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printed July 7, 2015
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Top message:  since no ones using this by madmatg   May 10, 2010, 8:24 PM

Replying to:  Re: Chapter 2 - Rapture by madmatg   May 31, 2010, 9:57 PM

Re: Chapter 2 - Rapture

by madmatg    Jun 5, 2010, 6:28 PM

As the sea grows darker, a white canvas drops down over the clear glass front blocking the view. A before unseen projector clicks on and begins a presentation.

"Incenerate! Fire at your fingertips!" The ad showed a man lighting a cigarette with some kind of small lighter or a lighter that fits on your finger, something strange. That must be some lighter to be on the opening ad for whatever this place was.

Then the menacing head from the lighthouse appeared with a 3 piece suit and pipe sitting on a nice leather couch. And began a long speech (this guy is intense) "evils of socialism, must get away from the parasites(get rest of speech)" end speech as the video stops and the canvas slowly rises with "But I chose something different, I chose the impossible! I chose.... Rapture! As Ryan said "Rapture" the sub comes up over the top of a cliff and looks down the valley at....the impossible.
There's no research station here, instead he finds himself staring at a full-fledged underwater city! A dozen skyscrapers jut up from the ocean floor with signs and advertising billboards hanging from them. Elevated glass walkways connect the taller buildings to countless smaller structures below. A large neon sign lights up a passing school of fish and a pod of whales swims gracefully through the city as if the buildings belonged there! Jack was dumbstruck by the ridiculous idea of what was in front of him. The pod continued on and he could make out lights scattered throughout the cities buildings. Approaching one of the glass walkways Jack could see a a dark figure moving on the outside, and as it got closer he could see that the figure was indeed a person, in a diving suit, doing maintenance on the walkway. Jack was washed over with a sense of relief at this sight and was now hopeful that he might actually see his home again. The sub began pulling into what must be the docking station and all of the sudden a radio that had been lost under a seat came to life.

A bit staticy at first but there were two men speaking back and forth rapidly, they were saying something about an explosion up top! And that a transport was headed down. The man barking orders sounded Irish and told the other to come meet the transport and bring the person inside safely back. Safely back? Why safely? And the man getting told what to do sounded a bit scared about what he was getting ready to do. His emotions now fell back to unnerved. Well at least there are people down here, and he was confident it was just a little paranoid of him. The sub went past a few more ads for various strange things, before it finally docked. There in front of him was a man, with a radio, walking cautiously towards the glass door of the sub.

The man then looked up, as if he had heard something, and began sprinting to the sub yelling, frantically, for Jack to let him in. Jack started opening the door and the man was almost at it when a jagged looking man jumped down from above. After a short struggle the jagged looking man won out gutting the man with what looked like meat hooks and then with one swift move lopped off his head. Jack, meanwhile, had shut and secured the door. He now stared, mouth ajar, at the scene that had just unfolded. The creature came to the glass door and looked in. He, on closer inspection was a she, had work boots that looked quite worn, and a, now gray with grime, workers outfit that had rips and blood stains all over it. Up top she wore what appeared to be some sort of party mask of a bear, that was cracking from wear and had a large jagged hole punched out near the cheek.

Dingy: "Why don't you come out child? I'm here to save you! I promise I won't hurt you, I just want to see if you've brought anything nice for me. You did bring your auntie something didn't you!"
Jack: stood unable to speak or even move. Is this really happening, did THAT really just happen?
Dingy: "Answer me! Let me in! NOW!

She then screamed and jumped on the sub, smashing away at the glass door with the back of the metal hooks. Jack shook himself out of his dumbfounded state and starts looking for something to defend himself with. With every sub shuddering smash the glass splinted and cracked further. Jack began trying to break the lever off in the middle of the sub to use as a weapon. The second layer of glass was starting to crack now and Jack began to panic, wildly trying to snap the lever off. All of the sudden, a loud bang sounded outside and the woman jumped off and ran into the darkness. The radio crackled back to life.

Radio - "Are you still there Ben?"
Jack -"No, this is Jack, where are you? Can you come get me??"
Radio - "Jack?? Were you the one coming in the sub? How many of you came down?"
Jack - "Just me, some woman stabbed the man that was coming to get me and then almost got inside the sub!"
Radio - "Ahhhhh, Ryan and his splicers! Is she still there?"
Jack - "No, something scared her off, looks like I'm alone now but I've still got the sub sealed."
Radio - "Well you're going to need to leave that sub or else the splicers are going to end up breaking in eventually."
Jack - "Hah! I'm not going out there buddy I don't even have anything to defend myself with and that...splicer was crazy!"
Radio - "I'm gonna send you some help but you've gotta get out of the transit station before she comes back with her friends, would you kindly head out of the sub and amke for the exit?"
Jack - "Ok"
Jack opened the door to the sub feeling strangely unafraid of what was outside the sub. As he stepped out he slipped on something and almost fell in the water. Looking down there were picket signs scattered around the room with blood on them, phrases like "Rapture is Dead" and "Down with Ryan" . Looking further around there were broken lights and rubble scattered throughout the station, sure signs of some kind of squable.

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