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Verizon to Deploy LTE 'As Close to All-At-Once As Possible'

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Sep 24, 2009, 1:46 PM   by Eric M. Zeman   @phonescooper

Speaking in an interview, Verizon Wireless' senior vice president and chief technology officer Tony Malone indicated that the company is going to launch its Long Term Evolution 4G network across as much of the U.S. at the same time as possible. Malone said, "We want to give our customers a significant footprint," rather than offer trial markets spread here and there. Malone said the LTE network will overlay — not replace — its CDMA-based 3G network, and noted that it will be able to use the same towers and equipment to power both networks. Malone said there will not be a hard switchover from one network to another, instead, he said, "You will need new devices to take [full] advantage of LTE. But there won't be a need to force migrate." Verizon will serve both its CDMA and LTE customers concurrently. Verizon has said that it will launch 25 to 30 LTE markets during 2010, covering some 100 million POPs.

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This forum is closed.

This forum is closed.


Sep 24, 2009, 3:14 PM

Running under a race brings risky moves.

WiMAX is progressing very well and Verizon is trying not allow LTE to fall too far behind. I wonder about if taking such a chance on an advancement like this is really a good idea. If LTE rolls out with a good share of bugs without trials, multiplied with all the markets deployed could be detrimental all the way around. This only proves that wiMAX is a huge threat no matter what every nay sayer says.
Verizon is pretty smart on this matter. They know if they lack behind on network innovation they'll be left in the dust. After all Verizon was the first carrier in the US to deploy the first 3G network, if I'm not mistaken. In this age you have to ...
Isn't Verizon currently testing LTE in both Boston & Seattle? I'm sure if it works there, it'll work everywhere else.

Sep 25, 2009, 10:35 AM

LTE is GSM and Verizon will experience Problems

Anytime you move to a new system you will have problems. AT&T experienced problem when if moved to GSM and so will Verizon when it starts to move to GSM next year. Verizon's image will take the hit in the move but it is necessary for them to move to GSM. AT&T and T-Mobile will profit from Verizon's move because they already have gone through the transition and are well established in GSM. Verizon's move will be painful to them just like it was to the others when they moved.
Ummm, LTE is NOT GSM. Its LTE. Yes it uses Sim cards Like GSM even Iden uses sim cards but that doesn't make it GSM. LTE is LTE.
TDMA to GSM was a network MIGRATION.

CDMA w/ LTE is a network OVERLAY.

LTE is on completely different spectrum with completely different end-user hardware. Consumers with 4G only devices will be upset when they leave coverage areas and their ce...

Sep 26, 2009, 12:31 PM


Is 850mHz superior to 1900 (again in your humble opinion)?

Sep 25, 2009, 4:11 PM

The Geeks Don't get it

We can argue all day about these trivial opinions, data speeds, which is better, etc... But do any of you really think that this is what drives a customer to be with one cell phone carrier over another? WI-MAX or LTE??? Maybe that matters to you, but everyone else doesn’t care.

Here are the facts.
1) The goal of a Cellular Company is primarily to grow/ keep your base
2) From the customers perspective fast is fast. And caring about the technology used and what that looks like matters to .0001 % (Tech Nerds)
3) None of these arguments have anything to do with the business. Wi-Max if readily available and “Fast” will be great for Sprint. Just like LTE if available and “Fast” will be for Verizon.

Even T-M...
Nope. Everything seems in order.

Sep 24, 2009, 5:20 PM

too bad verizon's phones suck!

all the latest/hottest phones is GSM/simcard based!
acer f1 and htc leo got 1Gmzh cpu, that almost as fast as your netbook/laptop! haha
What good is a hot phone if it drops calls or can't get 3G coverage? Let's see, cool phones with crap network or semi-cool phones with strong network. Kinda like having a Ferrari with nothing but dirt roads to drive it on.
probably not since most of the world will use LTE as their GSM successor, we might be able to see nice looking, fancy phones on verizon.

of course, they could lock it in such a way that only devices they approve will be allowed on the network, or w...
Do you really "think" Verizon's phones will still suck when the 4G multimedia beasts!!! Just try and imagind what Samsung/LG, and HTC will come up with.

Sep 24, 2009, 2:31 PM

Is ATT ever, ever going to learn what the word agressive means? Ever?

Maybe ATT needs to become the next Sprint and lose hundreds of thousands of customers per quarter because of they're lack of ambition!!!!
Hey me and my brother left last week, and my wife will be leaving as soon as she sees a phone that she likes. I live in a rural area and I am suprised by how much Vzn is better than att here. I have had Att for over 6 years and I cant believe that I...
what ever do you mean? isn't Laughing rolling out 3G agressive... oh wait it was in 2002 when Sprint did it... Laughing


Sep 24, 2009, 6:45 PM

Does Verizon have phones out for the 4G yet?

Just want to know if any phones Verizon has out now will work the 4G network? I dont even know what it's all about yet. Info Please.
We will in 2010.

Sep 25, 2009, 8:58 AM

Why does one have to "beat" the other?

As it stands now, Sprint isn't even using the Wimax network for voice calls or even any type of handset. Wimax could easily co-exist with Sprint's existing network.

Wimax seems to be mmore of a home ISP killer. It may make a lot of people cut their cable/DSL/fios connections due to it's wireless nature and it's cheaper price.

Sep 24, 2009, 9:03 PM

Well to be Honest!

I could care less what phones VZW puts on LTE, what I do want is an LTE data card, right now I have a Sprint USB SW Card which serves me well, off contract and even offered free Mifi's and such if I resign. And I'm not. If VZW tosses out LTE like they so promise, and don't rape you over the price, or maintain the present data fee's (of course with a higher data cap) I will get it as soon as its reasonably available. And I don't use VZW for nothing. So no brand loyal fanboish nonsense here. Just simply most pound for the buck.
everyone were so wise. I worked for one carrier but kept my personal line with another because they had better quality. Just because I have service or work for a carrier does not mean that I blindly buy all the manure which they shovel. Persons sho...

Sep 24, 2009, 10:42 PM

Just an example...

...of how a real cellular carrier operates.
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