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printed February 8, 2016
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Dec 12, 2007, 12:37 AM

N95-3 (at&t Data Plan and GPS question)

I have two questions:

1) If I get the N95-3 to use on at&t what plan would I have to use to not avoid huge per KB charges? I’m also a huge texter and was thinking that the unlimited media net and texting plan for $39.99 would be my best bet, but is that plan compatible with the N95-3 seeing as its classified as a smart phone?

2) I, for the most part, understand that maps are free and its navigation that cost money. But I’m not very interested in turn by turn with voice directions so would Google Maps do the job? I have played with Google Maps with a GPS enabled phone and I thought it was awesome would it work the same on the N95-3?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer. Also one more question but it isn’t as ...
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Mar 19, 2007, 1:15 PM

Revised Version Comming to Cingular

Rumor has it a revised version (WCDMA850/1900 minus wi-fi) is comming to Cingular Q4.
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Aug 5, 2007, 3:38 AM

Upgrade from a N75?

I'm a fairly big phone nut, and switch phones fairly frequently ... but I'm starting to get a little frustrated with not getting some of the key features I'm looking for ...

I currently have the N75 (since the day Cingular launched it), but have been fairly disappointed in the phone. I had the N80 previously, and was looking for two key features in the n75 ... improved browsing speed and a solid music player.

I have not been terribly impressed with Cingular's "3G" service ... so there isn't too much keeping me to that service. Does anyone have a sense for the difference between the EDGE and the WCDMA speeds? I know what the specs say, but it doesn't seem to manifest itself in a very fast service on the N75.

In addition, the N75 do...
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Nov 23, 2007, 11:23 PM

GPS and WiFi

I am thinking about getting a N95 but had a couple of questions.

1. I understand that the N95 comes with a built-in GPS. Does this mean that it is free?

2. When connecting to the internet via WiFi, is the this free? Or will my carrier charge me for using the internet?
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Oct 2, 2007, 12:06 PM

Where to buy?

ONline it looks like $750 I thought they were $650?
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Nov 12, 2007, 11:47 PM

Why can't I stream video on AT&T wireless/ please help?

So, I love my N95-3, and have been playing with it non-stop. However, as I was sitting in a small airport in Hawaii today, I found I was unable to stream video over Mobile youtube on my AT&T wireless connection. I had been able to stream video on my N95 before, but then I realized that when I did, it had been over a WLAN connection. So, my question is am I able to stream video on AT&T from sites like Mobile youtube, and other sites. Do I have to have special settings? (if so, do you know what they are?) or a special plan? (currently have unlimited internet access) As always any help is much appreciated. The other info I have is that I am only able to access the EDGE network in Hawaii, and the message i get from Mobile Youtube is that it cann...
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Oct 25, 2007, 2:59 PM

N95 - Ease of use

How easy is it to use the slide while the phone is on your belt? Ie. dialing while walking ... with the slide out, what is the dimensions? Are there cases that let you use the slide ... got a N75 and I'm tired of taking it out of it's case everytime I want to do something while walking and using my headset ...

Oct 8, 2007, 10:41 PM

North America N95 questions.

Okay so i want to know more about the n95 U.S. version:

1:is there anywhere Legit online i can purchase it at like the official Nokia site?

2:why is there no lens cover for the Camera?

3:is the speed of the camera improved AT ALL?

4:what is the max of expandable memory?

5:A little off topic but is there a way to get my DRM itunes music on it?

6:Will it replace my 5.5 g ipod?

7:how long will the battery last on standby?

8:is there a loop thingy for a strap or a blue tooth thingy with flashy lights?

9:Why is it so Damn sexy?
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Oct 17, 2007, 5:14 PM

How do I know if it's North America?

I am considering buying a nokia N95 from a friend of mine, but I want to make sure it is the North America version, not the European version. I know that on most Nokia phones that have a North American and worldwide version, the North American version is indicated by a "B" in the model number next to the serial numbers under the battery. An example of this would be the nokia 6230, or if from North America it is marked "6230b".

My friends’ phone says N95-1 under the battery next to the serial numbers. Does any one know if this version is for North America, or for Europe?
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Sep 27, 2007, 7:35 AM

T-Mobile and WCDMA Access - What Gives?

Does anyone know which band TM is going to use for WCDMA access? The following sentence, from an article excerp found in the home page of phonescoop, makes me a bit uneasy about T-Mobile's plans for deploying WCDMA:
"T-Mobile spent $4.2 billion to acquire 120 licenses in the 1700 MHz band, and reportedly offered the federal government an additional $50 million to move off of that spectrum sooner rather than later."

As some of you may recall, WCDMA is being implemented by AT&T in the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands. Should T-Mobile go to the 1700Mhz band, there will be a need for a different telephone than those used by AT&T customers in order to access TM's WCDMA. I am wondering if any company will fabricate such telephones given that TM i...
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Sep 26, 2007, 2:48 PM

N95-3 with North American 3G is now available

The updated version on the N95, which includes 128 MB of RAM, 1200 mah battery, and 850/1900 MHz HSDPA has finally arrived: ... »

Online order will be shipped on Monday, but people in NYC can go to the actual store and get it today before 5 pm local time. The store will then be closed until Monday.

Note: this is no the N95-8GB version!

Sep 10, 2007, 4:11 AM

Please help!!!

I need to get a new phone. I currently have a Nokia 6230i. I love it but it's getting old and some of the functions don't work anymore. I'd bought Sony Ericsson k800i but someone stole it. VERY SAD!!!! I loved my Sony and considering rebuying it again but then I saw the reviews on Nokia N95. I really like what I've read. But wow... the price!!! I also like the Nokia e65. So now I'm torn between the Sony K800i, Nokia N95, and Nokia e65. Please help me choose. I will try to buy the N95 if it has lots of cool features and worth the money but if not, any other recommendations on what phone is good out there? I'm a gadget girl btw. And I text a lot. I noticed that the talk time on the N95 is not that much, so that might be a problem. But the GPS ...
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Sep 7, 2007, 10:39 PM

New or Old N95 Models

n his review of the N95, wish4an95 says that there is a new model that has better battery life.

1- How can one tell the difference between the old and the new models?
2- Has anyone bought an N95 from and did you get the new or the old model?
3- Is the difference between the old and new models a firmware update or is there a physical difference?
4- Is Nokia-USA selling the new or the old model?

Thank you.
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Sep 11, 2007, 11:08 AM

US N95 Available Soon

Shipments are estimated to begin this month. Very Happy »

Jun 12, 2007, 6:19 AM

American users, esp So. Cal users...

So i really like this phone, can you answer some questions for me plz Smile

Whats the reception like?
Whats the Internet speeds like?
Whats the battery life like?
What carrier are you with?
And lastly, whats your overall opinion of the phone?

Hey thanks in advance guys and gals Smile
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Sep 4, 2007, 4:06 PM

N95 no comparision to iPhone

Instead of making a comparison, here is a list of differences between the iPhone and the N95

iPhone - May work, but is a very limited and closed system with few practical uses.
Nokia N95 - Has A2DP and AVRCP. This means you can
Use it as a wireless music storage device in your car to transmit your music in excellent quality to your car stereo to play back the music.
Control the phone's playback of your music collection from your car radio.
Use both cameras of the phone as an excellent wireless webcam for your PC with Mobiola Webcam.
Use microphone of the phone as a wireless microphone for your PC with Mobiola Microphone Remote.
Use a wireless keyboard such as space saver Think Outside keyboard or any typical BT wireless...
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Sep 7, 2007, 10:17 PM

Question for the US users

Which carrier do you use and why?

Sep 7, 2007, 2:56 PM

US N95 on Display

The US version of the N95 is on Nokia's Virtual Experience Center on the website. Go to and click visit a store.

Now if you click more info it sends you to the another page that specs the older N95.

Aug 13, 2007, 6:18 PM

N95 and Sprint?

Hi. Is it possible for me to purchase this phone on my own, and use it with Sprint, keeping the same plan that I have, but without a 2-yr agreement (I am now halfway through my current 2-yr agreement).

On the other hand, I am considering getting the HTC Mogul, but I still want to stay away from a long term contract. Thoughts?

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Aug 7, 2007, 3:32 AM

Help me find a phone.

Aloha, I would like to tap into all of the knowledge that is in these forums, and hopefully someone can help me. I currently have a Sony W810i(which I bought unlocked), and a Dell Axim x51. I want a phone that can be used like a smartphone, camera, and Mp3 player all in one. I was really excited about the N95 (also considering the Sony Ericsson K850) until I just read that it is not A2DP compatible (one of the things I really want in my new phone)
Here are the other things I would like:
3 mega pixel or higher camera with flash and video
Music player which is A2DP compatible
Unlocked or Cingular phone (that would work in Hawaii)
Able to sync with Groupwise email (for my work)
An operating system like Symbian?(I don't know too much about...
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