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printed July 3, 2015
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Top message:  legalize marijuania YES or NO? by weaselbitmypancake   Aug 7, 2005, 7:13 PM

Replying to:  Re: legalize marijuania YES or NO? by ZombieJ   Aug 7, 2005, 7:43 PM

Re: legalize marijuania YES or NO?

by ZombieJ    Aug 7, 2005, 11:09 PM

Oh yea... reasons here you go:

- Not a physically addictive substance. Some people may develop a psychological addiction to dope, but it has never been proven to be physically addictive.

- No person has ever been killed by an overdose of Marijuana, ever, reason being: You cannot.

- I can go to the store and buy a pack of Cigarette's which ARE both physically and psychologically addictive. Not to mention that -- while the numbers supporting this are inflated -- Smoking can kill you, and is known to be cancer causing.

- I can go to the store and purchase a giant bottle of alcohol which, if I was to drink the whole bottle in one sitting, would surely cause an overdose possibly death without medical attention. It is know to cause liver failure.. and a myriad of other problems can be associated with it, including alcohol dementia.

I could go on like this all day, pointing out the hypocrisy of drug laws. But if you think about it for a few moments it's fairly clear. Now we haven't even touched on the merits of Marijuana for medical purposes. Now we could argue back and forth and post studies showing for or against its usefulness but that solves nothing. Just look at the people who use it for this reason and ask them if it relieves their pain, if they answer "Yes", which seems to be the consensus, thats good enough for me. (Keep in mind that their is no money for drug companies if weed is proven to be an effective pain killer, I can grow it in my back yard -- just food for thought).

Now onto the biggest reason for at least Decriminalizing Marijuana. This is a free country! This is the free world! How can we defend the fact that a leaf that is neither addictive or known to be deadly is deemed illegal? I could face jail time if caught in possession of it, this is even more of a reality in the U.S.A., where you are pretty much guaranteed to do hard time depending on the State you live in. It's absolutely insane. I blows my mind, I wish I could write more on it but I'm going to move on to avoid boring people too much.

On to the debunks:

-1- Marijuana is a gateway drug: Holy crap! If billy smokes dope he'll most certainly move on to use crack and heroin!

Fear mongering at its best. Fact is if your going to label anything a gateway drug it would be cigarette's and booze. So by that logic we should make them illegal as well. Alcohol prohibition and cigarette prohibition. You think crime rates are high now? Anyone remember what happened last time a group of bible thumping protestants got in power and tried to force their "alcohol is evil" mentality on the greater public? Wasn't pretty. ANNND back to the gateway drug debunk. My final point on this is short and sweet. If we didn't have to go to a "drug dealers" house to by my weed, my chances of trying other more harmful items he may want to sell me drop dramatically.

-2- "Marijuana is the demise of the family unit".

Well for those of you who care, fret not. First off, Billy wont go to jail if he's caught and bring shame to your family if it's legal. Secondly Billy wont have to associate with shady characters to acquire a joint, he can get it from the store. Finally Marijuana on average isn't that much of an altering drug. Honestly some people can handle it better that others, just like alcohol (by the way I challenge you to find something that has made more families miserable than alcohol). Personally and the vast majority of my friends are people from all walks that smoke weed and get $h** done. ranging from professionals to tradesmen. They smoke dope, they drink beer, they smoke cigarette's they pay their bills love their families and it's a shame that any and all of us could be taken to court for smoking something that makes us giggle and eat chips. Refer madness indeed.

-3- "If we decriminalize it everyone will use it". It will be a danger because we will have more people high behind the wheel of a car or something of that sort.. maybe even driving your kids to school!

Well first off, not everyone will use it, if this was the case everyone would be a rampant alcoholic, chain-smoking, drunk-driving maniac. This type of logic has no place in social discourse. It couldn't be any more wrong. Weed isn't for everyone, just like not everyone drinks and even less smoke. I encounter this argument all the time and I'm amazed that people still hold this belief. Yes Marijuana slows reflexes, so does sleep deprivation, and old age. Dumb argument. Of course people behind the wheel high is probably not the best thing, but they still do it. Drinking and driving is proven far more dangerous yet I can by alcohol, it seems if they were truly concerned about road safety they would make alcohol illegal since by their logic its the only thing that will keep users of any given intoxicant from getting behind the wheel.

-4- "Crime will go up".

What? haha, man pass me what your smoking. Crime if anything will go down. Number one because less people will be tried for simple possession and sent to jail. Number two, when normal people get high they do not commit crimes, they get the munchies or *gasp* go about their day! When Criminals get high they commit crimes, but consider this, they commit crimes when sober as well... since they are criminals. My reasoning here is, smoking a joint isn't going to make you grab the gun and hold up the 7-11, if it does you were probably thinking about doing it anyway. I smoke weed all the time, so do most of my friends and pretty much everyone I know. Yet the only crime any of us, to my knowledge, has ever been guilty of is smoking weed. Actually in all honest, I've been convicted of a DUI (driving while under the influence) but I'll have you know I was NOT high at the time, I was drunk.

Oh man .. I just wrote a lot. I just don't know what next.. if anyone has any suggestions (I'm sure you've gathered by now) I'll be glad to put in my 2 cents on them... and then some. Peace all.

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