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printed July 1, 2015
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Bob's Trial Period

by Nikoletta    Jul 21, 2006, 7:16 PM

So Bob got him a cellular phone with Verizon. After two weeks of service he decides he doesn't like it and takes it back to a store near his house (he got the phone at a store in New York while in Vacation, he lives in Colorado.)

The rep at the store initially refuses to do his d@mn job and just return the phone, it's the last day of his d@mn trial after all so he should be able to return to phone to any dealer of the service. (He bought it at a Corp store in New York and he's taking it back to an agent location.) After screaming at every agent in the store, calling customer care to scream at them, and demanding to speak to a manager the Agents finally take the phone back just to shut him up and get him out of the store.

That was December of 2005. It's now July of 2006 and Bob decides to give those schmucks at Verizon another shot at proving they're not complete screw ups. Cingular has pissed him off one too many times and it's time to show them that he means it when he tells them he's leaving. That'll show them!

He strolls into his local Verizon Store (not the same one as he was evicted from his neighborhood and driven out of the state of Colorado months go, he's planning a very nasty letter to the Governor about the unacceptable behavior of the citizens of that state.) Now Bob is living in Arizona. He makes a mental note to himself to contact his lawyer about that evil doctor who told him he was going to get skin cancer because of all the time in the sun, he needs to sue that lady for his personal anguish.

A nice Verizon Rep greets him at the door.

"Hello, I'm Marie. Can I help you set up service?" She asks cheerfully.

"Yes, I want to get set up with a phone. I'll only use it for emergency calls so I need an inexpensive package, don't try to sell me something big just so you can get commission." He says crisply. He knows you have to put these people in their place right away to keep them from walking all over you. "And I want a good phone but don't even think about ripping me off, I happen to be very good friends with the president of your company." He ads, looking down his nose at the young woman.

"Well, we have some great specials going on these phones here, there's a Motorola V276, that's a decent little flip phone, or the Samsung a630. The Motorola is a camera phone and..."

"Don't give me the same garbage that you give everybody else!" Bob snaps, he's not going to be taken in by her mumbo-jumbo, he wants a quality phone. These people need to earn his business. "I want that new Samsung, that a990." He's heard it's new and that it has lots of features though Bob doesn't know what a 'mega-pixel' is but if it's a good phone he wants it, after all, he deserves the best.

"The a990?" She says asks cheerfully. "That's a pretty sweet phone. It's got a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, it's blue-tooth capable, has an MP3 player, expandable memory and it's..." As she's talking about the phone she's leading Bob over to the display where a non-working model of the phone is mounted.

"I know what it does. Stop waisting my time." Poor Marie hadn't heard of Bob before and takes it personally, looking like he just stepped on her favorite puppy. "I want that phone for free for all five of my family plan lines."

"Well sir," She says now a lot less cheerful. "Because of all the things that phone can do it's not going to be available for free. The normal retail price is $449.99 but since you're activating five lines we can give them to you for $299.99 each."

"That's a rip off, you're trying to rob me blind!" Bob shrieks. "I want your manager! I'll have your job!" She stands completely stunned, staring at him with her head tilted to the side.

"Manager? Right." She decides to take the out and goes to get her manager. John comes out, confused but smiling. "Hello sir, my name is John, I'm the store manager, what can I help you with?"

Bob smiles to himself, it comes across as a smirk to John but that's not Bob's concern. Now things will really get done. "Yes, I'm a very important business man." Bob says, straightening his clip-on tie. Business man? He said he was a Lawyer before. Marie thinks to herself. "And this little Hussy is trying to rip me off on the phones I need for my Business." John frowns, looking at the phones Bob indicated.

"The Samsung a990? Well as you can see on the tags the normal price on them is usually 449.99, she says that she offered them to you for 299.99, so a one hundred and fifty dollar discount each? That's actually fifty dollars lower than what we offer them normally but since you said you wanted to activate five of them she was really giving you a good deal." Bob scowls at the little man who won't cave in to him.

"Whatever, run my credit and you'll realize how great a customer I will be, then maybe you'll change your mind about your ridiculous prices."

"Alright, you're the boss." John says, almost a little resignedly. Marie goes to help another customer who has come in. Bob ads that to the list of bad customer service things she's done, abandoning him when he isn't done yelling at her, he'll have to write a letter to their corporate office about her. John walks him over to one of the desks and goes around the desk, taking down Bob's social security number and drivers license and trying to run his credit.

"Well, Mr. Bob, it appears you've had an account with us in the past." John says, looking at his screen. "In December of 2005 you had a trial period on the a line of service with us."

"Yes, that's correct, I had the phone for a 14 day trial but the service was terrible so I returned it." Nothing wrong with that right?

"Yes, I see it was returned on the last day of your trial but it appears you never paid the bill for the trial period. It says that you used two thousand minutes and sent about seven hundred text messages, downloaded three games and eight ringtones?" John scans the account. "So it was a total of $458.92 and it looks like that bill was sent to an outside collections agency. I'm afraid you'll have to pay that off before we can run your credit."

"WHAT!" Bob shrieks, standing up so fast he knocks over his chair. "That's absurd, it was a trial period, those are supposed to be free."

"No sir, you still have to pay for the time you use and any downloads." John is an old hat at this and remains calm, which just adds to Bob's righteous rage. As far as Bob is concerned John should be trembling in his shoes right now.

"That's not legal! I want to speak with your manager!"

John looks around with a small frown. "Sir, I am the manager, remember you asked to speak with me earlier."

Bob slams his fist down on the counter. "Then I want YOUR manager, I'll have your job you f!cking idiot!"

"Sir, if you cannot refrain from using language like that I'll have to ask you to leave the store."

"F*ck you!" Bob rages. How dare they humiliate him like this. "I don't need this $h1t, you stupid f#ck, I'll just take my business to Cingular!" Before John can call the police to have him escorted out of the store Bob storms out.

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