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printed November 24, 2015
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Re: Net Neutrality
Yesterday, 1:25 PM
in the Article: FCC Chair: T-Mobile's Binge On No Threat to Net Neutrality forum

Learn to read Brad, >>So it's ok to give you unlimited data streaming that's throttled, but if you want to offer X gigabytes of high speed data and unlimited throttled data after you hit the X gigs that's not ok? This has nothing to do with net neutrality - NOTHING. T-mobile is simply opting to allow some data to NOT count against a customer's data consumption. It's akin to free nights and weekends on a voice plan. In fact, if your ...

Re: Let me get this right
Nov 13, 2015, 2:31 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile's Uncarrier X Event Heralds Free Video Streaming forum

>> I was implying that some services are essentially getting a "priority" by being data free and others have the allotment counted against them. Which, as I already explained, has nothing to do with net neutrality. >>I look of it as a favoritism. Sooooooo. Why should that matter? Just because a business decides to give "one" thing away for free doesn't mean they have to give "everything" away for free. >>To me it reminds me of the whole net neutrality scenario ...

Re: My only worry....
Nov 11, 2015, 5:32 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile's Uncarrier X Event Heralds Free Video Streaming forum

It's a smart move by T-mobile. They give customers an incentive to stop clogging up their network while also adding a value to the customer. Very smart move in my opinion.

Re: Let me get this right
Nov 11, 2015, 5:30 PM
in the Article: T-Mobile's Uncarrier X Event Heralds Free Video Streaming forum

Methinks you misunderstood net neutrality twice. First you misunderstood in that net neutrality is a good thing, not a bad thing. Net neutrality is the principle that say that providers cannot discriminate about traffic in regards to the speed you're getting (among many other things). Secondly, net neutrality would NEVER apply to this scenario. T-mobile isn't throttling some traffic and delivering other traffic at a higher speed. However, what they ARE doing is offering some traffic for free to customers who ...

Nov 11, 2015, 5:16 PM
in the Article: Apple Releases Apple Music for Android forum

Why would anyone buy an Android and then get THIS?

Nov 4, 2015, 10:08 AM
in the Article: AT&T's Latest GoPhone Runs On AA Batteries forum

I know there are those of us who are pretty adamant about the need to have removable batteries in our phones, but this isn't quite what we had in mind.

Who cares
Oct 27, 2015, 4:06 PM
in the Article: FCC Lays Groundwork for Defining 5G Spectrum forum

It's not like any of the carriers actually care what some standards committee says when they start marketing a new technology. We still don't have any 4G networks in the US according to the ITU's definition. Yet, every cellular carrier advertises 4G service. What a joke. Real world 5G service will still likely be slower than 4G, as the ITU has defined it. So why should anyone care what the ITU says when the carriers will call whatever ...

Re: Hmm, Im torn about this one...
Oct 20, 2015, 10:00 AM
in the Article: Apple Found Guilty of Infringing U. of Wisconsin Patent forum

It's funny. But after a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that the patent system does more bad than good. The same 'lone inventor' you were just referencing is harmed more times than not by patents, because as soon as he invents something and starts trying to sell it some large corporation will inevitably claim his invention violates a patent they already filed. Large corporations have the resources to dedicate someone to patent everything imaginable, and ...

Oct 14, 2015, 9:09 AM
in the Article: Apple Found Guilty of Infringing U. of Wisconsin Patent forum

They should enforce an injunction against all infringing iPhones immediately. I find it hilarious how patent cases tried in Apple's home town always go in their favor. But as soon as someone tries one in a less biased court we find out what the law really thinks of Apple's shenanigans. Lucy Koh must be furious.

Re: Page loading wrong
Oct 12, 2015, 3:36 PM
in the forum

It seems I spoke too soon. The issue has returned. I am using Chrome on Windows 7, if that helps.

Re: Page loading wrong
Oct 12, 2015, 3:33 PM
in the forum

Whatever the problem, the site seems fine now. Thanks.

Page loading wrong
Oct 12, 2015, 10:44 AM
in the forum

You know how your home page (for the full desktop site) has the news feed down the middle and the list of new devices down the right side? Well, I am just seeing the first 2 or 3 news articles down the middle and then the content seemingly truncated by the list of new devices, which goes right down the middle instead over on the right where it normally is. There is only white space on the right. Your ...

Screw Android
Oct 12, 2015, 10:35 AM
in the Article: Lumia 950 is Microsoft's Flagship Windows 10 Phone forum

The world's first closed open-source OS. Android has all of the inherent shortcomings of an open source OS, with NONE of the awesome benefits. Google has had a plenty time to get it together and create a unified platform that works right. But they just can't seem to do it. Android has so many little annoyances that could easily be fixed if Google cared. But instead they seem intent on focusing on making Android more like iOS. Furthermore, this ...

Oct 2, 2015, 3:13 PM
in the Article: Hands On with the LG V10 forum


Since Samsung dropped the ball on the Note 5
Sep 30, 2015, 8:49 AM
in the Article: Microsoft Slips Up, Posts Lumia 950 and 950XL to Web Site forum

I'd be really interested in a review of the 950XL. Maybe Windows 10 is the answer to some of the aggravations of Android that Google and Samsung don't seem to want to fix.

Sep 29, 2015, 1:53 PM
in the Article: Metal-Clad Nexus 6P Made by Huawei forum

Huawei is making the Nexus? The field for a new phone just gets more and more narrow. It seems no one wants to make an appealing Android device this year. Maybe I'll just hang onto my Note 3 and see what 2016 brings us.

Re: And here we all were
Sep 29, 2015, 1:49 PM
in the Article: BlackBerry Shows Off the Priv forum

There are already only two desktop OS's, Windows and Unix. I fail to see how this is any different.

Re: Agreement NOT of Good Faith
Sep 29, 2015, 10:17 AM
in the Article: Apple Upgrade Program Requires $129 AppleCare+ Purchase forum

What blows my mind is that as obvious as what you just said is, there are masses of people just waiting around to defend Apple's right to screw over their customers. And most of them ARE Apple's customers.

Re: I actually wish more companies would figure in "protection"
Sep 29, 2015, 10:14 AM
in the Article: Apple Upgrade Program Requires $129 AppleCare+ Purchase forum

>>We are required to have health insurance and car insurance should be also. You are a great example of exactly what is wrong with liberal thought.

And here we all were
Sep 29, 2015, 8:56 AM
in the Article: BlackBerry Shows Off the Priv forum

counting Blackberry out. But if someone is going to make a flagship device with with a slide-out Blackberry keyboard, you can count me interested. Where was this device 3 years ago?

This court case should tell you
Sep 22, 2015, 8:15 AM
in the Article: Court Says Samsung Phones Should Have Been Banned forum

exactly what is wrong with the courts in the good 'ole United States of Amurrica.

Re: Personally I like it...
Aug 14, 2015, 5:04 PM
in the Article: Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ forum

But wait >>The memory in the S6 is Blazing fast, in fact it smashes almost every phone out there. However, the S6 would be considerably slower if it had an external memory card, You do realize there is a difference between memory and storage right? And that the speed of storage only comes into play when you've tapped out all your physical memory and the OS has to use what is known as "virtual memory," where it takes some storage space ...

Re: Samsung runs out of idea.
Aug 14, 2015, 4:19 PM
in the Article: Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ forum

Whatever I dislike about the Note 5, I absolutely loathe about Apple. I'm not interested in going from bad to worse.

Samsung really dropped the ball.
Aug 13, 2015, 1:08 PM
in the Article: Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ forum

Besides the quad HD screen, I really don't see any reason to upgrade from my Note 3, especially considering I would actually have to give up features to do so. I'm not impressed. Samsung really doesn't understand their customers. The Quad HD screen of the Note 4 wasn't enough to attract away Apple's customers when it included a removable battery and memory card slot. Why should they think a model whose only selling point is a quad HD screen ...

The fact that no one here understands the benefit of having more pixels on the screen is astounding.
Jul 15, 2015, 3:44 PM
in the Article: Samsung Aiming for 11K Phone Displays forum

Why don't you all just turn in your cellphones and go back to CRT monitors with 800 X 600 resolution. Leave technology to those who understand it. Furthermore, what's the point of 32 bit color? Nobody can possibly tell the difference in millions of different colors. That's just overkill. We should just go back to a 16 color palette, right?

Come on
Jul 8, 2015, 1:50 PM
in the Article: Sprint Allowed to Settle Cramming Charges for $50M forum

I'm waiting for someone to pipe up about how Sprint didn't really cram their customers and the FCC has no authority to fine them for illegal practices and how they're not even gonna reimburse any of the defrauded customers. Have our crony capitalist friends really lost their taste for this topic? I though corporatism was always tasty no matter how many times its served.

Re: Not so fast....
Jul 2, 2015, 2:29 PM
in the Article: Samsung Researchers Make Battery Breakthrough forum

>>Where would it benefit the corporations to do that? Wouldn't it benefit them more to be able to advertise "double battery life". Why not ask the corporations that question? But in the past they HAVE done just that. >>Even if they did cut the battery size in half you still gain a lighter/slimmer phone Phones are light and slim enough. Many of us are willing to bear with a little more heft to get some useful functionality. I, for one would ...

YAY for Big Brother
Jul 2, 2015, 2:22 PM
in the Article: NSA Given Permission to Spy On Calls Again forum

He's watching over us and protecting us from ourselves. YAYYYYY!!!!

The patent system is a joke
Jul 2, 2015, 2:21 PM
in the Article: Sprint Found In Violation of Prism Patents forum

Except it's not funny.

It's all that evil FCC's fault
Jul 2, 2015, 2:19 PM
in the Article: Sprint Forced to Backtrack On Throttling After Outcry forum

Net Neutrality strikes again. Consumers win and mega corporations are actually required to provide a reasonable service in exchange for their huge profit margins. This is nothing but pure evil. Corporations should be allowed to enslave the American people and provide services of any quality they like. This net neutrality will be the death of corporatism and crony capitalism. I just can't stand it - that evil FCC.

Jul 2, 2015, 2:07 PM
in the Article: NSA Given Permission to Spy On Calls Again forum

>>I do believe we should have a right to privacy, however, I have yet to see any good arguments for it. Have you bothered to read any?

Re: Wow
Jun 29, 2015, 4:16 PM
in the Article: FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million Over Throttling Practices forum

What an incontrovertibly shortsighted understanding of language. The speed has always been an advertised limitation. Just because one attribute of a service is limited doesn't mean that others (like time or capacity) need to be, and vice versa. Furthermore, I already explained to you how those distinctions work. So, you really have no excuse for failing to make them.

Re: FCC worthless
Jun 29, 2015, 4:12 PM
in the Article: FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million Over Throttling Practices forum

Don't get me wrong. I'm very cautions of Tom Wheeler's FCC. And I do disagree with a lot of what they do. But that doesn't mean I think they're an illegal organization that never acts in the consumer's interest as many of the faux-capitalists on this board maintain.

Just Wow
Jun 29, 2015, 4:08 PM
in the Article: Verizon Closes Acquisition of AOL forum

Wow Brad. If the Victor hadn't been confused enough, you have really managed to arrive at some rather contorted conclusions. Since you obviously understood absolutely nothing I was talking about, I won't bother responding to this. Suffice it to say that I wasn't trying to make any of the conclusions you inaccurately reasoned from my post, and that I maintain that the logical leaps you make from my posts don't follow from anything I've said. Sometimes I think you ...

Re: Lolwut?
Jun 24, 2015, 11:55 AM
in the Article: Apple to Improve Security by Requiring 6-Digit Passcodes forum

Real software engineers would have a laugh if you said the script kiddies at Anonymous were talented hackers. It's well known that the attacks that have gained them so much fame and notoriety over the last few years were considered to be quite basic and unsophisticated- beginner stuff really. The fact that they were so successful says more about the utter incompetence of companies like Sony than it does about the talent of any hacker in Anonymous. Plus, there's ...

Re: Ka-Ching
Jun 24, 2015, 11:40 AM
in the Article: FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million Over Throttling Practices forum

Sooooo... is that just conjecture? Or you have some good reason you believe that to be true? I only ask because I actually checked the last time someone on this site made a statement like that and there was a large fund setup to reimburse defrauded customers. I see no reason it would be any different now. So again, is that just conjecture or do you have some valid reason for that statement?

Re: You should be more worried about
Jun 24, 2015, 11:18 AM
in the Article: Verizon Closes Acquisition of AOL forum

You do realize that was the exact point I was trying to make. :P

Way to miss the point
Jun 24, 2015, 11:17 AM
in the Article: Verizon Closes Acquisition of AOL forum


Re: Ka-Ching
Jun 23, 2015, 4:28 PM
in the Article: FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million Over Throttling Practices forum

Whaaaat?? :?

Jun 23, 2015, 12:56 PM
in the Article: Verizon Closes Acquisition of AOL forum

YAY! Because there's obviously no conflict of interests when an ISP giant buys up a large media company. Sprint and T-mobile can't merge, but what's wrong wrong with AT&T and Verizon swallowing up every company on the planet? Obviously absolutely nothing.

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