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printed July 5, 2015
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Top message:  legalize marijuania YES or NO? by weaselbitmypancake   Aug 7, 2005, 7:13 PM

Replying to:  WRONG WRONG WRONG by gunny   Aug 12, 2005, 1:29 PM


by ZombieJ    Aug 12, 2005, 3:46 PM

Ah hahahahaha... *sniff* ... hahahahaha, ahha hah hhahahahaha.. *whew* Oh my.... Oh $*it your serious?! Sorry man I didn't think you were there for a second. Let me compose myself here and I'll have a go at your misguided claims. -- I'm going to digress for a few moments, please bear with me.

Did you ever take the time to consider why Pot is illegal? Don't you think that would be the proper thing to do before making a claim against me? Or do you just take everything your government tells you like a good boy or girl? Then proceeded to regurgitate it back at me like I'm going to do likewise? Before I start into this I encourage you to educate yourself. Now I'm not saying go out and smoke pot, that illegal right now, I'm just saying read something relevant to the topic.

Also I would like you to bear in mind that I do not smoke pot. I did, like a champ, at one point in my life. But like an adult I've made a decision that I do not need that in my life right now, and it's a rarity that I will take part in "smoking a bowl".

And also before I get into pointing out why you are wrong, I would again like to reiterate on what I believe is my strongest argument --- Our freedoms and our rights as citizens of a free country are being violated by making pot illegal --- Why ? Glad you asked brother, here's why. Pull up a seat;

You see, as citizens of a free country we are allowed, within certain limits, to do to our body as we please as long as we do not harm or interfere with other people. I use alcohol, nicotine and caffeine as examples. With the exception of caffeine these substances are DEADLY. My argument is that Marijuana is not deadly or addictive (less than 10% of users ever become even psychologically addicted to it) while these 2 substances, which are readily available are very much addictive. Also the mind altering effects experienced while drinking alcohol are FAR greater then any effects felt after smoking a joint and hinder.. well everything. Every motor skill you can think of is hindered as well as cognitive abilities to a far greater extent than they would be while under the influence of Marijuana. I would make a similar point with cigarette's, they offer no mind altering effect and really serve nothing else other than to kill us, HOWEVER; I am able to purchase a pack of these death sticks and smoke them all in one sitting if I like, it would be stupid and I would vomit, but if I wanted to I could. You know why? Because it's my g*d damned right, thats why. On a personal note, I smoke cigs, it's an addiction I am having serious trouble breaking. I get cold sweats, shakes, mood swings, or just generally feel like crap when I try to quit them. I'm not complaining, its my own fault. But I smoked weed for 6 years daily for 3 of those years (at least) and I just woke up one morning and said "I cant afford to smoke pot anymore. I'm going to stop and try and save a little cash", and you want know the funny thing is?... I did. These are decisions that ADULTS should be able to make for themselves. I would never argue that weed is good for us or good for children. I'm just saying a consenting adult old enough to vote is old enough to make the decision of whether he wants pot to be part of his/her life. Whether its just something to wash a beer down on the weekends, a once a year thing, or an every day thing. Its that persons right to make that choice because we are afforded the right to make much more harmful (to ourselves) choices with respect to other drugs. My argument is that if Alcohol and nicotine are within these acceptable limits, by what logic is marijuana not considered to be acceptable as well? It's really that simple. Now don't say if we make weed acceptable the flood gates will open and people will be clamoring for coke and heroin. No. Thats wrong. I said before we have defacto acceptable limits put in place by alcohol and cigerette's and I think its only fair that we play within those limits and never bend nor break them. I know I've written a lot here and I haven't even tackled your statements yet. But please bear with me. I'll get to those next.

Pot destroys lives? Umm, well I guess it's possible. But sky diving destroys lives, so does bungee jumping. But we consider these things acceptable risks. Umm, alcohol destroys lives, cigarette's destroys lives both of these substances do this directly, and we consider those to be acceptable risks as well. Weed is neither deadly nor physically addictive so how does it destroy lives? Well if you get sent to jail for smoking pot then yes, thats going to destroy your life, if you smoke a 4 gram joint get behind the wheel of a car and hit someone its destroying a life. But this is nothing we don't see with other drugs that we deem to be socially acceptable. I just wish you would clarify a little more because when you make a blanket statement like that its just too easy to prove wrong. Plus I usually end up writing too much trying to figure out exactly what angle you were coming from.

It's illegal for a reason? What reason? Could this "argument" be any more asinine? I'll try and keep this one short. Marijuana is not a new things. It has been in use for over 7000 years, and any and all marijuana laws stem no further back then the early 20's. Before that it was completely legal to grow smoke or do whatever you wanted with it. Hell back in the early 1600's it was illegal if you REFUSED to grow hemp. Look it up. Your founding fathers all grew hemp, hell, it was the "American Way" for a while. The United States Census of 1850 counted 8,327 hemp "plantations" (minimum 2,000-acre farm) growing cannabis hemp for cloth, canvas and even the cordage used for baling cotton. Interesting fact, the word Canvas comes from Cannabis. The first laws to make it illegal started in, like i said, in the early 20's. And were mostly put in place in the southern states. Ever wonder why? Well the Mexican revolution took place in 1910 and many Mexicans spilled over the bored, bringing with them their pot smoking ways. It's not that Americans didn't smoke pot before this. But to the Mexicans it was a way of life, and it soon turned into a Racial matter. As many things did in the South in those times, so laws were enacted to keep those pot smoking Mexicans in check and jail them if they didn't care for them. Sounds possible? It should because this is FACT. Also the Mormon church put in place the first 'religious law' against weed in 1915. If you believe anything a Mormon has to say on this matter I'm going to stop arguing my point now because I would be wasting my breath with logic and reasoning. Then their was the music scene breaking out, many of the best musicians of this time happened to be Black, and they happened to like smoking pot. What better way to put black musicians in jail for playing that "Satan music" (jazz) then to prohibit marijuana and enforce stiff penalties. That'll keep the blackies in check right?

Here's a quote from Henery J. Anslinger for the US gov't and started the Bureau of Narcotics, "There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others." or how about this one, "...the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races." The man is one record saying these things and he was the Grandfather of the Marijuana prohibition movement. I'm going to leave it at that. But I would seriously suggest you learn the facts before posting something so insane.

"It makes you dumb". »
Here, read this. Or read anything published by Harvard University or any other reputable organization and they will all show you the same thing. Want me to summarize since you obviously hadn't read a thing on this before, why start now right? OK, heavy marijuana users saw negative effects, 4-6 point drop in IQ. however; light, former and non-users all saw on average the same IQ gains. Also when heavy users stopped for a total of 28 days cognitive functions returned to normal levels. End of story.

Same people start smoking this chit and never get away? well again I'll state it's not physically addictive. And I bet I could line up more people who are PHYSICALLY addicted to Alcohol and smokes AND who claim it ruined their lives and they "cant get off it". Then you could find Heavy pot smokers.

If you read through this, congratulations. This was a pretty long one and were all proud of you little buddy.


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