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Verizon Wireless Changes Test Drive and New Every Two Programs

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Feb 6, 2009, 12:58 PM   by Eric M. Zeman   @phonescooper

Today Verizon Wireless announced that it is making changes to its Test Drive and New Every Two programs. It is canceling the Test Drive program entirely. Under the terms of Test Drive, anyone who was unsatisfied with Verizon Wireless' services could return their equipment and have all fees for usage during that Test Drive period waived if they ported the number to another service. Verizon will, however, continue its 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If, after 30 days, customers are not satisfied with their service, they can return the equipment and get out of their contract. The difference is, they will have to pay for the calls and usage during that first 30 days. Verizon is also making changes to is New Every Two program. Verizon was a bit vague about how it will change, and said, "The prices and variety of phones and other wireless devices have evolved and changed considerably over the past few years, so we have updated our New Every Two policy to reflect this evolution in device pricing. Customers will continue to derive value from our New Every Two program." These changes will take place starting on February 15.

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This forum is closed.


Feb 6, 2009, 1:42 PM

Too much money

Too much money

Veizon is just being greedy pulling stuff like this! They offer zero incentive to stay with them.
Their minutes are so expensive and if you want anything else it cost too much money!

Hell tmobile offers BB service for 20 bucks! and myFave which is really helpful and at a much better price, even ATT lowered their mediaNet rates to 10 bucks! if you get the 30 dollar family txt plan, which is another great deal! And they offer roll over, and the option of 7 pm nights! Verizon a big fat nothing! Taking away or reducing NE2 is just ridicules! Hell and look at sprint they give you 1500 minutes, 7pm nites, BB service for 130 buck! Now that is a great deal. forget all the hater comments about sprint because they work well and ...
1) Media net is for dumbphones. Email and web for att is still 30. You can get unlimited data on dumphones for verizon for 10 as well. Both plans require unlimited texting (20 a month single, 30 a month family). it is called the Connect plan

Verizon still has the best value

1) Tmo BB service is now $25 with 400 text or $35 with unlimited, and none of their BB are 3G

2) Verizons rates are EXACTLY THE SAME as AT&T minus the rollover. Besides Rollover is a phantom value, they don't sta...

Feb 6, 2009, 6:15 PM

That's the problem

A lot of people are unhappy about it, but in the end Verizon Wireless doesn't have to give anything. Most companies should just make customers pay the retail price, and that way they can stop bitching all the time. Our economy is never going to recover because every American wants everything free, and not have to pay anything. If you don't like the changes, leave. Simple.
Paying full retail price up front on many phones would be a little too expensive especially on smartphones.

Best to leave things the way they are. If they have to modify NE2, so be it. I'd rather pay for the rest of the cost of the phone in the con...

Feb 6, 2009, 8:15 PM

What are people complaining about?

yea their lower NE2 prices, but if people do their homework before their complain they would maybe see the whole picture. Yea NE2 is gonna lower, but I have read several articles starting that verizon is planning to lower upgrade prices and give out larger mail-in rebates.. Most people have 9.99 addon lines on their account and they will finally be able to get descent prices with upgrading these lines since they dont get NE2 anyway. In the big picture there is going to be way more savings.

As far as test drive... that offer is rarely utilized by anyone and most people have no problem just paying the couple bucks that they used.
Prices are already lower on phones than they have been.. Smartphones that used to sell for $360 with a two year are now going for 199. There are fewer free phones, but people are demanding more than basic phones. They want cameras, full music ringt...

Feb 6, 2009, 10:20 PM

money money money

good ol' greedy american

Verizon is a value.

People complain about price yet, At&t and verizon's prices are virtually the same. Funny thing is everyone complains about the expense yet they're the two largest carriers in the country.

so the NE2 is changing, well you could switch to another carrier that just plain doesn't offer you anything other than a "new activation price". Verizon offers you a bonus on top of the "new activation price" How greedy to we gotta be. No wonder the economy sucks- we complain about free money

People need to understand that companies need to be structured and support themselves. Slashing prices hurts the company. Balancing whats good for the company and what's good for the customers is the unlti...
Yea, if you knew what these phones actually cost the store vs. what we sell them for, you would figure out rather quickly why you are getting a very very good deal for any of these.

Feb 6, 2009, 2:08 PM

don't forget about the restocking fees

if you have the phone longer than 3 days or use more than i think 10 minutes on the device you'll have to fork out a $35 restocking fee.
Evil or Very Mad yup just keeps getting worse and worse!
Only if you are returning the phone because you dont like it but want to stick with verizon.

If you use over that amount of time (in our store it is 10 days, 1 hour of talktime) you basically made the phone plummet in value so that all the store wi...
Is this just for returning phones? or also if you don't get coverage etc with a particular phone and want to exchange it for another one.

I honestly haven't seen a HUGE difference in coverage between phones. I mean in the basement / elevators of c...

Feb 7, 2009, 11:20 AM

The POINT of NE2

People here are forgetting the whole point of NE2.


Verizon made a decision several years ago that lead to their very good retention rate. When your 22 months was done you had the choice of say...$100 for a Blackberry Curve on another carrier or you could get it for free after mail in rebate if you stay with what you know. 90% of customers wouldn't think twice to stay. And all zvw had to do was give up $100 short term to maintain there revenue stream from you. I guarantee you, with the new NE2 it will STILL be less expensive to "stay with what you know" than to try a new "unknown". Sure, we will miss the $100 cheaper new smart phone BUT it will still be cheaper to stick with VZW than switch to another carrier.

Feb 6, 2009, 6:17 PM

What did you expect, it's Verizon

Of course they waited til all the merger stuff to clear before screwing everyone over. This us what happens when you allow a company like verizon too get to big for it's own good, it's almost become monoply like for wireless. This is a pefect oppurtunity for sprint or tmobile to step it up though, especially if tmobile could actually deploy a useable 3g network in the near future.
i agree!

Feb 6, 2009, 2:52 PM

NE2 changes

The NE2 changes are $50 NE2's to $30 and $100 NE2's to $50. Same qualification tier of 20 months and $79.99 or higher for the $50 NE2( same as old $100) and $34.99 or for the $30. The prices of our devices are much lower now for example the storm and omnia are very low priced (compared to older comparable devices in the same family) as well as the touch screens such as the dare and voyager very low priced as well compared to their original prices.
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