, so that I was never without a phone.

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LG VX5500


Feb 4, 2010 by lgvx5500_3

I got three lg vx5500 and a lg ev2 in Dec 2008. The sound went out on one of the
vx5500 in Dec 2009. The display went on the blink on the other two vx5500 in Jan 2010. The display went out on the ev2 in Dec 2009. So, four new phones went bad in 13 month. Maybe, just a bad batch.

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